Map deleted off, no real reason given.


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Hey man (OP), if what you say is true, then I’m posting to give my support for you. I witnessed some really outrageous, unfair stuff with the propaganda contest—legitimate entries not being included, the “first page” fiasco—yet it was all brushed under the rug. I know somewhat how you feel.

I just hate how we’ve got to constantly make Blizzard aware of these issues… and then hardly anything happens. The drama gets blown away by one of their announcements, or a patch comes out with a ton of balance changes, thus making the forums alight with talk of those “new” things while the real issues fall forgotten.
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I don't know about you guys, but i sense this is all a money related thing.

You don't just ban a game the way they do.

Something tells me that this, along with the serious lack of maps tells me that we should worry about premium maps. By lack of maps, i mean the traditional ums that they used to include, not to mention maps with 10+ players, which they could have totally done.

I am never...EVER going to put money down for maps, i'm serious. I'm NEVER going to pay for content that should be free by principal. SC1 maps are free, wc3 maps are free...SC2 maps should be free..ALWAYS.
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Wow, I was going to learn how to make maps for SC2, now this just has me scared.
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I'm with the guy who will NEVER, ever, pay for a map.
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Blizzard messed up with this whole popularity thing. Period.

So many things wrong with 2.0. This whole situation, no offline play even versus computers, yadda yadda you've all heard it before. It's very disheartening especially for a brand new game, where these forums are filled with complaints about 2.0 (NOT Starcraft 2 mind you), not even a week after release.

This is where I draw the line with my money. Either the popularity system (and hopefully other problems with 2.0) get fixed, or I won't be buying the expansions. It's a shame too, because I love Starcraft 2. It is VERY polished, fun, considerably balanced, and is just an all around EXCELLENT game. I have to give Blizzard massive PROPS for that, but NOT 2.0.

There's my two cents.
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Completely agreed, Pol. If it's not fixed I will not be buying the expansions either...

I can't justify spending money on something that is WORSE than 10-year old BNet 1.0
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Now that we have Blizzards attention;

If you are taking responsibility for the maps legally, you're going to need to moderate them - and moderate doesn't mean 'delete now, ask questions later'.

Don't worry, we have an excellent example for you to follow;
You're basically doing the same thing, you store and upload the games that people create.
Youtube uses moderators to review videos for copyright infringement and offensive material from reported videos. They even freeze videos while they investigate. - I know that sounds like a lot of moderation, and I know you hate moderating - so just give a reasonable way for us to report a game, and you're in the clear. Legally that's all you should be expected to do.

You're not re-inventing the wheel here, youtube has done very well both legally and with public relations/community happiness.

Anyways, good luck resolving this Blizzard.
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the campaign was fun.. but i wont be spending another 80 for the rest of the story line (or w/e the price will be) when there is so much missing. and not even one blue post about this stuff. what gives?
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...not even one blue post about this stuff. what gives?

They're specifically instructed to not respond to these kinds of topics unless absolutely necessary. - They've said they don't want to direct the flow of hot-topics like these - in order to pass-on unobstructed feedback. If I remember correctly..
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well that makes since. probably better they don't say anything or the anger over all of this will get turned on them. we don't like ticked off blues. :O
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wtfff thats why i couldnt find tank defense today =( I only got to play it one and i thought it was awesome!!

BOOOOO Blizzard!
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This really doesn't make sense, Blizzard has no reason to censor things to this extent. ESRB states in all online games that they are "not rated for online interactions" because you can't control the behavior of people. This means that Blizzard shouldn't have to worry too much about legal trouble, at least with these petty swear words. It's ironic considering all of the language and "offensive" material that is in the single player campaign.
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Wow, Blizzard.
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Could someone link me to the post in this thread which shows concrete evidence that it was the inappropriate language that got the map removed?

I'd like the link because I can't seem to find that evidence. I do see posts where the author is making a guess, and then a bunch of people taking it to be the truth, and posting their opinions/reactions to something that might not be true.

Also, it may help to change the subject to something like this: "User-created content deleted from host company repository with only a vague reason given." That way, when people browse to the topic, they realize "oh, this is someone complaining about the same thing that iPhone app developers, Little Big Planet map designers, and every other designer run into when posting their user-created content on the host company's site."

When the OP gets a response, I look forward to seeing it posted in this thread, even if it's generic. Maybe the OP could take the time to write a FAQ about how other people can handle this situation, so that we don't see more threads like this for the next several years. That would be an actually useful contribution to the community.
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