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[Marine Arena] Official Thread and Changelog

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My god, man, it's called RECUVA, run it and recover the file.

I tried an undelete already, it doesnt work, it seems like the editor is very very sensitive about the maps. I tried recovering a few versions, all turned up currupt.
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ahh ok. ya try recuva.. i just looked at it.. gonna check it out. maybe it can help you. nice call naka.

oops, nvm. didn't see your post ^
Edited by Raynefire on 7/30/2010 8:08 PM PDT
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Problem Solved!

Aaaaah, I found a version thats very, very close to the latest, nevermind guys, I got this, all I needed was a Phase 2 map, and I found one! I'm going to do a few fixes then upload it.

I managed to dig it out of the cache folder, took ALOT of filtering since all the files are a random series of letters and numbers, but its back. Publishing it now.
Edited by Crayon on 7/30/2010 10:23 PM PDT
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woo! nice. cant wait to play
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Its about 10 pages down, named v9.9, look for it, help me get it up =)
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AHH!! I'm 40 minutes too late, but I too dug up a version dated 7/14/2010 11:26
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ok heres a question.. i just played a game of it with all AI.. i wonder if it added a game played to it.. lol.
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No worries Wanzer, those last few versions were only minor updates, the one I dug up was July 12th so its pretty close. Anything that was edited from here was just very minor tweaks which I'll fix as we start playin.
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Probably, but the fact that one person played it rather than 8 likely gives it a slow start... but hey, gotta start somewhere!
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Sweet. Bring it on!
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GG Rayne, we pwned those computers.
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lol yes we did. now crayon needs to make an ai script so they can pwn us.
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:'( I have been sitting in a lobby for like 10 years but nobody has joinsed.... SAAAAAAAAD FAAAAACE!
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Join up, theres a few of us in the lobby now
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haha, good game. that was pretty epic.
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Haha yeah, but we need to have a big legit game, and with saviors for the noobs, no savior games end waay too fast, especially to early cracklings.

Fixed the Stalker bug, republishing now.
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Curse you popularity system for delaying this good map!

Cuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsseeeee yooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

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i think im just gonna start adding people to my friends list that like playing it so we can make quick games until it gets up into the area where finding people isnt a problem :P i hate sitting in empty lobby's
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With the power invested in me. I shall bump this thread!!!
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Sooooo, you ever gonna get around to making the heroes proper heroes?
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