Protect Bob (seggestions, bugs questions)

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Funnily enough, after posting my comment I played a game with some more experienced players last night and we managed to destroy all the motherships about 1 minute before the timer finished, despite losing almost all ground structures.

You're right about mega units though, this time I had a mega-Marauder who worked great.

A couple of questions now though - can we get a list of all units that can be 'upsized' - Vikings, probes etc work, but ravens don't.

Second - has the unit limit changed and how is it calculated - the last couple of games I only had a 283 limit (down from 340 or so) and it seemed to count many more units than I had (and I had no cannons, AA turrets etc - just a lot of barracks/starports and CCs/Nexus.)


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Hey dude. love the map. But there are a few suggestions.

First of all. ALOT of units seems to be lacking the "mega" stage.

Some units upgrades don't transfer over. Example Mega-Marines Armor upgrade does not transfer over.

Instead of making mines/gas areas. Can you just stick players with unlimited Mineral/Gas when they spawn? it kinda gets messy when players have to fight for their piece of the share.

that mother ship that heals ? seems to keep healing when even units are max'd out HP.

the supply system to be a bit wonky. i make a command center and upgrade them to PF. i lose supplies.

overall ... i think you need to fix super -> mega units and then fix the upgrades. cuz thats what ruins the game for me right now.

BTW... what units corrently have working Mega-Stages ? I tried doing mega-sentries that failed >.> and that was just a waste of time.

So far I noticed no mega-BC, mega-VR, mega-immortal, mega-sentry..... can we get a list? please
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Last time i played super carriers had regular interceptors making them pointless, also super siege tank had regular siege mode damage.
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The game just lags bad; you gave people 285+supply based on how many are there.

no matter what it will lag bad; mostly this could be aveliated with super scvs (10 for 1 supply) and no free supply probes.

Also just having less units/stronger

for example, your super units is a GREAT idea; and it works the same way as just having 10 normal units; except 1 unit is less lag then 10.

just figure out a way to have less while still having the same balance.

Only allow 100 supply caps on everyone; but like you said allow them to keep making super uber versions (this can be fixed in that the supply doesn't go up for super duper units; so you still have a 100x marine, but for 10 supply; only the fact it cost 100 marines is what makes it hard to get)

also weapon upgrades can also curve this too.
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I received a de-sync the other night and after the de-sync my stats were reset so it looked like I had never played the game before. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this.
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Game is getting a slightly repetitive.

I feel like I spend too much time Mining and I lose out on building a force/upgrade to fight the final battle.

I feel like if I spend too much time on building a force, I lose out on getting hero points to buy the workers which don't use supplies.

I've noticed many people leave the game before the half way point now. I think people are either A. too bored. B. nothing happens fast enough.

Instead of having waves of MASSIVE amount of units, why not have waves after waves. Boss rounds. I know you want people to "maze" but it's kinda pointless when the units will teleport HALF the map when they are blocked.

Big units like BC/Thors/Carriers/VR you will NEVER get your hands on a Mega version. It takes up alot of supplies so it's kinda pointless. Why not make big super units slightly more powerful then lets say oh... Mega-Marine.

I know you said you don't want to add Mega-Medics but kinda hard to fight the last battle when they start attacking you and you don't have an effective healer. Since that mothership healer isn't effective (well at least last time i tried it)

Can you make it so Mega-Workers don't take any supplies? it'll reduce the lag when people will HAVE to go for a mega-worker. That's going to cut down on alot of the lag as people complain. And on top of that Mega-Workers will still take some time to get a whole bunch.

inifinte minerals/gas please. I'm tired of people NOT building anything because they are trying to claim minerals/gas. i'm sure you can set up a custome extractor/refinery/assimilator to accomidate more then 1 worker at a time or something.

i think over alll the map is fun. but it's lacking content. at this point. BoBs get really bored. I'm wondering if you can get rid of the "beacons" that offer more hero points for BoB. give bob the ability to make mazes.

More waves with ground units. Only tiems i think you should use air units are boss rounds.

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I have a question: is there supposed to be a way to get shields as protoss? because i saw someone going super carries with a bit of shielding so they were invincible in the last round. on the whole last round thing, i've killed every single one of the motherships in a couple of minutes, and then been sitting there doing nothing until the victory timer runs out. just get a couple of units with working armor and stack it over 250 (mega zlot, rine, etc) and they take one damage form every shot. makes it way too easy
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also it would be really nice if you could fix the armor upgrades for most of the super units. it is really hilarious getting super carries with unlimited intercepters and one shotting anything except motherships, but it isnt so funny once thy instantly die on the final round. because of this, there are only a few units that are actually viable. as far as i know:

all toss air units have broken armor
all terran air have broken armor
not sure about others, i havent spammed anything except mega zlot or rines and air units.
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@thesting, maddmax: soon all units can be up sized. it takes me time to make mega units. there are a select few that wont be mega or supers, medics, brood lords, and ravens, because they tend to work better as individuals and im saving u from yourself but i might eventual do these also. mega marine armor is a bug, my bad ill have it fixed asap.

@thesting,@maddmax: Supply Limits works 2000 global supply (so its divided among active players) when a player leaves the supply recounts. this allows the game to be played with 2 or 7 players.

@maddmax: minerals r a way to make the game challenging.

Yggdrasil always heals regardless. (i'll probable fix that but its not a issue ATM)

@Zaphrous: i have corrected those (remember i update daily)

@smackinjuice: supers and mega's reduce lag and ive recently added super valks and probably soon mega valks. im doing everything u said already.

@wingedmonkey: ive do this continuously, i've been meaning to ask blizzard about this, i don't think its on my side.

@MadMax: i strive to correct these issues. but this is the balance of the game that players much achieve.

u can get the mege version if u play will less people (since supply is global)

i since demand is high i will probably add mega medics and such but theirs other mega i got to add first.

supply and minerals is men to be a limiting factor. to seggest somthing like this to me u must give me a alternative. this game is ment to be challenging doing what u say will make the game easy.

@darcGecho: there a blizzard bug that is preventing me from giving shield upgrades. also i am going to add armor piecing to last couple wave's atk.

broken air armor? they seem to work to me, can you give more info?
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Thanks for all the questions. i would like to post SOME updates for the last couple days.

mega/Super Valk
super workers
mega Zealot
vote kick system
race selection in the beginning
misc bug corrections
super and magni nukes.
mega imortals
mega collosus
minor map adjustments
bob's mineral and gas ability
bob's buy ability
super probes transfrom into valks
Relocation of mineral stacks.

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@thesting,@maddmax: Supply Limits works 2000 global supply (so its divided among active players) when a player leaves the supply recounts. this allows the game to be played with 2 or 7 players.

you should check that again.
2000 divided by 5 (excluding bob) is 400.
right now im playing with 5 players (one player left). and my supply is capped @ 340

I don't see why bob would need to have more then 1 supply :P

and also can you do something about bob leaving? and ruining the game ? XD haha unless that's supposed to be a challenge to
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my apologizes i checked it

global supply is 1700/5=340

im working on all that also (check first post). my current running theory is that when bob leaves he automaticaly creates a bunker and enters it were-ever he is standing.
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mega immortals dont exist and super probes dont turn into valks. Is there anyway to make this game more interesting for bob? it is ridiculously easy, yet the secret level is ridiculously hard lol
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super probes do turn into valks and immortals do work, i've tested im not sure what ur doing.

bob since the beginning was always boring, i'm doing everything i can.

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i have tried making mega immortals more than once. 10 super immortals on the combiner (100 normal immortals). It doesn't work unfortunately. Maybe I overlooked super probes, how does it work? Does 1 super probe turn into 1 valk?
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ill double check imortals cause ive havent done it in awhile but super probes is 3super =8 valks

or something to that effect.

its my new favorite strategy in bob taking loads on nexus (60ish) and pumping out probes. making super valks and minning. i can usaly get 60-70 upgrades before the final round. which deal about 1/4th dmg per strike using zealots
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you can make it more fun for bob. just give him a storm spell. that does no dmg but slows enemy within it.

okay.. had like 12mins left in the game and bob leaves. his exact word is "wow being bob is extremely boring"

how about this...

make a separate ISLAND (that no units can go onto). this is bob's home. instead of having bob auto-matically get minerals and mines... he can mine/gas himself. give him a load of stuff to do there so he's not sitting around..... waiting for hero points to build.

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@maddmaxx: i like your idea, ill look about slow, and mineral thing seems interesting idea ill need to tweak it and sleep on it. not sure about the rest. but if u read the first post im working on a bob replacement.

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Killing all the cows while a wave is about to spawn causes the spawn to never appear. It also makes all other spawns not appear as well. And killing all the cows tends to lag out half your allies.

Nostengrond has also lost his awesome range.
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@battk, interesting. as for nastroid awesome range, i forgot to update the description. i found out that his awesome range caused serious lag, via targeting and re targeting opponents.
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