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[Guide] Lost Viking

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Thanks for the guide / tips. I still have to get gold, but finally after accepting the switch to plasma and focusing on drones first if lost I got to 270k again no prob. I'll only play once at a time typically, but for consistency plasma w/ drones did help.
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THANK YOU! Seriously. You're the man, Everfeather.
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Biggest tip I have to offer is constantly press space bar instead of holding on it; you have faster fire rate if you keep pressing it (spamming it) rather than holding it.
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Anyone else have problems with input lag? It's not very much, but it's enough to make it pretty much unplayable for me. The rest of Starcraft 2 runs great, but there's quite a bit of delay from when I push a key to when the ship actually moves.

I had something similiar occur to me. I turned all of my graphics settings to minimum just for Lost Viking. Ended up destroying the target 500k points while sleep-deprived and in a slight state of delirium so although the game won't be nearly as pretty, you'll most likely find that it is infinitely easier.
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I completely disagree, screw the plasma get 2 side missile upgrades and 2 drones so that your spamming out 8 missiles at a time...i completed level 9 and had over 500k points and I just quit because I had 7 lives and 20+ bombs left, it makes it incredibly easy to get the achivements.

I managed 500k by level 9 too with plasma?
Plasma/side is a matter of taste IMO. I ended up using more bombs + lives against levithian specifically then all the levels combined. Just could not figure out how to beat that monster.
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I went side missles the whole way to 500k. the only times i needed to bomb was when my system would slowdown from too many scourge sprays on the screen.

I have to admit that being a lunatic touhou fan has made lost viking free acheivments for me.

also the tip above about tapping spacebar instead of holding is the key to victory. hope you can keep slapping that big long bar for 10-15 minutes lol
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I think I would like this game, but I find the firing too annoying. Proving that I can hit my spacebar 5 times a second doesn't make this game more fun. Just leave it on while I hold it down. God this is annoying.
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just a quick tip for folks having issues mashing the spacebar:

don't use your thumb.

rest your left hand in such a way you can tap, tap, tap with your middle and index finger.

then use right finger on the arrow keys, and it's an easy reach with right thumb to hit right control for bombs.

i found that *much* better then my first attempts using my thumb on spacebar.

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Dear blizzard, let the refire rate be maxed when holding the spacebar on casual difficulty or something. I'm not going to get carpal tunnel or shell out money for macro hardware to get this achievement >.<
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Plasma and drones if you are going for 500k. You will get it in stage 9 regardless, bosses are faster and easier with plasma. The faster time for the same outcome is the better option, so plasma is best.

Weapon switching if you are trying to get a record high score. Side missiles are better for making sure you kill every minion in teran stage, and its your call in zerg stage, two drones are enough, but in higher difficulties one drone is not enough, if you can keep both drones alive do drones, if not you need to deal with a more chaotic screen, but losing a drone is not as damaging. Make sure you have plasma for bosses, but particularly for teran, you will be there all day trying to take him down with side missiles.
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Thanks for the guide, it was very helpful!

I'm liking plasma best myself, but I see the point about missing scores that way. I finally got to 495,000 points and then DIED on the 3rd Terratron!! Argh.... I will have to keep trying...

Edit: Finally got it! I'll be glad to never play this again, heh... I lost several times to hitting the windows button, or getting the wrong upgrade at a bad time. Sheesh.
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Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but you can shoot with the 0 key on the Num Pad (as well as move with WASD). I found this a lot more easy on the hands than the default controls it tells you (still had to hit Ctrl for missiles, but that was an easy pinky hit).
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I hooked up my PS3 controller, and got Bronze, silver achievements on my first run.
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The lag some people are mentioning I've heard can be helped by using a USB keyboard rather than a wireless keyboard. Apparently most wireless keyboards lag.
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Either plasma or side missles are purely personal choices. So choose the one that works better for you.

For those of you having trouble dodging the bullets, keep your eyes on your viking rather than looking at the enemies or where you shoot. Don't even attempt to get upgrades if it's not 100% safe, missing a bomb >>>>>>> losing a drone or your life to get it.

All on all, good strategy from the OP!
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I think using the missiles with two drones are easier for dealing with the normal units. Two missiles at front with 2 side missiles on each side. You can basically cover 80% of the map with that.
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The lag some people are mentioning I've heard can be helped by using a USB keyboard rather than a wireless keyboard. Apparently most wireless keyboards lag.

They do, used to play stepmania religiously, went I plugged in a wired keyboard, my scored increased like crazy.

I will try the hitting 0 method, my fingers are done for tonight, don't even have the energy to finish up the campaign on brutal :/

g/l everyone on getting this, and HUGE thanks to the OP for this.
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Following the advice on this thread, and others, and lots of practice, and I finally got bronze in lost viking! Now I've just got to continue practicing and hopefully work my way up to gold. Terra-Tron himself of course is necessary to get to gold.
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Any easy fix so your fingers don't get tired (and also so the loud tapping of spacebar doesn't wake up loved ones) is the following script. Should be simple for someone without programming knowledge.

I used the program autohotkey. Once installed, right click desktop>new>autohotkey script. Right click to edit script, ignore the headers/text at the top of the file. At the bottom of the file add the following code.

Sleep 250
if GetKeyState("z","P")
Send {space down}
Sleep 15
Send {space up}
Send {space up}

Save and close the file. When you are ready to use it, double click to get the script running. Now, when you are in Lost Viking, tap z to start or stop autofire. You can change to a different key if you want but I don't recommend as certain keys such as shift will work a bit differently. You can try and tweak time in between key presses to get better fire if you want, I did 15 ms and it seems to work great. When not in use, make sure to exit autohotkey by right click >exit from the system tray so you don't inadvertantly activate hotkey in a different program. Hope this helps.
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Im one mission away from completing the brutal campain and have all other achievments storymode wise except lost viking gold. As a completionist I really want to get it done, all it takes is a lil time and practice. I got to 479k a few nights ago until my trigger hand went numb, guess I'll try again today.
As far as stat goes spread missles all the way while making sure you always have 2 drones and from then on just keep grabbing bombs. If you like to switch to plasma for terratron thats your choice it does hit hard. All in all though I stockpile my bombs till terratron for those sticky situations when the big spray happens from his little adds and while hes doing the spray from his arm cannon especially while the giant cog wheel is bouncing around.
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