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[Spoiler] Warfield Facts

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Fact: General Warfield amputated his own arm when the time came to it.
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Fact: Gen. Warfield's amputated arm is a holy relic in 17 different religions.
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Fact: Gen. Warfield's amputated arm is a holy relic in 17 different religions.

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Fact: General Warfield can MMM rush...and not get QQ'd over it.
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Fact: The UED attacked the Koprulu sector because they heard General Warfield was on vacation

Fact: General Warfield created the Tauren Marines. In a fit of hunger he swallowed a cow whole and when he pooped it out it was 7 feet tall and encased in power armor.
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Fact: General Warfield has slept with every Medic and Banshee Pilot. All of them.

Fact: General Warfield gave Raynor the lead on the Char invasion, because he was thought Raynor needed to man up
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Fact: General Warfield can touch MC Hammer.
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General Warfield doesn't go "hunting"... that implies probability of failure. General Warfield goes "Killing"

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Fact: The colonists of Agria may be running from the zerg but the zerg are running from General Warfield.

Fact: When urinating, General Warfield is easily capable of welding titanum

Fact: General Warfield has a 1600/1600 single player achievement score

Fact: Kerrigan checks her closet for General Warfield before she goes to sleep

Fact: Jim Raynor wears General Warfield pajamas
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Fact: General Warfield is the whole reason why a 40k crew grew to a 20 billions population in 200 years. The ladies just could not resist his urge to reproduce.

Derived fact: General Warfield is the father of the Overmind, Tassadar, Zeratul, Fenix, Kerrigan, Raynor and Mengks. Dad just got mad and is ready to kick their asses now.

Fact: Dark Templars are permanently cloaked because of sheer fear of Warfield's gaze.

Fact: The Koprulu sector was named after Warfield's middle name. His whole name is Field Marshall Lieutenant General High Admiral James W. Koprulu Warfield. No galaxy, sector, planet, country or city was deemed important enough to be given his last name.
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Fact: The Xel'Naga are returning because they thought General Warfield had retired

Fact: General Warfield has two speeds: Walk and Kill.

Fact: On his birthday, General Warfield chooses one lucky Ultralisk to throw into the sun.

Fact: Count from one to ten. That's how long it would take General Warfield to kill you...forty-seven times.
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FACT: Warfield farted once, thats why Char is now inhospitable.
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Fact: General Warfield once drop-kicked a zergling through an Oldsmobile
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FACT: General Warfield's arm cannon shoots out another fully functional General Warfield thus creating an infinite loop of pure domination

FACT: General Warfield made kerrigan human again and killed all the zerg on Char. when a marine asked what the relic was for General Warfield yelled "NEVER QUESTION GENERAL WARFIELD" and the marine's head promptly exploded
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Fact: General Warfield can survive in space with his helmet open.

Fact: General Warfield is the reason Gaurdians didn't make it in SC2.

Fact: Dark archons can mind control other units. General Warfield can mind control a dark archon.

Fact: The Zerg burrow because they are afraid of General Warfield.

Fact: The fluid inside banelings is General Warfield's piss.

Fact: General Warfield has reached the cow level.

Fact: Only General Warfield can get the last 10 achievement points.

Fact: The most interesting man in the world used to drink Dos Equis. Then he met General Warfield. Now he's dead.
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Fact: General Warfield broke the artifact while shaving his magnificent stubble, and discarded the pieces on multiple worlds.

Fact: They called it the "Odin" because they thought calling it the "Warfield" was way too presumptuous.

Fact: General Warfield is the end of the cycle and the consummation of all things.
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Fact: The tactical nuke is actually General Warfield being launched into orbit and doing a cannonball.
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Fact: General Warfield's mustache has a kill count of over 9,000.

Fact: General Warfield completely fills a Hercules transport with his sheer awesomeness.

Fact: General Warfield did not go to the cow level. The cow level had to come to him.

Fact: General Warfield was originally going to be merged with the Lich King. But the Lich King was too afraid.

Fact: General Warfield's once ate Wendy's out of business. And never ran out of Vespene Gas because of it.

Fact: General Warfield once impregnated Kate Lockwell by simply looking into her eyes.

Fact: You don't wanna know whose leg Mengsk had to hump to get General Warfield to work for him.
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Fact: General Warfield's ship took terrible terrible damage so he could see what it felt like

Fact: General Warfield's gun has a built in knife so he can keep killing when hes out of ammo

Fact: General Warfield was made leader of Project Shadowblade because he farts Terrazine gas

Fact: Valerian got castrated because Warfield thought he was an ugly girl

Fact: General Warfield IS the additional pylons

Fact: General Warfield's Predator is twice the size your average omegalisk.

Fact: General Warfield created Pygalisks by punching an omegalisk.
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