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3rd expansion

As many of you probably know, there havee been rumors of a 3rd expansion. Which would feature 10 or so missions for each race.
Just had a thought (probably never gona happen, but i can dream), the WoL campaign had a bonus protoss campaign with three missions, and HotS may have a bonus terran campaign, enphasis on may, and LotV may have a bonus Zerg campaign.
If this 3rd expansion does happen i was just thinking that maybe there would be a bonus campaign for a fourth race, the Xel'Naga. But , Blizz wouldn't include them in melee/ladder games for balance reasons.
Just making speculations you guys have any thoughts on this?
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I agree that HotS will probably have Terran missions and LotV contain Zerg missions if these two expansions generally follow the WoL model.

It is possible that there will be an expansion after LotV. It depends on whether the developers and writers decide to finish the story in LotV or whether the final stages will transpire in a later campaign. I doubt that there will be a full-fledged playable fourth race but there may be some unusual unique campaign units that represent something that is different from the generally playable races (like maybe something with the Xel'naga as you noted).
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Frozen Throne practically made an entire new race with buildings and units and even a hero: The Naga, so if this rumor were true, yes it would be very possible, and interesting too.
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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
Expasion: SC2:Hart of the Swarm
Expansion2: SC2:Legacy of the Void

What dou you mean by a "Rumored" 3rd expansion? All of the above are comfermed.
Am I missing somthi'n?

Nah,I think Xelnaga Campagin will be to much...Spoilerz,And random.
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I listed the games Series (Not including SC1 and Ghost),Not just the Expansions.
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