[Poll] Most overpowered / underpowered race?

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Most OP: Terran
Most UP: Random
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Ok I have updated the op.
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my main race is protoss and i think terran is OP and zerg is UP.
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All fear the Marine Marauder rush. For it is nigh unstoppable.

Most OP Terran
Most UP Zerg

Toss still have their Photon cannon rush which I actually use that's pretty hard to counter.
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I'm protoss all the way

Most op = zerg
Most up = terran
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The game is crazy balanced -_-
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I'd say too early to tell, and probably not the right question to ask.

Too early to tell, because lots of people learn the races (and the new units) from the campaign, which is Terran-only. I think that's what's partly responsible - you see a lot of Terran players just because the campaign teaches them to play (enough to get started). There's some Protoss, but not much, and narry a Zerg to command. It requires a bit of effort and research to switch races or go random, so for the next month or so I predict that there will be a lot of Terrans out there.

As for asking the right question - I don't think you can say a race is overpowered. You might be able to say a *unit* is overpowered, or a *combo* is overpowered - but Blizz has done a good job of making sure at least each unit has an effective counter from all races. Its all about scouting, efficiency, build order, planning, and quick, correct reactions. Just like Chess.

Well, maybe not the scouting part :P
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terran are OP. the other races are fine.

terran have too easily accessible tech pathways(mainly ghosts/thors) which essentially negate the counters to their respective builds(immortals vs MM pushes and mutas vs mech) BEFORE the COUNTERS can even be made.

this gives them a very strong advantage early game that the other races simply cant compete with.
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Protoss player


Ive lost every time to terrans. Yet when i play against prot or zerg it is a struggle but i win some of the time unlike when i lose hands down to terran
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Play Terran

Most OP: Terran
Most UP: Zerg
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I am a terran player. I would have to say that terran is slightly, i mean very very slightly OP, and zerg is a little underpowered, just from my experience. But I think that if blizzard changed something for terran, then protoss would be overpowered, just my input.
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Main race is protoss.

OP: Terran.
ZvP feels pretty equal for the most part.
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Just count me in for terran OP, zerg UP.

Protoss playing plat 1v1, and havn't yet placed with my main 2v2 partner (he was late to get the game) (just saying that to offset my bronze/silv 2v2's...)

I'd say i like the balance pretty well... if i had to pick an OP and UP, it would have to be

OP: Terran late-game, zerg early game
UP: Zerg late game, protoss early game.

I guess with the zerg, they're supposed to be, "early game" players, and games won't last past that, but i'd like to see them able to implement some serious large-group battle strats. 2v2 changes the nature of the game- Some cool strats i've seen were zerg massives backed up by terran lights, THAT is a scary combo.
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I have once again updated the op.
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Zerg Player.

in 1v1..
OP: Terran

I think the game balances out once you get into 2v2 and 3v3. It becomes more about teamwork.
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