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Install as one user, can't run it as another

I installed SCII on Mac OS 10.6.4 and it runs with no problem as the user who installed it - but even though all other users on the mac can see SCII in the applications folder they can't run it.

I am by no means a MAC guru so it could be something dumb... any ideas ?
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Since Mac OS X is a true multi-user operating system and only administrators can install programs, problems can arise when normal users attempt to create new player profiles, or download online content for our games. This stems from the fact that non-administrator accounts do not have write access to the game folders.

* Select the Starcraft II folder
* Press the keys: command + i
* In the Info box, go to the Sharing & Permissions section
* Click on the lock and unlock it
* Make sure the user account has Read & Write permissions
* Click on the Burst icon (cog wheel) to the right of the "+" and "-" signs and select "Apply to enclosed items"
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I have the same issue. Tried this solution but it did not solve the issue.
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Make sure that the selected user has read and write permissions on /Users/Shared (follow the instructions Lucytr posted, but for the /Users/Shared folder).
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RagingIce's solutions seems to have done the trick. Thanks. Can the other users on the same computer open their own Battlenet Account or do they need to use the name under which the game was originally installed?
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Yep, you can log in as any user on your computer. It will even remember a unique user name for each user on your computer.
Edited by RagingIce on 8/2/2010 10:42 AM PDT
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Yeah also make sure that all the permissions of everything inside SC2 folder are set to Read/Write for "Everyone" - I noticed the Updates folder wasn't this way and that was causing me problems.

GIWolv: yes, once installed you can login with any valid account
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Thanks. I was concerned that by doing this Blizzard might think I have given others the game and terminate my account when in fact it is on the same computer, same family just another user on same computer.
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When the second user on the computer wants to play SC2, he gets a message that there is not a SC2 game linked to his battlenet account. Are we supposed to use the same number as came with the CD/DVD or will this create problems forthe first user?
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When the second user on the computer wants to play SC2, he gets a message that there is not a SC2 game linked to his battlenet account. Are we supposed to use the same number as came with the CD/DVD or will this create problems forthe first user?

He needs to buy a copy of Starcraft II to make his own account.
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Hello everybody.

I've been having this problem since the beta, and couldn't post about it on the old forum because I was banned for silly reasons (I actually posted about it well before all my posts were deleted but never got an answer =/)

I have full "all-enclosed" access to the Starcraft II folder, the Shared folder, and I've tried deleting my Documents/Blizzard folder. iMac 7,1, 10.6.4. I'd really appreciate some help since I've gone through the trouble of buying multiple copies so I wouldn't have to worry about stuff like this not working, and yet, here we are.
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Scratch that, rebooting seems to have worked for some odd reason. Oh well, thanks RagingIce for what was probably in the end the solution.
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RagingIce was right about needing to buy a second copy of the game. However, I'm going to add that it's abominable to have to do that.

I have a family computer. I don't have to buy a separate copy of the operating system so each member of my family can use it. I don't have to buy a separate copy of Word so each member of my family can type. I don't have to buy a separate copy of games like Plants v. Zombies so each member of my family can play. I expect the software on the family computer to be available to each member of my family, on their own account, saving their work in their own name (or screen name, for games). Starcraft 1 did that. Starcraft 2 doesn't. Blizzard wants each family member to buy their own copy of the game, to create their own Battlenet account, and to associate their game's key with that account.

The fanboys will say that Blizzard has the right to do whatever they want. True. That doesn't mean they should have done this. They shouldn't have. And I have the right not to buy more Blizzard games, and to spread by word of mouth the problem with this one (and word of mouth is what leads to people buying, or not buying, games in my neighborhood). It's a little hard to believe most families will buy multiple copies of the game, and the ill will Blizzard has engendered because of its greed, is foolish. The fanboys will also point to the "guest" slots in the game. Those slots allow campaign play, but not saving of achievements. They don't allow multiplayer. The fanboys will also point to workarounds like using "save" to create different states of the game for different people to use, or just sharing a password. Those are kludges that don't work well, and that foul up rankings. The bottom line is that Blizzard decided to shaft families by creating a game that families can't use. To play the game normally, each family member has to buy their own copy.
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Thanks - the suggestions to change the permissions on the shared folder it what got it.

Many thanks!
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