Marvel Comics appreciation thread

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Here you discuss your thoughts on marvel comics and characters. Well we have to start somewhere lets start by talking about spiderman what do you think of his new suit the black and green one the one he fought with electro?
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The new suit looks kind of weird to me. I like the classic Spidey. Spidey's cool and all, but I've got to say that Captain America is the man.
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Yeah, it's good. It doesn't follow the Marvel storyline exactly (Thor in the movie is the actual Norse god of thunder, not a lame doctor with a magic stick), but it's a solid movie. Not the best superhero movie yet, but you won't be disappointed.
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I thought Thor was pretty good. like RuRavenKing said, it doesn't follow Thor's exact origins from the comics, but they at least nod towards it. Also some cool references to the expanding Avenger's universe they're building with these movies! Of course, Thor's probably my second-least favorite Avenger (Ant-Man and Wasp sharing last place), but my nerd-excitement-levels are growing higher and higher for Captain America.

I really liked the Maximum Carnage and Age of Apocalypse series back in the day. I've got all the trade paperbacks for AoA, and it's probably my favorite X-Men storyline (well, that or Dark Phoenix).

Excalibur was a lot of fun, too. I'm picking up Volume 1 of their trade paperback soon... Nostalgia time!
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People still read comics?
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Believe it or not, yes, comic books are still in print, and people are indeed still reading them.
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i thought spiderman's suit from the civil war that ironman made him was pretty sweet. I did side with Cpt America over Ironmans pro-registration team though. I'm glad spiderman came to in the end.
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