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Known Issues 2.1 [Updated: 3/4/14]

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  • The Copyright for SC2 is using the wrong year.
    We are currently investigating this issue.

  • The StarCraft I Alternate Soundtrack will not play during Custom Games while in Offline Mode.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • The Void Ray and Sentry’s beam attack effect can sometimes not appear when attacking units at low health.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • The "Blizzard Maps" filter in Custom Games can take a long time to load and may generate an Input Limit Reached error.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • It is possible to have a Custom Observer UI outside of a replay.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • The in-game UI may disappear after watching a replay using the Streamlined Observer UI.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Disconnecting from while joining a game lobby can result in the player entering a locked state.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • There is a typo in the message that is displayed when attempting to talk to a player who was blocked.
    We have identified the cause of this issue and should have a fix in place in a future update.
  • Maps and mods can show up in critics lists even after being deleted.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • The "All" search option for group members no longer appears for very large groups.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Group and Clan icons do not update dynamically when removing a custom icon.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Players can enter a locked state when attempting to join a game lobby that is cancelled.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Empty command card button frames are visible when no unit is selected in the Streamlined and Split 1v1 observer interfaces.
    We have identified the cause of this issue and should have a fix in place in a future update.
  • Wings of Liberty players grouped with a Heart of the Swarm player while both are queued for Wings of Liberty Matchmaking can get set to Terran regardless of race choice.
    We are currently investigating this issue. However as a work around if the spawned player is not on the Matchmaking screen when they receive the game invite they will be able to select any race when invited to a Wings of Liberty game.
  • While in-Game, closing a chat window by using the 'escape' key will cause all chat to be sent to the last used chat window, as long as the social window is open.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Playing 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 AI matches does not give credit for lower rank vs. AI achievements.
    We are currently investigating this issue.

Graphics and User Interface
  • ATI 13.1 drivers are causing flickering issues with the interface.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
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  • Clearing lighting variations does not persist through a save and relaunch of the editor.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • The field search filter does not work properly with Combine Structure Values turned on.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Using the Find/Replace function can freeze the Data Editor.
    We are currently investigating this issue.
  • Decals are not displaying properly for Zerg and Terran town halls when previewed using the editor.
    We are currently investigating this issue.

  • Enemy AI can sometimes stop responding after losing all your troops in the first three Challenge Missions.
    We are currently investigating this issue.

Issues Resolved with 2.1.1:
• The Heart of the Swarm Prolog always displays in English regardless of language selection.
• Adding a player to a lobby that is using a SwarmMulti or LibertyMulti extension mod will cause a "Dependencies could not be validated" error.
• Custom Games created with Private Extension Mods still have an option to be opened to the public.
• The Groups pane can display incorrect information
• Icons and decals do not update if they were changed while the club window was closed.

Issues Resolved with 2.1:
• Players still receive messages from players who they have blocked.
• Users can become disconnected from Group and Clan chat.
• Clan decals do not appear to party invitees that are not in the same clan as the party leader.
• During the Heart of the Swarm Terran Training Stage 1 you cannot build Marauders.
• If a Mothership Core is killed just before completing Mass Recall, some units may be left behind.
• When more than one Viper casts Consume on a structure and one of the Consumes is stopped, the structure will lose the Consume debuff icon.
• Issuing a Zealot's Charge command to a unit behind a wall causes the Zealot to cycle between Charge and Attack commands on the target without ever stopping or giving up.
• The tooltip for the Oracle's Revelation spell is not consistent with its functionality.
• New units created from the Editor do not show in the game client unless the map is saved first.
• Multi region publishing fails on maps that are using Attributes.
• Interfaces that are saved as a Interface Components List are not available in the Observer Interface dropdown options.
• There are several unbound hotkeys in the Chinese client.
• A placeholder sphere can sometimes be generated when a Stalker dies.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.11
• The Thor in High Impact Payload mode does not have a wireframe tooltip.
• The Select Army key does not select morphing Zerg units.
• Some 4v4 matches can result in losses for both teams.
• Unit response sounds can loop indefinitely.
• The Thor's control group icon while in High Impact Payload mode is incorrect.
• The Queen can be selected using the Select Army Units hotkey while burrowed.
• StarCraft II doesn't properly load portraits or achievements when logging into china after clearing your cache.
• Changing graphics settings, saving the game, and loading a save can cause a crash.
• The Void Ray's attack icon does not update when Protoss Air Weapon upgrades are researched.
• The Thor's High Impact Payload and Explosive Payload abilities can be used while under the effect of Fungal.
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Issues Resolved with 2.0.8
• You will not be able to play offline unless Background Downloading fully downloads the game.
• Launching SC2 after completing a 1.5.4 installation, is downloading "enUS.SC2Assets" for non enUS locales.
• You have to play online once after patching before you can play offline.
• The wireframe for the Collector's Edition Thor is missing.
• Eggs hatched from Larvae are playing the wrong sound.
• Creating a lobby on a map immediately after it is republished causes an error.
• After Completing a StarCraft Master game if the user hits Watch Replay Solo they are presented with an Error UI.
• Closing the 'Credits' while the Score Screen page is loading causes players to lose all UI.
• Watching a replay after cancelling out of the Fun or Not queue causes a Map Rate/Review dialog to display.
• Players can sometimes end up with an infinitely looping screen and/or completely black screen.
• The game stops functioning when you play a replay and launch Tutorials at the same time.
• Starter Edition Accounts are unable to take command of Starter Edition maps in Watch Solo and Watch With Others replays.
• There is a flickering loading circle on the Members tab of the Clan window if you are removed from the clan and the clan is disbanded.
• Players cannot send Battletag requests from SC2 when the "Enable Real ID" option is disabled in parental controls.
• Clan tags are not displayed in lobby chat.
• There are two Salvaged Scrap mineral cubes that shake erratically in The Great Train Robbery.
• Most of Kerrigan's achievements restart tracking progress when playing across multiple missions.
• The "Heart of the Swarm: Normal" achievement toasts are truncated.
• Campaign progress may not be saved if players close the game instead of quit out of the campaign normally.
• Starting a 2v2 game on the "Macro-Opolis" map can result in a crash.
• Games recovered from a replay do not restore saved camera locations.
• In Grid layout, the "Y" hotkey does not work for German if the English layout is not installed.
• It is possible for AI controlled units to get "stuck" on burrowed opposing creep tumors.
• Quitting out of a published map that has no dependencies can cause a crash to occur.
• Ubertips can become stuck on screen.
• The stage 1 Training help menu does not state that Reapers can be trained from the Barracks.
• The bonus speed granted by creep to Queen is not reduced by snares.
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Issues Resolved with 2.0.7
• The Kerrigan Power achievement does not track progress properly from levels gained through the Archives.
• Game can freeze at a black screen when loading the second Swarm Campaign Mission after completing the first mission in Heart of the Swarm.
• Gameplay settings are not being properly saved between machines.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.5
• The game will become unresponsive when unpausing a game after the person who paused the game leaves.
• Favored messaging in the load screen sometimes doesn't match the favored messaging in the score screen.
• After Completing a StarCraft Master game if the user hits Watch Replay Solo they are presented with an Error UI.
• The Medal of Competency achievement has no icon.
• Changing your language selection in the launcher before data is 100% downloaded will prevent language selection from working in game.
• The Background Downloader is downloading data during game play.
• Saves and replays before 1.5 cannot be loaded in a 2.0 Liberty client after the game has logged in.
• A crash can sometimes occur after quickly navigating away from the Achievements page.
• Group chat text can exceed the bounds of the chat window.
• Players are sometimes placed in maps that they have vetoed via map preferences.
• Players cannot hear voice chat when they have the FMod provider selected.
• Some NVIDIA Mobile Video Cards can have issues with Low Graphics Settings.
• The number inside of the countdown timer when Resuming From Replay is offset.
• Maximizing the Data Navigator can cause the Editor to become unresponsive when used on an Nvidia 600 Mac.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.4:
• The Shelak Tribe Decal is misnamed.
• The green win bar is overlapping the blue total games bar in the season snapshot on the Profile page.
• A warning message appears when the Editor downloads regions.
• SC2.exe crashes when it is launched without enough HD space to extract necessary files in the Versions folders.
• Players can see the server name they are connecting to on the log in screen.
• Several Maps may be duplicated to the Top Rated Critic.
• The scrollbar on the Replays page causes the Load, Delete, and Keep button text to shake.
• Maps played through Fun or Not will not show up in Match History or Recently Played immediately after a match.
• Patch notes text will shift when scrolling through them.

Issues Resolved with 1.5.4:
• If structures are built within the power field of a dropped ally's pylon, they will retain power even if that pylon is destroyed.
• Offline Mode is not functioning properly if the client is started without an internet connection.
• It's possible for a user's in game chat to stop functioning.
• The game video freezes when taking the focus away from it right after unlocking the computer.
• Loading a save created with Ultra graphics settings from a previous client version causes some foliage to appear pink.
• Flying Terran structures that are on fire leave behind a burning trail when destroyed.
• The client can reach a state where models will appear to vanish.
• The game can crash when testing a map in Windowed mode with the Trigger Debug Window and Preloading enabled.
• Changing data sources in the Text Editor can cause the editor to crash.
• Not all players in a game are starting a match at the same time.
• Navigating back to Quick Match from the score screen can result in going back to an Arcade style game information page for some maps.
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Older Resolved Issues:
• It is possible for a player's placement matches to return a negative value.
• Zerglings do not properly perform fire, acid, or eviscerate deaths if Metabolic Boost has been evolved.
• The Inventory System is not functioning properly on a few locales.
• Logging in with a Starter Edition account can cause the game to become unresponsive and can result in a crash.
• The manual button on the SC2 1.5.0 installer links to a webpage that does not exist.
• The shadows on the Hyperion on the Log In Screen in 1.5 are noticeably lower in quality when compared to 1.4.4.
• Fog of War is not rendering properly.
• Attempting to publish a document through the StarCraft II Editor will result in an an error and prevents publishing.
• Attempting to modify a frame after its XML was just replaced can cause the editor to crash.
• Random teams are not counting towards the "Current League" stat in the Career Team Badge tooltip
• Stuttering and other performance issues with 1.5.
• (Mac) Using Command + Left Click to select a group of the same unit is not working.
• Certain custom maps that make use of specific triggers can cause a desync.
• Shaders generated after switching setting’s in game are not being used properly.
• Units do not always take the most direct path when ordered to move across the map.
• Navigating to the campaign page through Quick Navigation makes it possible for a player to remain in the campaign page even after accepting Matchmaking queues from the party leader.
• After migrating from 1.4.4, or previous game versions, to 1.5.0, any non-standard files previously placed in the 'Mods' folder will be deleted once migration is complete.
• The Career listing for 1v1 on the player Profile page can be inaccurate.
• SC2 crashes when loading the Friends tab in Leagues & Ladders.
• Creating or joining certain custom games on some maps will cause the game to be played without the latest balance settings.
• (Southeast Asia) The General Chat button is grayed out and unavailable on the Home Page.
• The Mode selector on the Leagues and Ladders Career Summary page and Friends tabs have duplicate modes in the dropdown.
• Larva block construction, making it difficult to replace destroyed hatcheries.
• Flying units on different cliff levels will not be hit by splash damage from targeted AoE attacks or abilities.
• Viewing a Latin American Profile can cause the game to crash.
• The EPM observer overlay is displaying APM, and APM observer overlay is displaying EPM.
• The in-game battle buddy UI does not always properly reset for mouseover states.
• The Fist of Furry Blizzcon 2011 decal is not displaying correctly in-game.
• Users cannot add Facebook friends via the Connect to Facebook feature.
• Players can lose Feat of Strength achievements.
• Top X Team Feat of Strength achievements were not being properly granted to some players.
• It is possible to stack a large number of units into tight spaces and push units into unreachable terrain.
• One of the portrait rewards appears as a blue square.
• An account can become flagged as starter edition when it is a full edition account if the System Clock is inaccurate.
• Some matchmaking games can start 3 seconds late.
• e_fileCorruptRepairable crash on start up.
• Some league divisions are smaller then they should be.
• Performance can dip noticeably at times after 1.4.
• Using the Restart button when loading a saved game from a previous version will result in an incorrect campaign progression.
• ATI Graphical Corruption.
• Incompatible video driver warning message.
• Razer peripherals cause performance issues.
• Camera Rotation is behaving improperly when modifying the rotation by positive values.
• An Input Limit Reached message can be generated when a user with a large friend list rapidly cycles through menus.
• Attempting to load GSL Bel'Shir Beach can result in a video driver crash on some cards.
• It's possible for the game client to become flagged as Starter Edition even when accessed by a full account.
• Renaming a replay to the same name deletes the file.
• Subgroup priorities are inconsistent for some Terran units.
• It is possible for the Roach's burrowed/unburrowed animation cycle to become stuck.
• Galaxy Map Editor Unit Can Attack Unit Type Issue
• Galaxy Map Editor Modify Player Property Issue
• Zerg eggs are missing their hatching animation and models.
• Fun or Not dropping players after game start.
• Bonus points are being awarded even though the season lock is in place.
• The Terran Strategy channels only allow a limited number of members per channel.
• Tutorial videos accessed during a game are not playing.
• Fungal Growth does not give the alert that you are being attacked.
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