Who is the best Zerg player in NA?

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just curious. The only major zerg player i know is Idra but all i happen to find for him are rage losses...
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Idra is likely the best zerg player in NA thought most of the replays youll find on youtube will be rage losses because their more entertaining to watch. Thought i dont really know any good zerg players from NA other then Idra.
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Second Idra. Have any of you ever seen him stream? His micro/macro/hotkeying is disgustingly sick. He macros while microing lings at the same exact time. I've seen him hotkey 3 different sets of units and rally them all in different directions and it looked like on stream he clicked only once. :| I've watched Destiny stream for like 2 months, there is NO hesitation in Idra's play. It's very surreal.
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I'd watch Destiny VS Idra just to see who'd win

$100 on Idra
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probably Idra... but I think Dimaga's better than Idra
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Probably Idra. I would argue as far to say that Idra is one of the best zergs in the world.
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04/01/2011 01:48 PMPosted by Thomas
Probably Idra. I would argue as far to say that Idra is one of the best zergs in the world.

Korean's zerg are by default better than us.
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IdrA probably is the best, maybe Dimaga or Destiny, but i still go with idrA
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Ret is ok, I mean he left korea because he couldn't get out of code A (or win anything for that matter). But hey, not every player will even try korea cause they will get SMASHED
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destiny? destiny is not the best by any means. He is good but even he will tell you he isn't the best.
Idra is good, Catz is good, Sheth and Morrow, Ret. Those are who I think the best are
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04/01/2011 05:41 PMPosted by Ironman
IdrA probably is the best, maybe Dimaga or Destiny, but i still go with idrA

Destiny is nowhere NEAR IdrA or Dimaga or pretty much any pro you can think of. He's just a talented zerg who streams.
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Ret. He's an amazing player from the BW days. He's mostly an extreme Macro player, but he's VERY good.

I don't beleive NesTea is in NA, but he's amazing as well.
Catz is very good, but again not in NA.

IdrA's really the best, you'd do well to learn from him.

This post is so full of fail.

Ret is not from NA and he doesn't play on NA.
Catz is from NA and he plays on NA.

You however are correct in that
Nestea is from KR and plays on KR.
Idra is by far best NA zerg.

Two reasons you don't find many good replays from Idra

1) He doesn't release them
2) People only post the few games where he loses and then rages as it will get more views than a game where he wins. This leads to a lot of hate, and thus the rage losses become even more popular.
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Imo aMped
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Destiny is my hero. Entertaining 2v2's as well
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Idra, no question.

He was Code S GSL for Christ sake.
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Yea, IdrA would be up there. There are definitely other very talented zergs though.
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