Shonen Jump: One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc

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Too much mainstream! >_<

Never a reason to ignore anything. A lot of people liking something doesn't make it bad.
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I remember liking Naruto and Bleach, then I stopped watching them for reasons I can't remember anymore. Probably just got too busy and never thought about it again.

One Piece I try to follow as much as possible, I just love the hectic atmosphere of it, and it's a nice break from the all the angst in modern entertainment.

Bleach goes downhill after the first major arc (Soul Society- first 180 chapters of the manga/60 episodes of the anime) but for some odd reason is still around. It feels like Kubo (the author) planned out to the end of the S.S. arc and since then has simply been writing it on the fly with no real end goal.

Naruto has its ups and downs. The anime is crap though, way too much filler (about 50%, same as bleach).

One Piece has its ups. Seriously, it is the best long-running manga ever. Just when you think it can't get any better it does (the anime is a bit slow & annoying though). The best thing about it is that Oda (the author) knew exactly how he would end the manga when he first started writing it and never lost sight of his goal (he's taking a lot longer to get their than he originally intended: was supposed to be 5 years, is currently 13 and is only 1/2 or 2/3 done).

If you like One Piece you should try reading Toriko as it has a very similar feeling and is quite good, full of epic battles, manliness, and FOOD.
If you like lots of comedy + some nice action try reading Beelzebub which is another great jump manga.
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I love Reborn and Bakuman :3
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One Piece will always be up there as one of my favorites, if not already my favorite. Just fun characters and everything make it a wonderful experience the whole way through. The main problem is getting into it, as I will agree that it does look silly at first, but, unlike Bleach or Naruto, I feel like it didn't just put it's best out right away, and instead decided to keep throwing things at us that are just constantly fun and interesting.

Naruto, I stopped reading sometime after Shipuuden started. I couldn't seem to handle it anymore, it just got rather dull and boring to me, and I can't even find myself being entertained by it anymore. I did try to get back into it, but it didn't feel that appealing to me, and Naruto is more of a character I want to punch in the face than anything.

I just can't get into Bleach. People tell me how wonderful it is, and it's just a boring one for me. I've tried so many times, but alas, have failed. I've just given up on it for the time being, which sounds like I'm not missing much by the sounds of it.
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I guess it satisfies peoples emotional need to rebel by hating on the biggest dogs......

Naruto is not bad as long as you don't touch the english dubbed or as I like to say english ****ed (same goes for most animes)
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Death Note.


Ok and besides that I like One Piece(mainstream), Bakuman, and Gin Tama :D
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I'm a somewhat avid manga reader. Since we're talking about the most popular ones... let's see:

Naruto is right now quite bad. It started as a really promising manga; Wave Country Arc was great, the Chuunin Shiken Arc was interesting — although common place, it was interesting nonetheless —, the rest of the Part I was decent overall. Then Part II started, and it became too emotional, the old themes were abandoned in favor of directly contradictory ones (from "hardwork and confidence that surpasses genius" to the "Child of the Prophecy" garbage), most villains are just misunderstood people with sob stories, etc. Pain Arc was horrible, Nagato being defeated by a book was horrendous, and the arc made Jiraiya's death somewhat meaningless. The current arc is the worst by far, Edo Tensei being used as a plot device, Kabuto being an horrible villain, most fights being obvious and predictable, the list goes on.

Bleach was promising once as well. Soul Society Arc was definitely good, but after it the pacing it went downhill. Hueco Mundo Arc late parts (Fake Karakura, Aizen's invasion) was nothing short of atrocious. The pacing — though the author may think of it as cinematographic or something — is also hard to bear, with completely needless shots of the characters' faces in almost every chapter; at least now Kubo isn't doing it as frequently as before. Still, I like Bleach better than Naruto, probably because the latter was a greater disappointment.

One Piece is the only one that isn't garbage, in my opinion. It isn't the best manga ever, obviosly, it isn't on the same level of Berserk, Monster, Vagabond, Planetes, that should go without saying. It isn't even the best shonen ever, for example, it isn't on the same level as Full Metal Alchemist or Shingeki no Kyojin, in my opinion. However it is still good. It was even better a few years ago, in the Shabondi Archipelago.

In the Shonen Jump magazine, one also has to mention Toriko. It's a great manga, with lots of absurd scenes and all around parodies of the shonen action genre. An unexpectedly enjoyable and promising manga. Also, Hunter x Hunter; a great manga, despite Togashi's scribbles and general laziness. If Togashi wasn't a hack, it would be 150% better.

Lastly, since it seems to be really popular now, there is Fairy Tail. It's an enjoyable manga, if you don't read it seriously. If you read it seriously... let's say, analyzing it from a literary standpoint, it's real garbage, way worse than Naruto and Bleach. Otherwise, you can read it and enjoy the abundant fanservice, if you're into that, and the predictable plot full of "Nakama Punches" and whatnot.
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Also, I've made a little video (a very serious one) as an homage to Neji's death! = D
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