Map deleted off, no real reason given.


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My map (Ultimate Tank Defence) was deleted because someone at blizzard deemed *something* with the map imappropiate, instead of asking me to change said problem or anything, It was deleted, it took over an hour for them to e-mail me that my game was actually deleted, and then never told me WHY it was deleted only that it was imappropite.

I belive this was handled EXTREMLY badly by blizzards part becuase I belive the 1 thing that was imappropiate was 1 word in the entire game that could have been changed in 3 seconds if I was asked to change it, but instead I get deleted. My map was on the 1st page of Popular maps and I highly doubt I will be able to get it back there for people to enjoy and for me to get some real feedback about the map to improve it.

I want to ask blizzard WHY? Why was my map deleted before I was given a chance to 'fix' it, Why am I not being told WHAT was wrong with the map? and why is blizzard going to delete every map that people like becuase it has the 'bad' version of the word butt in it?

/end rant
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I hope this isn't true.
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That sucks, 'cause I really like this map.
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Wow that is messed up. So it begins...
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It contained innapropriate content. Thats what i read on
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Not really you don't have the right to upload inappropriate content to an online game. You can make it for personal use but nothing more because this is Blizzard's game and if you violate their policies they'll do whatever they think is needed.
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Did you put hell or damn in the description or something?
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If you do manage to get ahold of Blizzard, please ask them for a complete list of restrictions and unallowed content in custom maps. If they are going to be removing our content, we should know why so we don't make the mistake in the first place.
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It should be in EULA and ToS in the galaxy editor, but if you didn't really read that and made an inappropriate map thats your fault, not Blizzards.
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if blizzard can put "hell" "s**t" "a**" "d**n" and a heck of alot of other stuff in the campaign i dont even see why this is a problem. if they are doing it for the little kids... there is this think called blood.. that comes out of people when you shoot them. i dont think the problem is the language.
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It should be in EULA and ToS in the galaxy editor, but if you didn't really read that and made an inappropriate map thats your fault, not Blizzards.

I just read the EULA. It does not specify ANYTHING other than what they deem "obscene" or "objectionable," which is highly subjective.
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We need to make this a popular topic so it gets seen. It is ridiculous.
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That's pretty lame. Many units use "bad language" when you click on them multiple times. I know the reaper says ass, so there has to be another reason it was removed. If not, that's just stupid.
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The violence in-game is more offensive than their choice of "inappropriate" language. Not to mention some of that language is in the single player campaign and in-game unit speeches! The word "hell" was in the intro video that everyone sees when they first install the game!

They could at least censor the word instead of plain deleting the entire map. Why couldn't they just let maps publish and censor the words they deem inappropriate? The entire process is just annoying and inconvenient.
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Did you put hell or damn in the description or something?

Or sad?
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The word 'ass' is even said by the Marine rather often when you tell it to attack something. "How's that for whoop-ass?" And they say 'hell' and 'damn' plenty in the campaign, too.

Plus, is a kid really going to be traumatized by seeing the word 'ass' when he's in a game where you can see the still-squirming internal organs of creatures for several seconds after you kill them?

I totally understand censoring the more heavy swear words or more graphic content, but this? Is it too much to ask for a little consistency, at least?
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