Manned Mission to Mars?

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05/04/2011 07:04 PMPosted by cDgTazerenix
The problem is not getting to mars. Humans could easily do that, without trouble, even in a manned mission. Hell, we could terraform mars in 20 years to an earth like planet full of lush forests with enough money. The problem is the fact that if we send humans to mars, they need to be in tip top shape (and i mean super strong) to be able to survive the first settlement. Sadly, how every long it takes (its like 6 months or something isn't it?) causes about a 60% muscle mass loss in 0 gravity. If they can find an effective way of creating an artificial gravitational pull or something then we can get to mars hella easy.

They can simulate some gravity by rotating the spacecraft
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It will never happen.
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05/18/2011 06:42 AMPosted by Astrai
They can simulate some gravity by rotating the spacecraft

Heheh I love how people say that like it's no big deal...

There are some studies that may prove that a person only needs simulated gravity for a short period of time per day (a couple of hours). If this is true you would just need one or maybe two (dependent on the number of personnel) personal centrifuges. Thus you wouldn't need to rotate the entire spacecraft.
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WHEEEEEEEEE its a ultra merry- go- round spinning at i have heard 40,000 times earths gravity or something like that? wouldnt thta cause some issues with the hyuman body with a powerful centrifuge? i foresee it now.....A MESS in the walls of the centrifuge =)

im just kidding i doubt it would be that hard to tone down the speed to earths gravity requirements or wahtever
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I assure you its not 40,000G rofl. That would crush small planets in on themselves.

I've heard about that gravity treatment, it is something to look into i think.
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my bad it was 25,000G's

i was reading an article in Smithsonian magazine about new chefs and how they are applying certain techniques to food one of them was spinning peas in a centrifuge at 25,000G's which im assuming is a standard grade centrifuge
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I would be on that colony ship too but only if they found a way to extend the internet to mars (Play SC2 on another world? Heck yes!)

Without really good connection, perhaps even requiring Sci-fi FTL communication, there'd be lots of lag.
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In addition, you'd probably have more urgent matters to deal with.
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