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Babno if your saying you can't damage that units thats because its invincible the first 10 seconds after its been mind controlled. it can be attacked but not damaged and your unit will stop attacking probably because it has no affect and would rather kill whats attacking it and is killable than try to kill a unit thats invincible.
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Is it just me or 2000 minerals are just too easy to get? Shouldn't it should be higher?
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First, e2, I just love Hero Attack, its just amazing.
Second, I have a idea about the OP heroes. Every hero is really OP when you think about it. The ones I have heard are OP are usually Firebat, Immortal, Reaper,
SCV and Archon. I've gotten ticked off at every hero at least once, and thought "wow, he's really OP" (the exclusions are HT, who no-one ever plays except for me, Reaver and the Zerg characters no one ever plays). The majority of these OP heroes are really just advanced users that are faced.
I do have a beef with the leaver system. A team of one hero should not demolish a 4 hero team just because it's automatically twice as strong. The leavers bonus needs to be turned down to a factor that will make a one player team force to be reckoned with, but not unbeatable.
Detection is never a problem for me, with all the options.
I'm also on board with the spells scale with the level, but that might be too complex.
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there are op units but what do think about the dark archons army is there even a cap to its size i can understand how backdoorings a good way to comeback in a losing game but its not when someone comes with an army of mutas or other units. 10 ok or 15 but they should not be able to do 25 or 40 thats just not fair. dark archons mind control is insanely overpowered.
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Speaking of dark archon's mind control, I found a bug where dark archons somehow sustain their mineral count even when they don't have any units controlled. Can you fix that, equal?
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I this game great, but there should be newer maps, and my general feeling, with the general point if views is that snowy ridge and desert canyon are the 2 favorite maps. Also. The heros are FAR too unbalanced. The heros should differ on different playstyles, and not on strength. Some heros like hellion or nydus or zealot seem to be used far less than others like ghost firebat, immortal, infestor. There seems to be a massive umbalancement. And finally, i think that it shouldnt bcome possible for any given hero to be indestructible. Some heros like ultra or thor or firebat just become impossible to kill on the later stages of the game. They kill solo kill a base even with the whole team attacking them. There is simply nothing we can do. And finally, the cc, nexus or hatcheries should have more hp and should have a lot higher dps.
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Oh and lastly, it happens every 10-15 games thatwhen the game starts, the vision of the mapis screwed up, we can only see a third of the screen, some units become invisible, and the camera angle is screwed up as well. A slight glitch.
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Awesome map, I just played like 3 days straight literally. The only thing is people are exploiting your map and getting infinite minerals. Its widespread enough that I am having problems finding a game without someone screwing it up. Oh, and fix the colossus. You rule bye.
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I see a couple people saying that "backdooring" is a viable way to comeback if losing but when its done as a means to get ahead it becomes very annoying ( have to stay and defend those two lanes ) so i propose that the computer remake buildings after a certain amount of time so that heros aren't stuck defending the whole game I also feel that buildings should have more health so people have time to realize whats happening and give them at least some time to get back to base. I'm not a fan of the backdooring as it takes away from people that play to push lanes ( such as myself ) to win just not take the easy way out and backdoor bases but I will admit I like diversity but it shouldn't be that easy to win a game. . . just my thoughts on "backdooring"... on a totally unrelated subject phoenixs void prism dragging ability thing can stick heros on ledges that they cant get off of and without teleport back to base have to kill yourself with -stuck which takes a minute to work.
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balance for heros used to be great in this game when only a couple of heros really were overpowered ( archon, ultralisk, thor, reaver and possibly 1 or 2 more ) but now every hero can be overpowered in a game simply because the other team doesn't have the right hero to smash that heros face in . . . for example ghost slaughters any medium toughness characters such as lurker, hydra etc but overlord smashes ghost without thinking twice about whether or not he should attack him. what I'm trying to get at is that i shouldn't have to be the right hero to do good against another hero ( I don't care if skill can make you overcome matchups I'm here to have fun not go all try hard ) also. . . invisible units are really annoying should just beef there health up a bit and get rid of invisibility altogether imo although you can see the outline of them running around you cant attack them without having detectors ( unmoving detectors ) idk i just really loathe invisible characters especially early game when minerals are precious even 35 is alot so. . . theres my 2 cents
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Thank you for reading my rants if you did so
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