Looking for some music.

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I'm currently looking for some decent bands with a upbeat for playing SC2, to keep me pumped.

Something like Techno but good :P. Remixed stuff would be ok also. I havn't listened to this type of music before, but I notice when watching sports etc, my heart starts to race when goin for a team and some nice upbeat music starts playing also. Basically makes me hyper :P.

Any suggestions?
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I personally don't use anything with lyrics so if that's what you're looking for you can skip my post.

I've got a playlist full of Touhou remixes (mostly rock, some orchestral). I just picked the best ones I found using Youtube as a search engine.


Also some Eurobeat stuff, mostly Eurobeat Brony's work. You may or may not care for the source material but the music's good stuff if you enjoy synth.
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Anything by Deadmau5. It gets you focused and makes anything epic.
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pretty sure the song is about wow cataclysm, but still epic as hell
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i've listening to an album by Hammerfall and some of the stuff just says ~Starcraft~ to me. Especially a song called "Templars of Steel."
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daft punk
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Here are a couple of songs I recently wrote inspired by SCII. Don't have the melody and chords set up yet. Check out some of my other stuff on www.originalpoetry.com under my alias MidnightPoet.

If my Siege Tanks’s a-Rockin’ (MJH 10-30-2011, inspired by Starcraft II)

The Hydralisks are assembling just out of range,
Supported by Roaches, Infestors, Banelings,…
The Mutalisks are hovering beyond our turrets,
Brutalisks are moving—it’s looking quite desperate.

There’s a silver lining for each “end of the world”:
My shift’s almost done and my Siege Tank’s been rebuilt.
I could spend my last hours paralyzed in fright;
But no, got a date with that cute medic tonight.

I took several stim-packs off a dead Maine,
And I’lltake a few jolts if she gives me the green.
So all those Zerg monsters better stay out of sight…
Better not mess with me and my Medic tonight.

We’re all out of minerals, we’re out of Vespene.
We’ve made our last Marauders and our last Viking.
But if Ghosts and Banshees can hit the Zerg just right,
I might still be around for my Medic tonight.

Chorus) Got a date with that blue-eyed young medic tonight.
You know, the one that I’ve had for months in my sights.
If my Siege Tank’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.
Got a date with that pretty sweet medic tonight.

Hit em' hard and hit 'em fast

(MJH 10-31-2001)

The Tal-Dareem are fighting-mad;
They've realized they've just been had.
Expect soon Zealots and Stalkers,
Immortals and those "cliff walkers".
What matter's most: who's standing last,
So hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast.

Carriers and Voids will fill the sky,
And Dark Templars may be sneakin' by.
Double the turrets, add more bunkers--
Fill them with Marines and Marauders.
What matter's most: who's standing last,
So hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast!

Jim's Raiders' troops will soon be back;
Get ready to counter-attack!
So train more Reapers for rear missions:
Sneak around back, take out their pylons.
Make sure we're the ones left standing last.
Just hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast.
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To name a few:

Deadmau5: http://soundcloud.com/dj-deadmau5-1

John Beaver (a local favorite of mine): http://soundcloud.com/johnbeaver

Myon and Shane 54: http://soundcloud.com/myonandshane54

Knife Party: http://soundcloud.com/knifepartyinc

Swedish House Mafia: http://soundcloud.com/officialswedishhousemafia

Mord Fustang: http://soundcloud.com/officialswedishhousemafia

Lazy Rich: http://soundcloud.com/lazy-rich

There are a LOT of others out there that I'd like to name, and you'll see recommendations on soundcloud (as well as itunes if you look them up there) when viewing similar material.
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So chill.
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to keep you pumped? five finger death punch-way of the fist
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This how I've been playing..

I start my game off with a little of this

Go into some of this

Then finish up with this
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