[Marine Arena] Official Thread and Changelog

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Discuss strategies, post suggestions, feedback, bug reports, basically anything relating to Marine Arena can be posted or found there.

MA SEA Is Official:


Marine Arena at SC2 Mapster


An alternate place to chat about Marine Arena, and the early beta versions are available for download.


Fan built Marine Arena Wiki


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For those non-beta players: Marine Arena is an arena based spawning map, inspired by the madness maps of SC1 and Footman Frenzy of WC3. It was pretty successful on the beta, many thanks to everyone who helped test it, sent in feedback and suggestions - its because of you players the map became how it was.

You can view an up-to-date gameplay video here:


Old Gameplay Vid (Of me playing) here:


This thread will be the new official thread

--------------------------------- Changelog ----------------------------------

Changelog Deleted:

You can also keep track of the map, and view the full changelog here:

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Wow that super sucks.

One of the best maps in beta was this one, for sure.
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I think I'm going to publish it now, its without the x.5 merc upgrades though, I'll add those in later. Everything else should be fixed now.
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so.. quick question. have you already uploaded it? i just went into the custom game section to try and find it.. clicked "see more" about 17 times to. didn't see it. i wish there was a search option...
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No sorry not yet, when I added the campaign dependency to it, it set some of the terran units to their campaign modes. Soo it made all the terran units/buildings have their campaign abilities and upgrades, I had to go back and manually change them to the non-campaign ones again.

The only thing I cant figure out now is the PF wont take the scanner sweep ability, even though I reset it back to the normal one and deleted its requirements. The CC has it, but the PF doesnt.

Give me 10 more minutes, I'll figure this out.
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all good :p i was just afraid you had uploaded it and it was at the bottom of the endless list and id never get to play :O

hope it jumps up into the top 10, its really fun. cant wait to start playing it again!
- Hearthstone
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Look forward to seeing it again. You're definitely one of the top custom map makers, so please keep up the good work ;)
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Baah, blizzard is really doing a good job creating more bugs for us map makers with each update. It seems like the campaign dependency, the one that lets you use all the campaign stuff, is really really bugged. I keep getting resetting upgrades, abilities with requirements that dont exist, upgrades that cost gas whenever I set it to 0, upgrade names that keep changing other upgrade's names too so I keep ending with 5 different upgrades all under the same name...

Ugh, this is frustrating, just trying to get stimpacks to work took me an hour...

Oh look at that, my editor crashed when I changed the combat shield's name back to default...

Screw it, I've had enough of this crap. I'm removing the campaign dependency and reverting it back to the beta settings, I'm not even gonna touch the campaign stuff again until blizzard fixes it.
Edited by Crayon on 7/30/2010 6:13 PM PDT
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ouch that stinks. well take your time man :). are you going to need help bug testing once you get the game up'n running?
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Wouldn't it be possible to grab the Phase2 version from someone? I'm fairly certain all my SC2 beta files are sitting in my recycle bin, but with how SC2 saves maps ... could I possibly pull it out if I could figure out which obscure file it is?
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I dunno, if you could actually find that version that would be great, it'd save me all the hassle of trying to fix this old phase 1 version. Im not sure how the downloaded map thing even works, but if you manage to find it let me know.

"Marine Arena v0.9.98525"


So yeah, I'm kinda grinding my teeth now trying to fix this Phase 1 version after, and converting it to the campaign dependency, so if anyone does have the Phase 2 version on their computer, mind digging it out and uploading it for me, it would be so great to not have to spend so much time redoing everything.
Edited by Crayon on 7/30/2010 7:10 PM PDT
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Once I get home I'll check that out first thing.
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hm... i was looking around.. and i found that starcraft saves replays and maps in the c/user/yourname/my docs/sc2 folder. not sure if restoring beta would help or not. worth a try.

edit: no sorry, im wrong. only the campaign saves and replays are there.. i cant find the games you download anywhere.. hmmm
Edited by Raynefire on 7/30/2010 7:37 PM PDT
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The Phase 2 Beta would would work if you have it, there wouldnt be much to fix, its a much shorter leap than fixing this Phase 1 beta one.
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Oops.. Sorry, double posted.
Edited by Crayon on 7/30/2010 7:43 PM PDT
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hey crayon.. is the "marine arena v0.9.9815" the version from phase 1?
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Yeah, thats the one im trying to restore right now. Im gonna try and figure out where maps get saved to when you download them, I might be able to rip the map out or something, I did have two beta accounts so I may have downloaded my own map at some point.
Edited by Crayon on 7/30/2010 7:56 PM PDT
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My god, man, it's called RECUVA, run it and recover the file.
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hold on... i found a place to download v0.9.9815...


that is yours right?

let me know if it helps.

Edited by Raynefire on 7/30/2010 8:03 PM PDT
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Yeah thats mine, thats the one I'm fixing it from, it was the last update i saved on sc2mapster. I didnt update it after that because I noticed people were stealing it and republishing it since they had it available to download right there.
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