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How would you guys feel if they replaced ultras with brutas? It kinda makes sense to me as neither of the zerg massives can attack air units.

also i love their model
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You mean makes no sense right? I always did feel bad watching them herp derp their way through the zerglings.
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oh and for anyone that hasn't done the campaign
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They can hit air. Pretty hard too.
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So basically you want to replace our clumsy but dangerous splash damage melee t3 Unit with a slow as hell (slower than unstimmed MM ball) single target melee unit with a fairly strong 6 range anti air attack?
No thanks, brutalisks are way to slow to be worth using in any circumstance. Hydras would do a better anti air job and ultras do a better anti ground job.
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03/22/2011 4:40 PMPosted by SpaceAdmiral
They can hit air. Pretty hard too.

yeah, thats what i meant, both massives right now can't hit air... so it would make more sense if this did.

Zerg are fine w/o brutas, and ultras are ok... unless you also have lings

I realize zerg is fine, but lets be honest... ultras are a little less than okay, especially compared to the other race's massives.

if they do add it it will get nerfed, those things are beast
I doubt they'd just nab the exact same unit from the campaign, obviously it would need some tweaking or a really high cost/build time.
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