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Known Issues 2.1.5 [Updated: 10/3/14]

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  • On Windows 8.1 the mouse cursor can become invisible.

  • Some players running Windows XP operating systems may be unable to launch the game due to a missing normaliz.dll file.”

  • Gamma is unable to be adjusted after Windows 8.1 update.

  • Some network configurations can cause users to become stuck at "Game Ready" or "Entering Lobby".

  • The Neural Parasite tentacle will appear follow a unit that is Mass Recalled.

  • Several missiles attacks will follow units that Mass Recall.

  • Casting Fungal Growth on Mass Recalled units may cause the client to stop responding.

  • The StarCraft I Alternate Soundtrack will not play while spectating games.

  • The StarCraft I Alternate Soundtrack will not play during Custom Games while in Offline Mode.

  • The Void Ray and Sentry’s beam attack effect can sometimes not appear when attacking units at low health.
  • Playing 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 AI matches does not give credit for lower rank achievements.

  • Players are unable to create or be invited to games if they are dropped from a replay game.

  • Spawned WoL players can get set to Terran race when in a WoL queue.

  • Players will enter a locked state when joining a game lobby that is cancelled.

  • Groups and Clans icons do not update dynamically when removing a custom icon.

  • The "All" search option for group members no longer appears for groups that have triggered the Large Group Threshold.

  • Maps and mods can show up in Top Played lists after being removed.

  • Players with "Only allow friends to send invites" enabled do not receive Group/Clan invites from Battle Tag and CID friends.

  • Disconnecting from while joining a game lobby can result in the player entering a locked state.

  • Tooltips that fill the entire screen may not display appropriately.

  • Command card frames are visible when there are no units selected in the Streamlined or Split observer interfaces.

  • While in-game, using the 'escape' key to close chat can cause conversations to appear in other social windows.

  • Voice chat sometimes does not function between party members during matches.

  • Post-game score screens can sometimes get stuck loading or show inaccurate data..

Graphics and User Interface
  • ATI 13.1 drivers are causing flickering issues with the interface.

  • Clearing lighting variations does not persist through a save and relaunch of the editor.

  • The field search filter does not work properly with Combine Structure Values turned on.

  • Using the Find/Replace function can freeze the Data Editor.

  • Decals are not displaying properly for Zerg and Terran town halls when previewed using the editor.
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  • The map preview image on matchmaking loading screens may appear as low-resolution versions without starting point markers.

  • Enemy AI can sometimes stop responding after losing all your troops in the first three Challenge Missions.

  • Opening Polar Night LE from within the Mac editor will result in a SIGABRT error.

  • Confine Mouse Cursor is not working properly on Retina displays.

  • Animated menus and cutscenes may stutter while on High or Ultra settings in OSX 10.10.

  • Some units and effects do not display extra team colors properties.

  • A crash may occur while continuing from a checkpoint in the "Enemy Within" mission.

Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.5:
• SC2 is freezing upon crashing while in Full Screen mode in 10.9.
• Several Custom Game achievements do not fully list their completion criteria.
• Some players may experience issues loading replays from SC2 versions prior to the release of 2.1.4.

Issues that should be Fixed with Patch 2.1.3:
• The Copyright for SC2 is using the wrong year.
• There is a typo for the message that is displayed when attempting to talk to a player who was blocked.

Issues Resolved with 2.1.1:
• The Heart of the Swarm Prolog always displays in English regardless of language selection.
• Adding a player to a lobby that is using a SwarmMulti or LibertyMulti extension mod will cause a "Dependencies could not be validated" error.
• Custom Games created with Private Extension Mods still have an option to be opened to the public.
• The Groups pane can display incorrect information
• Icons and decals do not update if they were changed while the club window was closed.

Issues Resolved with 2.1:
• Players still receive messages from players who they have blocked.
• Users can become disconnected from Group and Clan chat.
• Clan decals do not appear to party invitees that are not in the same clan as the party leader.
• During the Heart of the Swarm Terran Training Stage 1 you cannot build Marauders.
• If a Mothership Core is killed just before completing Mass Recall, some units may be left behind.
• When more than one Viper casts Consume on a structure and one of the Consumes is stopped, the structure will lose the Consume debuff icon.
• Issuing a Zealot's Charge command to a unit behind a wall causes the Zealot to cycle between Charge and Attack commands on the target without ever stopping or giving up.
• The tooltip for the Oracle's Revelation spell is not consistent with its functionality.
• New units created from the Editor do not show in the game client unless the map is saved first.
• Multi region publishing fails on maps that are using Attributes.
• Interfaces that are saved as a Interface Components List are not available in the Observer Interface dropdown options.
• There are several unbound hotkeys in the Chinese client.
• A placeholder sphere can sometimes be generated when a Stalker dies.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.11
• The Thor in High Impact Payload mode does not have a wireframe tooltip.
• The Select Army key does not select morphing Zerg units.
• Some 4v4 matches can result in losses for both teams.
• Unit response sounds can loop indefinitely.
• The Thor's control group icon while in High Impact Payload mode is incorrect.
• The Queen can be selected using the Select Army Units hotkey while burrowed.
• StarCraft II doesn't properly load portraits or achievements when logging into china after clearing your cache.
• Changing graphics settings, saving the game, and loading a save can cause a crash.
• The Void Ray's attack icon does not update when Protoss Air Weapon upgrades are researched.
• The Thor's High Impact Payload and Explosive Payload abilities can be used while under the effect of Fungal.
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Issues Resolved with 2.0.10
• On a Mac, when you are starting a multiplayer game, the countdown timer will stall, hang, and skip numbers before finishing the countdown.
• Some of the buttons in the Multiplayer Replays lobby are missing tooltips.
• The party leader is not restricted from playing Campaign or launching a Replay.
• Changing modes while in the Game Lobby on Arcade Maps causes the 5v5 variant to display incorrectly.
• After the mid-mission cutscene in Media Blitz, the main objectives will freeze momentarily before appearing on screen, and the accompanying interface sounds will stutter.
• The Probe "mining minerals" effect in Echoes of the Future can be seen floating in space after the mission's final cutscene.
• Buildings that have a 'Tech Reactor' attached to them have excessive text over their control group icons.
• The Hercules Rapid Transport ability is hidden under the Load button in the Command Card.
• The button icon for the Advanced Healing AI upgrade is missing from the Medivac's command card.
• There is a typo in the Raven’s "Build Point Defense Drone" tooltip during Campaign Missions
• Buildings revealed during the Odin rampage phase of Media Blitz are not being displayed through the Fog of War afterwards.
• Tech Labs attached to enemy structures sometimes appear detached.
• The Vulture ability 'Replenish Mine' is not replenishing used mines.
• Evolution missions do not count towards achievement progress when launched through the Archives.
• Linked hotkeys used in the mission Supreme are showing internal information for the loading screen tip when restarting the game and loading a save.
• During Story Mode Izsha explains the third column of Kerrigan's abilities before the column is actually unlocked.
• Various AI builds do not always build or use the proper units for their strategy.
• AI can place expansions non-optimally.
• AI will not always destroy destructible debris created by Collapsible Towers.
• AI will not attack with, or defend, other allied AI.
• There are multiple hotkey conflicts in the Italian client.
• The text in the Trigger UI can become incorrectly sized or blank when resuming a replay.
• AI can become stuck after killing a Creep Tumor close to its base.
• Kerrigan's ability hotkeys cannot be rebound to a custom profile.
• Colossi create snapshots through the Fog of War when attacking players that have been revealed.
• The screen freezes while the game client is still running.
• One game client can sometimes freeze when matching in Automatic Matchmaking when matched agains

Issues Resolved with 2.0.8
• You will not be able to play offline unless Background Downloading fully downloads the game.
• Launching SC2 after completing a 1.5.4 installation, is downloading "enUS.SC2Assets" for non enUS locales.
• You have to play online once after patching before you can play offline.
• The wireframe for the Collector's Edition Thor is missing.
• Eggs hatched from Larvae are playing the wrong sound.
• Creating a lobby on a map immediately after it is republished causes an error.
• After Completing a StarCraft Master game if the user hits Watch Replay Solo they are presented with an Error UI.
• Closing the 'Credits' while the Score Screen page is loading causes players to lose all UI.
• Watching a replay after cancelling out of the Fun or Not queue causes a Map Rate/Review dialog to display.
• Players can sometimes end up with an infinitely looping screen and/or completely black screen.
• The game stops functioning when you play a replay and launch Tutorials at the same time.
• Starter Edition Accounts are unable to take command of Starter Edition maps in Watch Solo and Watch With Others replays.
• There is a flickering loading circle on the Members tab of the Clan window if you are removed from the clan and the clan is disbanded.
• Players cannot send Battletag requests from SC2 when the "Enable Real ID" option is disabled in parental controls.
• Clan tags are not displayed in lobby chat.
• There are two Salvaged Scrap mineral cubes that shake erratically in The Great Train Robbery.
• Most of Kerrigan's achievements restart tracking progress when playing across multiple missions.
• The "Heart of the Swarm: Normal" achievement toasts are truncated.
• Campaign progress may not be saved if players close the game instead of quit out of the campaign normally.
• Starting a 2v2 game on the "Macro-Opolis" map can result in a crash.
• Games recovered from a replay do not restore saved camera locations.
• In Grid layout, the "Y" hotkey does not work for German if the English layout is not installed.
• It is possible for AI controlled units to get "stuck" on burrowed opposing creep tumors.
• Quitting out of a published map that has no dependencies can cause a crash to occur.
• Ubertips can become stuck on screen.
• The stage 1 Training help menu does not state that Reapers can be trained from the Barracks.
• The bonus speed granted by creep to Queen is not reduced by snares.
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Issues Resolved with 2.0.7
• The Kerrigan Power achievement does not track progress properly from levels gained through the Archives.
• Game can freeze at a black screen when loading the second Swarm Campaign Mission after completing the first mission in Heart of the Swarm.
• Gameplay settings are not being properly saved between machines.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.5
• The game will become unresponsive when unpausing a game after the person who paused the game leaves.
• Favored messaging in the load screen sometimes doesn't match the favored messaging in the score screen.
• After Completing a StarCraft Master game if the user hits Watch Replay Solo they are presented with an Error UI.
• The Medal of Competency achievement has no icon.
• Changing your language selection in the launcher before data is 100% downloaded will prevent language selection from working in game.
• The Background Downloader is downloading data during game play.
• Saves and replays before 1.5 cannot be loaded in a 2.0 Liberty client after the game has logged in.
• A crash can sometimes occur after quickly navigating away from the Achievements page.
• Group chat text can exceed the bounds of the chat window.
• Players are sometimes placed in maps that they have vetoed via map preferences.
• Players cannot hear voice chat when they have the FMod provider selected.
• Some NVIDIA Mobile Video Cards can have issues with Low Graphics Settings.
• The number inside of the countdown timer when Resuming From Replay is offset.
• Maximizing the Data Navigator can cause the Editor to become unresponsive when used on an Nvidia 600 Mac.

Issues Resolved with 2.0.4:
• The Shelak Tribe Decal is misnamed.
• The green win bar is overlapping the blue total games bar in the season snapshot on the Profile page.
• A warning message appears when the Editor downloads regions.
• SC2.exe crashes when it is launched without enough HD space to extract necessary files in the Versions folders.
• Players can see the server name they are connecting to on the log in screen.
• Several Maps may be duplicated to the Top Rated Critic.
• The scrollbar on the Replays page causes the Load, Delete, and Keep button text to shake.
• Maps played through Fun or Not will not show up in Match History or Recently Played immediately after a match.
• Patch notes text will shift when scrolling through them.

Issues Resolved with 1.5.4:
• If structures are built within the power field of a dropped ally's pylon, they will retain power even if that pylon is destroyed.
• Offline Mode is not functioning properly if the client is started without an internet connection.
• It's possible for a user's in game chat to stop functioning.
• The game video freezes when taking the focus away from it right after unlocking the computer.
• Loading a save created with Ultra graphics settings from a previous client version causes some foliage to appear pink.
• Flying Terran structures that are on fire leave behind a burning trail when destroyed.
• The client can reach a state where models will appear to vanish.
• The game can crash when testing a map in Windowed mode with the Trigger Debug Window and Preloading enabled.
• Changing data sources in the Text Editor can cause the editor to crash.
• Not all players in a game are starting a match at the same time.
• Navigating back to Quick Match from the score screen can result in going back to an Arcade style game information page for some maps.
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Older Resolved Issues:
• It is possible for a player's placement matches to return a negative value.
• Zerglings do not properly perform fire, acid, or eviscerate deaths if Metabolic Boost has been evolved.
• The Inventory System is not functioning properly on a few locales.
• Logging in with a Starter Edition account can cause the game to become unresponsive and can result in a crash.
• The manual button on the SC2 1.5.0 installer links to a webpage that does not exist.
• The shadows on the Hyperion on the Log In Screen in 1.5 are noticeably lower in quality when compared to 1.4.4.
• Fog of War is not rendering properly.
• Attempting to publish a document through the StarCraft II Editor will result in an an error and prevents publishing.
• Attempting to modify a frame after its XML was just replaced can cause the editor to crash.
• Random teams are not counting towards the "Current League" stat in the Career Team Badge tooltip
• Stuttering and other performance issues with 1.5.
• (Mac) Using Command + Left Click to select a group of the same unit is not working.
• Certain custom maps that make use of specific triggers can cause a desync.
• Shaders generated after switching setting’s in game are not being used properly.
• Units do not always take the most direct path when ordered to move across the map.
• Navigating to the campaign page through Quick Navigation makes it possible for a player to remain in the campaign page even after accepting Matchmaking queues from the party leader.
• After migrating from 1.4.4, or previous game versions, to 1.5.0, any non-standard files previously placed in the 'Mods' folder will be deleted once migration is complete.
• The Career listing for 1v1 on the player Profile page can be inaccurate.
• SC2 crashes when loading the Friends tab in Leagues & Ladders.
• Creating or joining certain custom games on some maps will cause the game to be played without the latest balance settings.
• (Southeast Asia) The General Chat button is grayed out and unavailable on the Home Page.
• The Mode selector on the Leagues and Ladders Career Summary page and Friends tabs have duplicate modes in the dropdown.
• Larva block construction, making it difficult to replace destroyed hatcheries.
• Flying units on different cliff levels will not be hit by splash damage from targeted AoE attacks or abilities.
• Viewing a Latin American Profile can cause the game to crash.
• The EPM observer overlay is displaying APM, and APM observer overlay is displaying EPM.
• The in-game battle buddy UI does not always properly reset for mouseover states.
• The Fist of Furry Blizzcon 2011 decal is not displaying correctly in-game.
• Users cannot add Facebook friends via the Connect to Facebook feature.
• Players can lose Feat of Strength achievements.
• Top X Team Feat of Strength achievements were not being properly granted to some players.
• It is possible to stack a large number of units into tight spaces and push units into unreachable terrain.
• One of the portrait rewards appears as a blue square.
• An account can become flagged as starter edition when it is a full edition account if the System Clock is inaccurate.
• Some matchmaking games can start 3 seconds late.
• e_fileCorruptRepairable crash on start up.
• Some league divisions are smaller then they should be.
• Performance can dip noticeably at times after 1.4.
• Using the Restart button when loading a saved game from a previous version will result in an incorrect campaign progression.
• ATI Graphical Corruption.
• Incompatible video driver warning message.
• Razer peripherals cause performance issues.
• Camera Rotation is behaving improperly when modifying the rotation by positive values.
• An Input Limit Reached message can be generated when a user with a large friend list rapidly cycles through menus.
• Attempting to load GSL Bel'Shir Beach can result in a video driver crash on some cards.
• It's possible for the game client to become flagged as Starter Edition even when accessed by a full account.
• Renaming a replay to the same name deletes the file.
• Subgroup priorities are inconsistent for some Terran units.
• It is possible for the Roach's burrowed/unburrowed animation cycle to become stuck.
• Galaxy Map Editor Unit Can Attack Unit Type Issue
• Galaxy Map Editor Modify Player Property Issue
• Zerg eggs are missing their hatching animation and models.
• Fun or Not dropping players after game start.
• Bonus points are being awarded even though the season lock is in place.
• The Terran Strategy channels only allow a limited number of members per channel.
• Tutorial videos accessed during a game are not playing.
• Fungal Growth does not give the alert that you are being attacked.
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