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Favorite movie?

This is inevitably going to pop up, i might as well start. Whats your favorite and why?

Mine is either Tron or Inception, epic movies with epic soundtracks and epic storylines.

As for my name, i hated the movie, but it had the coolest monster i've ever seen.
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Pan's Labyrinth hands down. I have never been awed or amazed as much as I have been from that movie. I am, as a constant reader and writer, a big fan of movies and shows that feel like literature. That's what Pan's Labyrinth is for me. Literature in a different form. So many literary devices used, along with mythology of the ending, not wanting to give away any spoilers, and the movie as a whole. The imagery was fantastic. Again, not to give spoilers but the seen of the villain in front of the smoke cloud was amazing. Beautifully written, acted, and cinematography. Since it came out, it has not left number one movie of all time for me.
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scarface, the godfather, goodfellas
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Hmm.. That's a difficult question.
Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 movies that would definitely be contenders.

LOTR: Return of the King.
I've always been a fan of the LOTR movies because of their ability to pull me into their universe and keep me there for the length of the movie. The last one just blew me away with the brilliant use of CGI and general great storytelling.

Pan's Labyrinth
Along with the things Gemini detailed, I liked this movie because it seemed to have a little of every genre. I especially liked the horror elements, like the part with the hand-eye monster thing.

A Clockwork Orange
I'm not really sure why I liked this movie so much. I know one reason is the character development, specifically the main character. Even though he was a psychotic murdering %@#@%!, I could still relate to him and cared about his well being. Few movies can make me care about someone so sick.

There are probably better movies but I can't think of any at the moment.
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For single movies probably dark knight, or inception

For whole stories (trilogy that is really one continuous story, and was meant to be that way from the start! and not just a bunch of unrelated sequels) probably the matrix trilogy

So I'm the kinda guy that likes action! I also like comedy, and my favorites change all the time
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Boondock Saints might win hands down for me. I like a lot though, don't know if I can really, honestly say one over another. I can watch the Saints over and over again though, so that's one thing.
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Such a fantastic Science Fiction movie.
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Probably Empire Strikes Back, I grew up on the original trilogy it has a special place in my heart. Apart from that my other favourite films are, The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Alien, Black Dynamite, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame
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The Doors, even though oliver stone almost intended to make Jim Morrison look like a buffoon, I think it was a good one.

Four Rooms (quentin tarantino, if you haven't seen it, i'd recommend... It's goofy as hell)

The Royal Tenenbaums, love the awkwardness

Legend of the Fall (go ahead n hate, but it was well told epic story.)

Fear and loathing in las vegas, obvious reasons.
another fav depp flick was
Blow, for the epic lifestyle.
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Can't answer, I don't have any to be honest.

I admit the ones I most like are LoTR: Return of the King, Inception, The King's Speech, Batman: The Dark Knight, Spirited Away,
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That is a very hard question, either Inception or Shutter Island. Shutter Island had the best ending, I still don't which was true. If you haven't seen watch it. But Inception there are some many things that could of happened. If you have seen the movie you would know no person other than yourself can know your totem. But another main character I forget her name touches Leonardo's which means the whole rest of the movie could of been a big inception, doubtful though. Also the Dark Knight was amazing.
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The King's Speech, Dark Knight, Inceptions, and Signs...there was something to that film that got my heart racing at times. Artificial Intelligence was pretty good as well.

All of Studio Ghibili Films

and Shaolin Soccer cantonese version =D
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05/07/2011 07:58 PMPosted by Astrai
and Shaolin Soccer cantonese version =D

Very yes. Kung Fu Hustle was great as well.

In fact, majority if not all of Stephen Chow's movies are hilarious.
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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is my personal favorite.

Why people like it so much

1. Terrific story line
2. Wonderful cast
3. Great CGI
4. Epic Battles
5. (Not sure why, but the girls like it) Orlando Bloom

Other then that I believe the third film is my all time favorite. And as for the some others movies, Kung Fu Panda, and Dark Knight is my top favorites as well.
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05/07/2011 06:02 PMPosted by MrMR
Shutter Island had the best ending, I still don't which was true.

He was crazy for most of the movie but when he finally woke up from his delusion at the end, he couldn't live with the guilt and faked a relapse. In other words, he killed himself by letting them lobotomize him. When he says "which would be worse – to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?", it's meant as "I feel too guilty to go on living. I'm not going to actually commit suicide, but I'm going to vicariously commit suicide by handing myself over to these people who're going to lobotomize me.". The book that it's based on has almost the same ending.
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**Spoilers ahead**

1. The Watchmen
Rorschach's portrayal in this movie amazes me. He sees at the end that Ozymandias is right, and should succeed, but if he were to accept it he would be breaking his moral code and the reasons he fights in the first place. The actor that played the Comedian also does an amazing job at playing a sort of anti-hero. He seems like an amoral monster who lives for nothing, but as the movie goes on, you start to see how necessary he really was.

2. No Country For Old Men
Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. His portrayal of an unstoppable killer, who is as fair as he is sadistic, confounds me to this day. Never has someone with a half danish looking bowl cut scared me so much.

3. Troy
Brad Pitt is a monster. Period. The amount of hate you can feel when he fights Hector is unbelievable, the amount of love he has for Briseis is inspiring, and the amount of regret and agony he feels when he talks to patroclus about killing people, and how he can see them waiting for him is heart breaking. I'm not a gigantic Brad Pitt fan, but I think that was Oscar worthy.

4. Fight Club
Edward Norton was amazing as The Protagonist, Brad Pitt was amazing as Tyler Durden, and the themes of anti-commercialism, freedom, and the future you choose is captured in an amazing way.

5. The Dark Knight
I'm just gonna say it. Heath Ledger carried this movie. He gave it a unique soul. Bale did pretty awesome as a brooding, conflicted Batman, and Michael Caine was really great as his mentor, but Ledger's performance as a chaotic, unstable Joker, who slowly corrupts Dent, burns Gotham, and forces Batman to question himself, carried this movie.
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