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[Marine Arena] Official Thread and Changelog

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Plague you got it wrong, it's 100 minerals per drop of ten marines, not 1k. With 1k minerals you can land 100 marines in an instant, and you can see how overpowered it can be when it's late game.
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Plague you got it wrong, it's 100 minerals per drop of ten marines, not 1k. With 1k minerals you can land 100 marines in an instant, and you can see how overpowered it can be when it's late game.

No I knew it was 100 minerals per drop. But only 10 marines is nigh-useless, you want a lot more then that. Though, dropping 100 at a time might have been a small exaggeration xD
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=p, I actually dropped almost 200 marines to win my stalemate when it was super late in the game. Of course that's an extreme situation and more realistically you wouldn't drop that many any other time.
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I have a replay where it was fairly late (rine attack ups at ~16) but still 8v8, without anyone really pushing for a kill. I could have eventually taken them all down, but I just scanned one at a time and gibbed each person with ~1700 minerals worth of merc marines, each kill giving me enough for the next.
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lol i read thru this thread wonderin if people actually play the same game i play.

first of all armor upgrades are useless. they cost way 2 much after a certain point and the difference they cause is trivial.

weapon upgrades kill units.. health upgrades negate other weapon upgrades. why waste money on armor that cost 2x more than health or weapons.

weapon upgrades add 2 damage, while health upgrades add 10. thats 5 extra shots, armor might be one extra shot per up.

any someone wants to know how to win...

grab maruaders, then stim, then marine weapon upgrade 2 times. dont get conc shells cuz u wont be using maruaders for long. use marine maruader attacking any team that doesnt have mercs or that has weak mercs.

Once marines weapon upgrades cost the same as health you alternate those 2, keeping them around the same cost.
once you marines have 3 weapon upgrades switch to stalkers. continue farming the weakest team until u get 6 weapon upgrades and your marine health upgrades cost the same as weapons.

then you go forge and grab range and then speed. Once you have that you continue upgrading marines health and weapons...keeping them the same costs for the most part.

if theres another good team then your marine upgrades should reach about 15-20 before your marines start completly rolling over anything and everything and you say GG.

The only way you losing doing that strat is if you teammate sucks......your team is getting quadruple teamed at start, or if theres another person doing the exact same strat and can farm noobs quicker than you.

i see he nerfed stalkers, tho so the strat might be different.........but i doubt it.
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Waiting till 6 attack to get range upgrades... LOL. Range upgrades are the most important upgrades you can get, outside of the first 2 or so really cheap weapon upgrades.

Armor upgrades are excellent vs marines or stalker lancers. I get an armor upgrade in place of a weapon upgrade whenever it costs about 1/3rd - 1/2 less.

Long term stalkers are never a good idea if you are teching marines. They just feed the other team too much. Stick with marauders, save the cash to upgrade marines more. Marauders can also be upgraded to maraiders near instantly if you need a counter to someone's large air unit stack.

Its better to focus on multiple teams at once. If you start pummeling one into a corner, any decent player is going to flank and !#!# your forces. Simply maintain map control and punish everyone who overextends.

You seem to assume other players are dumb and just feed you and only you the entire game. Which, to be fair, is true 90% of games. But it has no place in strategy discussions.
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Does anyone know if it's possible to play this map 1v1v1v1 or 1v1v1? I've been trying with a bunch of my friends and it creates the teams based on player number instead of the teams we are in according to the lobby screen.
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If you want to 1v1v1v1, you have to create the game, put a comp in, have a friend join, put a comp in, have another friend join, put a comp in, etc.

The teams are based on the order people joined the lobby, so 4 players joining will be a 2v2, no matter what order you arrage the people in the lobby. I know its stupid, but I dont know how to change it and are unsure if you can even change it, blame blizzard i suppose.
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Some people have been complaining about how to deal with DT's in fast games early on but I think what people have to also realize that getting a DT (I've a team get double DT's) means they usually don't start out with a merc, meaning you can go in with an army of marines and mercs of your own to pretty take out his marines.

I won't deny that it isn't annoying though since it's going to be a few minutes before people are able to scan, but investing 550 for a observer (which is big early game) pretty much eliminates their effectiveness.

It seems that right now DT's are incredibly effective early game, but once people get income going they're merely a harassment unit and are killed very easily. Since they're a t1 hero I wouldn't expect anything more out of it, but I think DT's are fine where they are because in the long term, they don't give such a huge advantage. If anything they do more psychological damage because people get really pissed at you since they can't fight back and vigilantly try to hunt your DT by scanning as soon as you attack, which you can blink out of.
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from what im doing with my marine tech unelss i get taken out early marines end up becoming high level killers with all the upgrades. especially with having so many of them with teh upgrade and then chrono boosting (it does produce them faster right?) they seem really powerful. hellions are no match for them since you out range them by 2 and your damage is so high it destroys them easily with very minimal loses. So far the only thing i lost was a VR rush because they actually knew what to do with it and my base was weakened because of joint attacks. So they did what they were supposed to do and sniped my base. but i do love using marines :)
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I'm 95% sure chrono boosting doesn't speed up marines, since its trigger based and not construction based. I would be interested to hear if anyone knows anything worth chrono boosting.
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I saw a couple posts on the marine shop earlier...but I'm still not clear on how to upgrade my marines by using it. Or even if that is possible. Basically, other than to heal units around the beacon, what good is the marine shop/beacon for?
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On the subject of the beacon, it currently has like 999999 health when under someone's control and makes it so your units attack it when your enemy has control of it. Can you make it invulnerable like the marine shop?

And you answer your question on the marine shop, you must have a marine (not a mercenary) next to it for it to fall under to control as it is default a neutral building. You will have a lot of options to upgrade or purchase different things and events to happents. These things include marine attack range and attack speed that we've been talking about. You can also disable the spawning of mercs and marines (separate events) for 2 minutes as well, though this affects your own units as well.
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Thanks Tactim. And these upgrades are available through the protoss looking building called the "marine shop", correct? And not through my own command center? Again, thanks for the explanatoin...I'm a noob at this.
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Couple things;

DTs are kind of really irritating. I understand that they should be able to kill stuff without dying, but perma cloaked AND a blink is a little much.

There needs to be some kind of detection structure or mobile detection unit; it's EXTREMELY frustrating to have to use scans on a hero only to have him blink away to complete safety seconds later, completely wasting your 50 energy. I'm fine with the DT staying perma cloaked, but give us some option for detection in the field.

This would also help for infestors; the tactic of unburrowing just to launch FG and then skittering away is very irritating.

Lastly, Marauders and Stalkers especially seem way overused; nerfs might be in order.

EDIT: There's an observer? Where? That would have made my life waaaaay easier. :P
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Marine shop, 550 minerals though so it's expensive early game. But in the end it pays off because you can see people on high ground as well as burrowed units like lings/roaches.

Marauders is probably the staple merc for most people though to be honest in regular classic games with no fast mode, I grab lings immediately and save up for roaches. With games that have 500 starting minerals, marauders is by far the best choice, it's very hard for lings or zealots to compete wth them in my opinion by just nature of having a melee merc compared to ranged.
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Another very important upgrade at the marine forge: Infestor damage. For 250 your infestor can instantly cause any army in the game to spontaneously combust, up until stalkers are out. Even then, 2 casts kills a stalker grouping. It will also handle ANY teched marine squads until absurdly late in the game. Its an excellent investment if you can keep them alive and have the minimal micro to still keep your army working well. I've ended games with my infestor having upwards of 800 kills.

Merc marines are fine and dandy, but financially its much better to just kill the enemy marines with the infestor and then run yours in. Did I mention it also counters every other hero in the game as well as air unit stacks? It also makes enemies rage and get paranoid, which is always a plus xD. GET MORE INFESTORS PEOPLE.
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I just thought of a hero you might want to add. i know it may take some balancing but how about an immortal?
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An Immortal might be a good hero for when I add actual heroes. I've just been a bit reluctant to adding in the campaign dependency because I dont want to have to redo all the data editor stuff yet.

When I do get around to it, all the current heroes may or may not stay, and I will add in a bunch of campaign heroes, and I will add in a game mode where everyone starts with a hero of their choice, which they can upgrade or buy abilitys for, and each hero will be revivable.
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wow that does sound pretty awesome. Can't wait for that if you ever get around to it. So how are you gonna get passed the descrepancy thing? You just gonna end up starting over or what?
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