[Spoiler] Warfield Facts

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Post facts regarding General Warfield's leet-epic-pro-hardcoreness,

Fact: General Warfield resurrected Tassadar.

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Fact: Your a hater and need to stop being a baby.

Fact: General Warfield does not need more minerals.
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Fact. Gen. Warfield's cannon arm shots full sized, fully upgraded Battlecruisers, and still leaves shell casing. Fact.
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FACT: General Warfield does not have to spawn more overlords, and he does not have to construct additional pylons.
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Fact: General Warfield can take terrible, terrible damage.
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Fact: General Warfield can manipulate weather patterns to suit the drama of the moment. (hence the rain on Char)

Fact: The artifact from All In isn't actually capable of Energy Novas, Warfield just occasionally loses his temper.
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Fact: General Warfield has a husband who is Raynor's son who were told to have died during his psi-onic ghost training. That is why Warfield gets along with Raynor... because he is his father in law.
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Fact: General Warfield is African-Korhalian.
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General Warfield does not have to give out competent orders to win a battle.


General Warfield never went to battlecruiser driving school, but still got his license.
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General Warfield never went to battlecruiser driving school, but still got his license.

Oh.. My... God... That explains everything in Char. XD Call CNN

Fact: General Warfield is stronger than Fenix. Remember Fenix got bested by hydrolisks while Warfield straight up knocked on unconscious.
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Fact: General Warfield doesn't need a competent story to pwn Kerrigan
Fact: The artifact doesn't really do nothing. The energy blasts are just Warfield losing his temper
Fact: Kerrigan changed back because she was scared of Warfield
Fact: Warfield can invade the Zerg homworld in 3 missions
Fact: Duran didn't appear in-game because he was afraid of Warfield
Fact: The only reason that the Dark Voice and his armies of Hybrid showed up to wipe out the Protoss was because Warfield was sleeping
Fact: The Odin is Warfield's car
Fact: Warfield only crashed because his awesome was too much for the ship. Think of the Protoss Sample in reverse.
Fact: "Terran Up The Night" was sang in tribute to Warfield
Fact: Warfield is Saurfang's SC2 avatar.
Fact: Due to the above it was deemed that Warfield having two arms made him severely unbalanced, thus they decided to give him a huge cannon as a nerf.
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Fact: General Warfield can beat Yo Mamaship.
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General Warfield's camo marine armor is made out of Varian Wrynn's chin and can withstand a cleave from Saurfang.
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Fact: Warfield knows that anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.

He's on a horse.
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Fact: Warfield went back in time as a baby and taught Chuck Norris everything he knows

Fact: Warfiled was enlisted at conception

Fact: Warfield was promoted to general before they cut his umbilical cord
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