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No Asians!

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technically Russia is in Asia, therefore Stukov and DuGalle are asian :P
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Although if Korea becomes a major faction in another Red Alert Game, I think they should have StarCraft 1 Terran Units.
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technically Russia is in Asia

Only the part east of the Ural Mountains.

In all seriousness, the lack of Benetton-style 'representation' is not discriminatory. There's plenty of actual racial/ethnic discrimination in the real world, you do not need to go looking for it in a work of fiction.
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I thought all the asians are the zerg. Shear numbers and all. Honestly I agree that it's pretty odd. I suppose they assumed that Asians would be more focussed on 1v1.
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omg y iz der no scootizh pplz???
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Terrans are descended from exiled human criminals on Earth. You see almost no Asians in the game. This is racist, but now it suggests Asians are better than others. I don't know whether to be happy or insulted.
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Anything can be racist if you nit pick every little detail.
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Ethnicities of earth would have no relevance to the goings-on in the depicted regions of Starcraft II. If there were to be depicted ethnic tensions or exclusions, it would be along the lines of what planet you are from, who you do business with. "Asian, European, etc." have no meaning in a place so far from Earth that Earth is nearly forgotten.

Having a friggin' skin-rainbow of cast and crew would be the worst thing they could do from a realism perspective.
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There is a serious under-representation of Papua New Guinean Pygmies in Starcraft lore. I saw one character that could have possibly been a Malaysian Pygmy.

Seriously Blizzard, why the Papua New Guinean Pygmy hate?!?! I demand a response.

Edit: I am not a pygmy, but I saw one on TV once...
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03/01/2011 4:47 PMPosted by Alpha
omg y iz der no scootizh pplz???

The Hercules.
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Preach it brother! Errr, wait....
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Keep in mind that 99% of the white guys in the campaign are convicts...
Yaaaaay white guys *sarcasm*
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Terrans were descended from inmates that were ejected into space.

In conclusion, Asians are good people.
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Intelligent people don't automatically attribute value to something based upon whether or not people of their own race are highly represented in it, so maybe it never crossed Blizzard's mind, because it's utterly insignificant.
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02/21/2011 6:40 PMPosted by Whitebird
Narud is french

Sounds german to me.
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Kerrigan looks part asian possibly
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People keep forgetting that race is a social construct. Far in the future, people will have mixed relationships so much that the idea of even ethnicity fades away.

However, even with that being said, having the darker skinned characters be more shady in general compared to their fair skinned counterpart is most certainly racism.

And the whole "the white people are convicts" argument is so illogical that I can't even begin to understand. Just because you are in prison doesn't say anything about one's ethical code or overall character.
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Why do there HAVE to be asians or hispanics?

As much as "not having an asian" may sound racist,


Go die.
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Blizzard is not racist because they DIDN'T leave out any race or ethnic group. If you don't see your group in the game, that's because they placed your particular group on the Sarengo, just so they would all die a horrible death and no one would have to deal with you stupid people and your retarded cultures in the new civilization. That's not racist. That's genocide.
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