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New Custom: Hero Attack v2.4


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Hi Equal! (May remember me as Lex from your "Hero Attack" channel) Love the game. I'm going to mention the idea I had before.

Some may love to be on one team or the other, due to starting point and attack directions, for example, I love being on team one, feels comfortable attacking up and to the right more than the reverse. So I was wondering about adding a dialog button that can rotate/flip the camera 180, so on team 2, you can view as if on team 1, and vise versa.

The other part is being able to see from a different view, is if the other team is coming from above and 'we' are below, they will be underneath some flyers, hard to select, fliping the camera would help in targeting the others team heroes.

So for comfort and/or targeting, I put forth that this addition would aid gameplay, even with how epic I think it is already. <3 No such things as too much awesomeness.
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Cool But i Dont Like The Aos/Dota Items And Some of The Heros Are !@#$ing Crap
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Lots of Idiots That Cheats The Gameplay
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@Crystalis - I might be able to add a feature like that, though I doubt I can flip the minimap as well.

I'll try to change the map pool slightly in the next update (will replace snow and lava with island and desert) and on those maps the teams start in slightly different positions.

I'm also aware that there are various bugs caused by 1.4 as well as the fact that I haven't updated Hero Attack in a while. I'm sorry about this, I've just been extremely busy the past few days with university.
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Hey! Love the map, but let me tell you how to fix it...

But seriously, love the mod. Besides, if you worked your way up to where you are now on the popular list, you must know what you're doing! : D
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Hey, Equal I've been playing this awesome custom game called hero attack, the heroes are sweet as well as the playing environment, but it would be kinda sweet that scv and probe provided base defenses also boost from the regular base defenses...
Otherwise it is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Has the bug that causes stunned heroes with perma-cloak to become permanently decloaked been fixed?
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Not for the Ghost. You're better off saving the talent point anyway though; cloak doesnt exactly cost a lot of energy.
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I deff think the Hero/champs need to be scale a bit more. I noticed that in big fights its like impossible to see your hero sometimes. Or maybe you need to scale the AI a bit more. Either way would work, but then you need to make sure everything else is scaled so it doesn't look weird!
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I'm trying to upload 2.24. My upload speed is absolutely terrible so it might take me a while...
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A lot of Protoss units are maxed at only 100 energy. DT, Void Ray, from what I have played. Also, the SCV hero is extremely over powered now. The battlecruiser's attack and yamato gun is just ridiculous...
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uhh i think the mothership is a bit OP now... and so is the zlot
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Here's my 2 cents on this game.

-There are quite a few heroes that have been bugged, (marine not respawning, preserver not respawning, corruptor being invisible)

-Some heroes are ludicrously OP late game, Ghost, Predator, Lurker, DT, just to name a few.

-Base "ninjaing" or just going to the enemy base with 5 weps and 5 armor and killing everything for an easy win is ridiculous after an even game of 45+ minutes.

-any more than 50% leaver bonus on a roach makes it invincible

Other than that, a really fun mod to play, and be good at.
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Zerg is so broken.... Whats with the overseer having the ability to just sit back and suicide changelings into the base. Also I thought that if the lurker uses the web to pull down air units it could be attacked by ground units but a webbed enemy is still considered air
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@ Zealot. I have noticed that issue as well, and not just with the lurker. I've encountered this issue with the reaver's air ensnare and the predetor's pounce ability. The air heroes will be dropped down and stunned, but you still cannot attack them.
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This game is so addicting! I spent almost all my day playing it!! About 5 hours. Keep it up so it doesnt end up like heavens last stand(a very popular game and now very low).
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2.26 is out.

Sci vessels are immortal; the bridges in Desert Canyon break LOS.

Loving the new energy though. And I'm just saying that because now Yamato Cannon can replace snipe.
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Posts: 1 sure a few people have asked this and if not then here goes. id like to complain to the creator of this awsome game..that in a have just !@#$ed up....making the science vessels immune to ALL damage is beyond op...pop 8 of these and they can just float around and heal at leisure without worrying about running out of energy.or all honesty..isnt that why its a skill and not something purchasable...because they DIE and can be much as the trolls rading this would like to start saying, im not not just questioning the motive behind this...addition...

the newer maps are all well and good...but this...come on!
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2.27 is out. Science Vessels are no longer invulnerable. Some bug fixes and balance changes have also been made.
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Zerg and Terran are pretty even, but toss is completely broken, the only way to lose as toss is if you have crappy players on the team. From archon to DT, the mass AoE and the incredibly dps, combined with hardened shields, toss steamrolls almost everything.
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