Ultimate Tank Defense! Update

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I just want to let you all know that we finally did recieve a response from Blizzard about a day or two after Ultimate Tank Defense was deleted. Apparently the problem with our map was that the wave pathing caused a certain anti-semite symbol to be displayed on the minimap. This was unintentional and we have since changed the way the units path. (You'll notice the spiffy new terrain.) We would've liked a bit of a warning before the map was deleted, however. Anything like this we would gladly change.

Good news is, we're back on page 1. So maybe the popularity system works just a little bit? We thank you for all your support and the uproar you caused, maybe that's what prompted Blizzard to respond to us with an e-mail. They even left it up for a day or so after we reuploaded and still didn't know the problem.

Also! I would like to take this time to announce that once we flesh out the game entirely, such as make the 3rd Terran upgrade on the Headquarters, balance things out and, fix animations/sound effects and other broken things.. We will be making Ultimate Tank Wars!. This will be a 4 vs 4 map with the same mechanics as Ultimate Tank Defense!. There will be lots of units spawning and you'll try to outlive your opponents. Perhaps upgrading the waves that your opponent recieves? Who knows. We still have a lot of details to work out but hopefully it'll be a fun experience.
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Okay, that makes a bit more sense, glad they got back to you on the real problem than just a bad word.
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So because of an accidental swastika you got your map banned.

Okay, I can see this makes sense with Western audiences (and western servers), but how the heck is Blizzard going to handle this in their Asian market? To Westerners it's a symbol of intolerance and evil, but to many asians it's often the exact opposite.

From Wikipedia:

[The swastika] occurs today in the modern day culture of India, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol; it remains widely used in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Despite this usage, the symbol has become stigmatized and to some extent taboo in the Western world because of its iconic usage by !#@# Germany.

So I wonder if people using it in Asia are going to get banned too.

An interesting side note, I saw my sister playing a game on the Wii (some Bleach sword fighting game), and in the manual for the game there were swastikas. There was also a little note explaining the origin and modern usage of the symbol. So at least for Eastern game companies there is a precedent for using it.
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Okay, I can see this makes sense with Western audiences (and western servers), but how the heck is Blizzard going to handle this in their Asian market? To Westerners it's a symbol of intolerance and evil, but to many asians it's often the exact opposite.

I'm from China and I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that there is at least some association of the swastika with the **%@s among the Chinese. It also has older religious meanings, but we are also not a very religious people....

Also, are the map hosting servers cross-regional, or are the maps for each server maintained separately?

Regardless, glad that the issue was taken care of with the map.
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Uh-oh. Can't say N**i? Take that Godwin.
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Well, make sure to distinguish the anti-semite symbol from the "Manji" - they look similar, but they're different. The Manji symbol seems to show up quite often in Asian art, religion, and so forth. Then again, it probably doesn't matter, since the average person can't tell them apart.
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Wow, I read the other thread and then the first few posts of this one, still thinking the pathing was in the shape of a ... umm... pee.... nis? am I allowed to say that? Lol... ridiculous.

I'm so glad this problem got resolved. There is a lot Blizzard can do to improve this custom map system overall. This game is still pretty new however, and I am sure they haven't just forgotten or given up on the SC2 community. I believe in due time, they will sort out most of the kinks and have a much smoother system in the future.

Don't let me down Blizz!
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I'm a jew, and I'm glad Blizzard is looking out for us :D, but I think it was pretty obvious it was an accident (at least I HOPE it was) and I think that any rendition of hitler and @**% germany is not just offensive to jews, but also to other non-herian folk(non-white christians for the most part) but you can never be too sure, yknow? At least we know that the raging on the forums was unneccesary, slurs are horrible, swearing is okay, especially in a team though.

I'm a Jew too and hate hister and his whole gang, but still its not right to strip the guy of publishing rights and delete the map RIGHT AWAY without warning. They didnt even tell him what was wrong, nor did he know what was wrong. The fact is that Blizzard whent WAY too far with the issue and shouldve just put up a 24 hour or so note telling him
a. what was wrong in the first place

b. that the map has inappropriate material in the first place.

c. That he has 24 hours or less to fix the map or hes either banned from mapmaking or the maps deleted or both.

Now im afraid to continue on my map that doesnt have obscene material bcause some1 might build the structures in such a way and get my accounts mapmaking abilities banned too.
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I've been playing the latest versions 0.10 I believe it was, and so far every version since v.08 has locked up SC2 randomly for me and crashes the game. Never once had any crashes except on this map after the updated one came out. Previous version was fine.

Other players randomly drop too from most of the games so Imagine they are locking up too, I think it happens around Wave 9/10 commonly.
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This is absolutely ridiculous. How many World War Two shooters has EA released featuring the swastica? F*ck this BS censorship. BTW, the Third Reich (#%@% is censored obviously) was big on censorship as well.

People give me the 1 finger salute and I give em right back. That doesn't make it socially acceptable to do. Also, the context of WW2 shooters makes it ok to use the symbol, as opposed to spray painting it across the side of a synagogue.

Drop the "victim" complex.
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Thanks for clearing that up for everyone. It was getting a little hectic in the other topic. I'll have to be extra careful in my map-making escapades now. Good to know what sorts of things they're banning (besides obvious crap, anyway). I also think that it should have been handled a little differently, but Blizzard's in its infancy in policing content of maps, so we can't expect them to be perfect right off either.

I just hope they take this feedback to heart.
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This wasn't used on the side of a synagogue dude, it just happens that this pathing arrangement that works very well for TD's also happens to look like a swastika.

The thing about hyperbole is that it accentuates the ridiculousness of the subject. His pathing made a swastika, so it was inappropriate. He changed it and now his map is back on track. This isn't Blizzard being unreasonable, it was Blizzard following its own rules.

Drop the "victim" complex.
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Lmao, the first time me and a friend played the map, we noticed this... we didn't much care at all, but i can see how some people (i guess?) could be... offended?
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I just want to send the shoutout out here but I just wanna say that it aint no offensive to use a swastika unless it says something offensive to go wit it like "kill all jews" or somthin.
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i dont know if anyone else is having this problem. Ive been playing the map today and It seem to crash sc2 and drop players throughout the game(they are crashing also possibly?) its happened to almost ever game ive played today
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