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zerg counter for mass stalkers?

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fungal growth
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If you stayed on top of your creep spread, hydras with speedlings should tear them apart. The most important part about your attack is making sure the speedlings don't get blocked off somehow, and that you are attacking with both units at the same time.

This is assuming the opponent is exclusively using stalkers and nothing else.
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I've always countered mass stalkers with mass roaches with decent success.
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Roach hydra has worked for me unless I'm unable to stop their expo, soon as they on 2-3 bases mass blink stalkers just rip thru my army with endless reinforcements, I Tried infester ultra with some hydras an got smoked
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If you stayed on top of your creep spread, hydras with speedlings should tear them apart. The most important part about your attack is making sure the speedlings don't get blocked off somehow, and that you are attacking with both units at the same time.

This is assuming the opponent is exclusively using stalkers and nothing else.

this is also assuming he doesn't have colossus, which will turn that build into BBQ
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Ask this question on my thread Risk Zerg Ask Me Thread! Wol/HOTS! Will be happy to answer this with a in depth answer with detail and replays ;]

[Zerg discussion thread]
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Depends when his push his coming. A two bass 7 gate mass blink stalker build can do some damage if the timings are good.

If you can get ling infestor out to counter it you shut it down without too much trouble. Fungal on the stalker stops blink and allows the lings to get a huge surround.

If it hits before infestors roach ling can hold it just fine, preferably with speed upgrades on both. Taking out any forward pylons or using queens to snipe warp prisms will effectively end the push by cutting off reinforcements.
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if no blink, roaches are good against stalkers.

slings are decent too.
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ling muta > stalkers
no mass stalkers would win

obviously youve never seen speedlings vs stalkers. speedlings rip them apart.

I can understand zergs concerns about forcefield and colossi being overpowered but stalkers are one of the weakest units in the game and are countered by virtually every zerg unit. banelings and mutalisks are really the only two zerg units that dont counter stalkers but neither one of those units is particularly strong vs protoss anyway.

with any amount of blink micro the stalkers should win easily, especially with the zerg spending supply on mutas
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If it's early stalkers speedlings work great, especially with roach support. In the mid and late game you should have infestors combined with other units. Fungal growth plus support units does quite well against stalkers. Also make sure to spread creep as much as possible as it helps a lot when engaging stalkers.
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Ultralisks have no hope against decently microed blink stalkers unless the stalkers engage on creep. They have the exact same movement speed, and whatever movement the stalkers give up to shoot, they can gain it back with blink.

Now, on to the actual topic, I find the easiest way to counter them early game is to use a combination of lings and roaches. Lings can easily close the distance, and roaches do some good damage as long as your eco is good enough to mass more of them than stalkers. They should never have enough economy to outmass your roaches with stalkers early game. Mid game, my strategy is to use a few infestors in tandem with a roach army. You can easily get more roaches than stalkers, and fungal growth keeps them rooted so the roaches can close in and destroy them without fear of blink kiting. Late game, brood lord/infestor takes down mass stalkers easily, as long as you can hit the fungal growths.
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Ling/infestor will beat mass stalkers easily if we're going purely on theory.
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Infestor ling, add ultras when you get a hive and make sure your upgrades are going well and choose wise engagements, he wont stand a chance.
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Just roaches seems to work fine for me. You can add speedlings if you run low on gas, they also help chase down retreating stalkers.
Protoss will generally fight before max army if they went blink stalkers. They want to trade shields for units, which works best if they can continue building an army while your forced to reproduce. Eventually their army > yours because you haven't been able to grow, while they have.

Micro is the key. Hug the stalkers with roaches, shoot when they get in range, then move closer and shoot again. Eventually they run out of blink and your already on top of them. I also like to focus fire stalkers. When my roaches all shoot at the same time the other player isn't able to figure out which one is targeted and blink it away before it's insta gibbed. If you have too many roaches just rope off a few and use them to focus fire.

If for some strange reason protoss doesn't fight forever you could add infestors. Just after you break the shields so they can't blink away.
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Fungal will be your greatest weapon towards blink stalkers. every other zerg unit will counter a blink stalker when it is fungaled.
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We have to know the time of the attack, because as Zerg you could be limited to certain units, for example, in the early game Zerglings, Queens and Spines are our options, in the mid game we could add upgrades to the Zerglings and Roaches, Banelings and infestors (to prevent Blink micro), Hydras are good against Stalkers too, in the meta or late game, when the Stalkers had reached a critical mass in combination of supports units like Collossi. Sentry, Inmortals, Zealots, Mothership, etc, definitively the combination you want to have at the time of the attack is, Infestor to prevent Blink (Witch the Neural upgrade because of the Modership), Broodlords, Banelings (To prevent Stalkers to Blink toward your Broodlords), and a lot of Spines covering your bases to prevent Base trades (You don't want to base trade against a very mobile army), hope this Help ....
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Looks like the problem persists. Requires perfect scouting and knowledge how much to drone. Any mistake in droning and even +1 lings will not help.
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