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Okay, how in the hell do you get enough money to get all of the upgrades? I've completed every mission, sidemission, and everything and I STILL don't have near enough money for them all. And when I went back and helped Tosh instead of Nova(i did it the other way the first time) and it said the bonus money, I didn't get crap.
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you dont get bonuses from the other side of the 'choice' missions.

It is designed to not let you get everything -- requires you to make choices, which is good, imo.

If you need achievements, stockpile 1,000,000 credits (pretty much what the ship row costs), and save before buying each row and reload after getting the achievement.

I did it on my first playthrough cause i really couldnt think of what to get, and then spent it all before char or something.
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Wait. I thought it all had to be in a single game play-through? So you can get the achievement for all upgrades by getting a different upgrade row each time?
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I know a little exploit to get all the upgrades in 1 campain

Save a game with all the mercinaries and upgrades available . Buy all the upgrades for the achievment and then load the game. Abort the mission and you should have all your money back but still have the achievment you got earlier.

Oh someone already said this.
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I really don't like the system of upgrades in wings of liberty. Since there are no upgrades within the context of an actual game the campaign becomes more of a micro type game and there are less options. In warcraft III you could buy items hunt creeps and there are multiple ways to complete a mission. By removing the upgrades you are basically just playing a micro game and micro is not fun. Point and click is the main weakness of rts games. Unfortunately there is no other way to do things though perhaps there is and it just hasn't been figured out. Also though by removing the upgrades from the missions you have limited the games. I think what you were trying to do is create a kind of connection between the levels that you had with heroes in warcraft III. However heroes offer something extra to each level while removing upgrades basically to the briefing room and making them fixed forever removes something from each level.
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