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Playing as Zerg the AI as Terran or Protoss has no problem expanding like crazy.
But went I play against the Zerg AI it does not expand is this a glitch in the AI?
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If you are playing on Very Easy there is a glitch in the AI for Zerg. I've reported it to the guy behind Green Tea AI, but I'm not sure when he'll be able to fix.
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A friend just pointed me to this to help my macro... and I need it. :)

We play a lot of 2v2, and while there are some 1v1 maps with 4 spawns, the 2v2 maps are a little better designed for this. We were lamenting a lack of a 2v2 map with this scripting... one would be enough. Maybe tempest or discord IV or twilight fortress? Something with relatively paired up spawns (i.e. not gutterhulk... heh).

-- Oh, and I've managed to lock up the starter menu by alt-tabbing during the load screen. Not a huge deal but if you want bug reports there's one. :)
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I just found these maps, they are fantastic! I'm a gold Zerg who struggles with his macro and this + the GreenTea AI is going to be extremely helpful. Thank you. :)
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My practice partner (TvZ) started playing these maps exclusively.

Going to help us improve a lot. Tons of fun, too.

Gonna warm up with em before ladder
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it said i was grand masters!
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04/22/2011 02:56 PMPosted by Major
Green Tea AI 0.82 added - thank you ptanhkhoa

just to note, that ai rocks! play on easy, cuz it will expand and burrow micro and everything in between even at that level. a very easy GTAI is equivalent to very hard stock AI. idk if ur version does this, but medium and above have full map vision, and very hard AND insane both cheat, at different scales. GTAI is so awesome... they do have maps w/ just the AI, which got a bit updated lately i think.. neway keep up tha good work, macro or die is awesome!
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Is there any way to make it easier, because even on very easy any time I try to move out to take a non-natural expansion the AI's force just smashes me every single time. I'm meeting all the macro goals to the best of my ability, do i just need to find a friend equally as bad as i am then?
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Is there a bug with this program? I tried to use it recently, but it crashed my Sc2 as I was playing a match with Patch 1.4.1...
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hello is it still available? because i cannot find this map in custom game =(
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Please update for new version of starcraft. I loved these maps!
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I this project dead?

nvm found the answer myself. Did a search in Arcade
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can't find the maps- they still there?
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