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Protect Bob (seggestions, bugs questions)

How do you play solo? Bob's valks cant seem to build structures...

Great map BTW :)
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Where did the map go?
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Any recent changes SoulTaker? Me and my friends have been playing it and so many units could not be mega but also we kept dying by the time Infested Terrans came. Suddenly Wraiths became extremely hard to kill and ITs just as hard/er. Archons were manageable.

I have a tiny complaint on hotkeys like for super psionic storm. If you could change it from T so that it doesn't use default storm. Also turning friendly fire off if you could for it cause it was too easy to accidentally storm bob, the HTs doing the storm, and of course there can't be ANY unit attacking the waves or they get stormed.

Stacking would be awesome too.

Scouts say they have a speed upgrade but I don't see where. I don't see why you can't include Flux Vanes either. Or hell, KA, haha.

Trading Terrazine would be cool too.
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It's not meant to be played solo, but if you do there's no use in anything on Bob's island because you can't build anything as Bob (it has been suggested that this may be changed in the future, but I don't believe it will be anytime soon).

It's gone very far down in popularity, sadly, you can find it by bookmarking or by searching "bob".

Currently there are only minor changes happening, as SoulTaker has been busy with college and other things. I will tell SoulTaker about the hotkey on psionic storm (I don't think he checks this forum very often), but in all honesty using abilities isn't very helpful because the enemies get high armor very quickly, so the only real option is to get mega units and upgrade their basic attack damage.
I am not sure what you mean about stacking, as anything that truly needs to be stacked can be (Super/Mega towers).
I don't know anything about Scouts, Flux Vanes, or KA, sorry. However, I'll be sure to mention all of this to SoulTaker for you.
Trading Terrazine would likely lead to inbalances, and generally wouldn't be entirely helpful.
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Is it me or this game seems impossible to beat after the queens & dark templars spawn?

I had 10 + 30 attack mega marines and they coulnd't even kill 1 queen while stimed.

Love the game but I think it could use some balancing issues.
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Soul, all of my friends love you for making that intro.

I enjoyed Protect Bob on SC1 and it's nice to see it here in an upgraded version.

I did have a bug last night though where I couldn't get a Mega Void Ray despite all of my Supers sitting on the beacon. Yes, I had 10 of them.
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Zealots attacking air sounds really lame.

I could make some triggers to fix your bob leaver problem if you want.

-Vanished (131)
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sigh excuse me but how do you win the game? After the motherships spawned and destroyed almost all of our army and structures, i run bob around the whole map for over an hour while my team rebuilt their army, got megas, and tried to take out the motherships. but after over an hour i finally got tired. the entire game lasted something like 2 hrs 30 minutes >.< How long is this victory timer?!?!?
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It's very difficult, but using mega units with fully upgraded weapons (and armor when they start attacking back) it is possible to kill everything except Motherships (their armor is high so only Mega Photon Cannons can harm them). Upgrading your units is more important than massing them really.

That wasn't a bug, sadly Soul never got around to making all of the Mega units. I would recommend just sticking with the basics if you're going for victory, although other units can be more fun early on.

The zealots that are capable of attacking air are certainly tall enough to do so. Also the triggers probably won't be used, as I don't think Protect Bob will be updated anymore.

The only unit capable of harming motherships is the Mega Photon Cannon. It is necessary to fully upgrade weapons to do so, and upgrading armor would help them survive longer. Even with all of this, it will require Bob to run around the map so the defenders can rebuild the Cannons multiple times (as they will get destroyed many times, at least 5 probably). There is no victory timer anymore, that was taken out so players would be forced to kill all enemy units. The best strategy is to not build in the middle and allow bob to run (mostly blinking) around there late game.

Also, to anyone who has seen SoulTaker more recently than October of 2011, please say so here. I have been looking for him and have been unable to find him (he left on a 2 week trip back in October and hasn't returned, and I have found no sign of him). Josh, if you see this please say something, I've been worried you died in a car crash or something.
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Hey if Bob is not going to be updated anymore can he give the responsibility over to someone else, I really want Mega Thors.... also the best units in the game it seems are Marines, wish that wasn't the case. Hope SoulTaker's ok.
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any signs of this getting updated soon?

also, what are the available mega's in this?

So far the Megas I've seen are:

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Okay, so this is slightly frustrating, because my friends and I beat the game will killed all of the motherships at the end.... but we didn't 'win' so we just left....

am I missing something here? also sometimes the -hunter bugs, where all of the units go down to the bottom left of the map, and i'm not sure if that is associated with not being able to win. and there was a unit that we couldnt' see at the end.....

let me know I have the replay if needed.
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hey soultaker, the game have a bug where when you beated the whole game, the victroy screen sdoesnt show up and can you also tell me the secret level cheat code ":D
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Meh, at this point :

It's a video of my 100% solo victory. Unrecommended to watch if you want to continue to play Protect Bob as it essentially reveal how to finish it. Ironically, playing as a team could be the handicap in this map.

As a quick note, there is a 1400 supply cap which is divided by the amount of non-bob players. As solo, it implies I have all 1400 of it.
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Protect Bob being updated again! Ty!
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