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Skrillex Appreciation Thread

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Spread the love for Skrillex :D i mostly listen to metal but i do love me some Skrillex anyone else and what are your favorite songs? mine is the Reptile Theme and @#$%ing Die
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lol I just played "kill everybody" on audiosurf.
he's pretty cool, but not my favorite :P

Not my favorite ether but i do like listening to him wile i play video games and such i mostly love metal but i thought more people could enjoy Skrillex also Kill Everybody is just made for playing video games lol

Edit: terrible grammar now its just bad grammar :P
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his stuff under the name skrillex is alright, i liked the music he did before where he sang more though... overall i think he'll push forward the pop scene, i wish he stayed true to what he used to say about aphex twin being a major influence
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I LOVE SKRILLEX SO MUCH. i like ruffneck bass and reptile theme song the most
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i love skrillex, im sad hes getting more and more mainstream but oh welllsssss. my goal to see him live one day, he will be at EDC in vegas but its either that or blizzcon for me and im choose blizzcon.

but yeah skrillex is amazing. so creative
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05/03/2011 08:48 PMPosted by Xenogis
i wish he stayed true to what he used to

Ya that makes me sad
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i prefer skillet
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i prefer sslllllllllaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeeer
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I find the deathcore/hardcore/metalcore scene is taking a liking to this type of music. Thats my background and I like it. SUPPORT.
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Please die. I loved dubstep. Skrillex ruined dubstep by only really being memorable by a bad haircut. He ends up famous because people remember him. Then dubstep goes mainsteam, and becomes commercialized. Now I get to hear dubstep in Disney and car commercials. I think I even heard wubs in a house cleaning spray commercial. It used to be a beautiful underground sound like drum and bass. Now I get to hear Korn's lost talented asses and this emo hipster kid with no lenses in his glasses. You do know this kid wrote a song about swallowing !@# right? It even has a reggaeton breakdown in the middle. Then there's latinas just drinking 40s of OE filled with peen loads.

Here, see for yourself.

Also a big please die to people that think Skrillex invented dubstep. You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard that. Also stop playing Skrillex to people who don't know what dubstep is. There are many artists that are better, and I wont name any. Find them yourself, you need to earn your stripes.
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How about a Starcraft song that makes fun of Skrillex? Called Cloud Kingdom
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Please die. You and the rest like you. Your not even worth a rant about why I think this.
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Skrillex is absolutely and in many ways terrible
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Skrillex doesnt impress me live. Some of his songs can be fun to listen to but his best ones are just remixes anyway. Want a DJ/Producer to look up to? Rusko is a champ, best show live. Nero is hard to beat. Dada Life, Van Buuren, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Adventure Club, and the list goes on.
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