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The lag some people are mentioning I've heard can be helped by using a USB keyboard rather than a wireless keyboard. Apparently most wireless keyboards lag.

for gaming you never want to use wireless mouse/keyboard/gamepad what have you...there is always lag associated with such devices, wired (USB) is the most reliable/consistant and is what you want for any sort of gaming.
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This may be a stupid question, but once you complete the campaign, how do you go back and play Lost Viking? Do you have to start a new campaign.
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This may be a stupid question, but once you complete the campaign, how do you go back and play Lost Viking? Do you have to start a new campaign.

Either load a saved game where you have not yet descended upon Char ... or start a new campaign and do the Mar Sara missions until you get back into the Hyperion BC.

Made the Lost Viking Cheevie with Plasma, although the AoE from missilies is cool, Plasma helps alot downing the Sub-bosses and Bosses which I prefer instead of taking 3x longer to kill mobs.
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after the first few games, i thought my wrist was going to fall off, so i downloaded Autohotkey & ported the 'space' bar to two buttons on a game controller, then i could both buttons w/ both fingers back & forth, made it a ton easier on my hands/wrist.

i tried using the gamepad as the controller, but it just didnt seem responsive enough, so i ended up sticking with the arrow buttons.
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With regards to input lag:

I was playing it on lowest graphics settings on a machine that would barely run it. I was getting severe input lag as well, about a full second.

I am trying it on my game machine (far exceeds your recommendations) on highest graphics settings and the lag is now minimal, perhaps a quarter second. (This is a wireless keyboard, though. Might be why.)

In either event, right now the ONLY achievements I haven't gotten from the campaign are these from this stupid top-down shooter.
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One tip for the Lost Viking achievements:

The worst thing about this is slamming the space bar non-stop to keep firing.

Both the arrow keys and the ASDW keys control your ships movement. You can switch hands to mash the spacebar during the game whenever you get tired, by either using the arrows with your right and space with your left, or the space with your right and the ASDW with your left.
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Hell yes for Touhou!
After playing through a few levels on hard or lunatic, the Lost Viking game feels like a joke.
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Does anyone know what the world record for Lost Viking is?
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Being new to game and having just romped through Lost Viking, I have to add my vote to Side Missiles over Plasma Missiles. Side Missiles + 2x drones wipe out all regular enemies, make ALL of the mid-bosses a joke (Particularly the battlecruisers), greatly aid in taking down the Carrier boss, and allow you to keep up constant fire while dodging against the Leviathan and Terratron. Against the Leviathan in particular there are opportunties to get point blank just off the side of its face and hit it with 6 missiles at once (2 front, 2 side, 2 drones), usually just before and just after it rams (but on occassion you can do this before its last hook attack, when the green spore-like things aren't around).

Plasma Missiles are overrated, against the bosses at least half of the time you wont be able to line up in front of the boss (too busy dodging attacks) and thus your damage drops to 25% (if you have drones, 0% without drones), while side missiles allow you to sustain damage on the boss making up for much of the damage bonus of plasma missiles. Furthermore it allows you a much easier time dodging attacks, and an much easier time clearing levels.

Incidentally I find myself hording bombs and not needing them, in my last playthrough I had over 40 bombs on level 10 (had to take off mid game so I just ended it)
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my advice to get 500k easier without going through the game a few times to avoid the harder levels is to find the screens that you can easily rack up points. most of the screens don't advance until you kill the opponent. just race up points killing things. you can use this still tactic to get the upgrades you need to face the masters for every level. for me, my favorite areas to stall were with the carrier and Loki.
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I just found out tapping thing on this thread, it sounds painful, so woul it be just fine to tap when against bosses? Or is it that much dramatically better that you wanna do it at all times?
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07/30/2010 09:27 AMPosted by Skies
Anyone else have problems with input lag? It's not very much, but it's enough to make it pretty much unplayable for me. The rest of Starcraft 2 runs great, but there's quite a bit of delay from when I push a key to when the ship actually moves.

Keyboard input lag sometimes indicates a background keylogger. Other issues could involve an outdated motherboard driver for the USB controller or USB hub, mismatched USB2/3 (ex: high repeat rate gaming keyboard [especially when paired with a high precision gaming mouse] might use USB3, so avoid using it in a USB2 jack), and often a Bluetooth USB3 gaming keyboard+mouse pair lags in a USB2 jack because of frequency degradation (incompatible speeds).

If swapping plug+jack positions and swapping out keyboards while testing this does not resolve the problem, complete a full system scan on highest sensitivity with no browsers open, and make sure you've chosen to check for keyloggers, search toobars, and broser eavesdroppers. You don't want that stuff hanging around anyway!

Hope this helps someone or two,

Gl & hf!!! :D
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