Things that suck with the map editor


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Ya know,I made something like 200 lings vs 100 marines and then when I got on to Starcraft 2 editor,NOTHING WAS THERE except for the map and this thing that said Local player no longer has any forces!
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I tottaly agree with all of these, but one thing to add would that there aren't many tools to help you undo a big mess up. For example, I was just spending half an hour covering my 256×256 with lava (another thing to add; it takes forever to cover the map with water/lava; maybe have it so you can just instantly cover the map in water/lava) and I wanted to change some properties in the data editor, so I right clicked on it, and meant to hit duplicate, but I hit remove. Now I have to get rid of all that lava, but I really don't feel like it, so I'm getting rid of the map itself (which took about an hour and fifteen minutes) now. I think at least you should be able to undo it, or have an "Are you sure?" message. Thanks. NOTE: I know there is such thing as backup files, but I shouldn't have to waste space like that. So, to sum up, I'd like Blizzard to add:

1) A button to cover the map with water/lava.
2) Able to undo removals in the data editor.

Also, please reply if either one of these is already possible. Thanks for reading.
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2) Able to undo removals in the data editor.

The "undo" command (ctrl + z) will undo data editor removals.
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I Also agree with most of these.

Some points i'd like to add, is there's many values in the Data editor which have no tooltip or something to tell you What it does.
Plus, AIs placed in the same team in the player properties menu do not ally eachother. I have a map with a brutalisk near the base of an AI which should be allied, but isn't, so now each time the game starts, the AI might aswell not even exist, since the brutalisk jsut kills the AI upon the first game second.
Also i can't really do this through triggers since Blizzard made them go from the old ones, to ones which seem like trigonometry (for me, impossible to get at first glance, then easier to get when someone actually helps me)

If i seem annoyed, i am, I'm trying to get something Very Simple done in my map, but that apparently isn't possible, such as a building with a teleportation ability (Like an Auto-Turret with the Blink ability).

More Cliff levels are something we need though.
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Holy necro batman.

First off, a lot of tooltips are being added in HOTS.

Secondly, a lot more is possible in the data editor than most would think.

Third, for alliances, the triggers are simple.
Either use the "Set alliance" trigger to set the same alliance between two players, or use "set alliance aspect" for one way specific alliances (ex. turning on shared power). The wording still gets me. I had to memorize different wording to be able to use alliance aspects.

"Turn Player X shared power on towards player Y" becomes

"Turn On/Off Player X Shared Power for Player Y"

In a nutshell, Player X is giving Player Y "shared whatever", so Player Y can use whatever is being shared.

For teleports, make sure the Effect: Source is set to caster or source unit. That usually does the trick.
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Err why is this old thread being resurrected? Alot of these issues have already been fixed/changed/added to.
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hi im wondering how to send maps from map editor to sc2 so i can play them in the arcade and stuff. i made a map, published it and tried to import it to star craft so i can play it. help and can iamkiller help me with a map
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It's overly complex for (maybe) no real reason..
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