Known Issues 2.1.11 [Updated: 07/9/15]

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  • In the Ranked Matchmaking window, "Bonus Pool" does not show the amount of the bonus in Italian clients.
  • UI and
  • New – Earning experience in a game sometimes triggers an "Input Limit Reached" error on the score screen.
  • New – Various Matchmaking game modes are sometimes missing.
  • New – Surrendering in a Matchmaking Versus A.I game does not award experience, lower the AI Difficulty rating, or count for placement matches.
  • New – Some players experience negative bonus pool values.
  • New – (Arcade) StarJeweled Score Screen displays a Defeat after Victory.
  • The 'Time Supply Capped' metric is displaying incorrectly in the score screen.
  • Groups and Clans icons do not always update dynamically when removing a custom icon.
  • The "Frugal Fighter" achievement is not functioning properly.
  • Players are unable to create or be invited to games if they are dropped from a replay game.
  • Spawned WoL players can get set to Terran race when in a WoL queue.
  • The Blizzard Maps filter in Custom Games take a long time to load
  • Players will enter a locked state when joining a game lobby that is cancelled.
  • Maps and mods can show up in critics lists after being deleted.
  • Players with "Only allow friends to send invites" enabled do not receive Group/Clan invites from Battle Tag and CID friends.
  • Command card button frames are visible when no unit is selected in the Streamlined and Split 1v1 observer interfaces.
  • The map preview image on matchmaking loading screens may appear as low-resolution versions without starting point markers.
  • Windows 10 -- Resizing the game in Windowed Mode causes display and mouse issues.
  • Changing visions can cause the lower right panels to display incorrectly.
  • "Additional Team Colored Textures" do not always correctly display the current player's color when switching between players while observing.
  • The tooltip when hovering over your friends name in SC2 will remain on the screen after closing the friends list.
  • Opening your friends list causes a stall in SC2.
  • Players that change their graphics settings while in a lobby will appear to remain in the lobby when restarting.
  • Engine/Game Systems
  • Broodlord Attack Actors not being removed.
  • ATI 13.1 drivers are causing flickering issues with the UI.
  • Game Content
  • New – Zagara and Dehaka can appear in the Leviathan without ever visiting Char or Zerus.
  • New – There is a rock formation that units are able to path through on (4) Seething Jungle.
  • New – Players are only given the option to Surrender after reconnecting to a Custom game Vs. AI game with no human opponents when disconnected for more than a minute.
  • New – Mutating a Lair into a Hive displays a "Morphing" progress bar that is inconsistent with other Zerg structure upgrades.
  • New – A Drone can get stuck after cancelling an Extractor in progress.
  • The Void Ray and Sentry’s beam attack effect can sometimes not appear when attacking units at low health.
  • SC/Broodwar music does not play while spectating/observing.
  • Casting Fungal Growth on Mass Recalled units may cause the client to stop responding.
  • The SC1 Alternate Soundtrack will not play during Custom Games while on Offline Mode.
  • Neural Parasite tentacle will follow a unit that is Mass Recalled.
  • Several missiles attacks will follow units that Mass Recall.
  • Enemy AI will sometimes stop responding after losing all your troops in the first three Challenge Missions.
  • Some energy based abilities and units can reset the stalemate timer.
  • The Mercenary Marine skin uses a basic marine ragdoll.
  • Widow Mine's attack against a Carrier Interceptor does not show an explosion animation properly if the interceptor docks with the carrier prior to impact.
  • If destroyed while warping in, the Judicator Pylon skin uses a final death animation instead of the warp-in death animation.
  • Editor
  • Clearing lighting variations does not persist through a save and relaunch of the client.
  • Decals are not displaying properly for Zerg and Terran town halls.
  • Using the Find/Replace function can freeze the Data Editor.
  • The field search filter does not work properly with Combine Structure Values turned on
  • Mac
  • [OS 10.10] Animated menus and cutscenes stutter while on High or above settings.
  • Opening Polar Night LE from within the Mac editor will result in an SIGABRT error.
  • The SC2 app is unable to switch to “Windowed (Full Screen)” from “Windowed” mode.
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    Posts: 31,531
    Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.10:
  • The Score Screen doesn't always load when browsing Match History.
  • Players and mapmakers are reporting issues with downloading recently published maps.
  • Players receive Input Limit Reached error when viewing a section of their profile while friends with someone in a clan.
  • Archon is being shown as a selectable category in a custom game lobby creation screen.
  • Legacy of the Void tab appears under Profile in Heart of the Swarm build.
  • Uninstall does not remove all folders and files.
  • After the 2015 season 2 roll a player can become stuck in Diamond league when they should be in Master league
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.9:
  • Fixed an issue that could allow a player to join a private lobby when they were not friends with the host.
  • Certain hotkeys in the Wings of Liberty campaign can now be remapped.
  • Presence information displayed in the Friends List should now display the correct information.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Nvidia drivers were causing certain textures to appear pink.
  • Typical use of the middle mouse button should no longer cause the cursor to snap to the center of the screen.
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.8:
  • Fixed an issue where players with large friends lists would experience high amounts of performance loss.
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.7:
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the post-game score screen to become stuck while loading.
  • The "So many Banelings" achievement can now be completed properly.
  • The Confine Mouse Cursor option will now work correctly on Mac clients with Retina display.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors or delays when loading achievements.
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.6:
  • Fixed an issue where StarCraft II would fail to load on some Windows XP machines.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented in-game voice chat from functioning correctly between party members.
  • Corrected the default graphic settings for several Mac graphic cards.
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.5:
  • SC2 is freezing upon crashing while in Full Screen mode in 10.9.
  • Several Custom Game achievements do not fully list their completion criteria.
  • Some players may experience issues loading replays from SC2 versions prior to the release of 2.1.4.
  • Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.3:
  • The Copyright for SC2 is using the wrong year.
  • There is a typo for the message that is displayed when attempting to talk to a player who was blocked.
  • Issues Resolved with 2.1.1:
  • The Heart of the Swarm Prolog always displays in English regardless of language selection.
  • Adding a player to a lobby that is using a SwarmMulti or LibertyMulti extension mod will cause a "Dependencies could not be validated" error.
  • Custom Games created with Private Extension Mods still have an option to be opened to the public.
  • The Groups pane can display incorrect information.
  • Icons and decals do not update if they were changed while the club window was closed.
  • Issues Resolved with 2.1:
  • Players still receive messages from players who they have blocked.
  • Users can become disconnected from Group and Clan chat.
  • Clan decals do not appear to party invitees that are not in the same clan as the party leader.
  • During the Heart of the Swarm Terran Training Stage 1 you cannot build Marauders.
  • If a Mothership Core is killed just before completing Mass Recall, some units may be left behind.
  • When more than one Viper casts Consume on a structure and one of the Consumes is stopped, the structure will lose the Consume debuff icon.
  • Issuing a Zealot's Charge command to a unit behind a wall causes the Zealot to cycle between Charge and Attack commands on the target without ever stopping or giving up.
  • The tooltip for the Oracle's Revelation spell is not consistent with its functionality.
  • New units created from the Editor do not show in the game client unless the map is saved first.
  • Multi region publishing fails on maps that are using Attributes.
  • Interfaces that are saved as a Interface Components List are not available in the Observer Interface dropdown options.
  • There are several unbound hotkeys in the Chinese client.
  • A placeholder sphere can sometimes be generated when a Stalker dies.
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