[Spoiler] Warfield Facts

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Fact: General Warfield is THE Old Spice Man.
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Fact: The Zerg attacking Warfield's position were not hostile. They just wanted his autograph. Warfield did not approve of thier request and fired at them.

Fact: Warfield can merge an Archon with only 1 Templar.

Fact: The zerg attacking the battlecruisers above Char were only because Warfield was bored and demanded it, so he could kill them have fun.
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Fact: General Warfield has a StarCraft II ladder named after him; no one is good enough to qualify for it.
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Fact: General Warfield is able to pick up a Planetary Fortress and fly around without the aid of Boosters of any kind. Every living being refers to this "battlecruiser" as Jackson's Revenge.

Fact: If the known universe should come to an end, only General Warfield would remain alive.
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Fact: General Warfield said "Prince Valerian Zerg attack waves incoming!"
Translation: "Watch this, you might learn something kid!"

Fact: If the Zerg attempted to infest General Warfield, they would cease to exist. It would be the General Warfield Swarm.
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Fact: Warfield is African American and has the name of WAR!!! That is why this thread exist..
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Fact: Warfield is in your house right now, raiding your fridge.

Fact: When you read this, you were too nervous to go check if it was true. For good reason.

Fact: The supplies when you first land on Char are maxed out because General Warfield's mere presence provides nourishment and ammo for the troops. You require Supply Depots later because he felt you needed to learn how to do things the hard way.
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Fact: Warfield can wrap in a mothership from a command center.

Btw this is starting to sound like Chuck Norris jokes.
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I can't believe no one's said this one, or something similar, and I can't believe I'm going to post it, but someone's got to....

Fact: Chuck Norris was nearing the end of his mortal life when he received a vision of a future that would need him. He then put himself through a 500 year metamorphosis to extend his life and gain more power (not that he needed it). We now call him General Warfield.
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After taking several hydralisk spines to his right arm, General Warfield demanded that the medics remove it. He handed command over to Raynor while waiting for the medics to stop freaking out and come up with a method to actually remove the arm (as standard operating tools wouldnt work). Warfield finally got fed up with the medics and ripped the arm of himself and welded a Thor's arm on in its place. Due to invoking his ire the medic corps fled in shame; hoping to never again face him on the ground. This is why they now pilot drop ships.
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Fact: A customer care representative at NVida once insulted General Warfield. He has burned out thousands of 8800 GT's so far....

Fact: When a hydralisk and an archon were unable to resolve a dispute, they went to General Warfield for guidance. The results of his arbitration will someday destroy the known universe.

Fact: General Warfield is the secret author of the popular column, "Dear Kerrigan."

Fact: The Dominion Army resocialization facility for ex-criminals is actually just an empty room with a portrait of General Warfield.
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Haha! My thread lives!

Fact: When the Hybrids black out the entire universe, General Warfield will sneeze, not only neutering and then killing every Hybrid 8 times, but also recreating the universe. Twice.
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Fact: Warfield is Chuck Norris in disguise?
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Fact: Warfield beat WoW. On brutal.

Fact: Warfield went to the country of "what" and taught them English.

Fact: Starcraft II's DRM was so effective not because of the new Battle.net system, but because pirates heard Warfield was in the game and were scared **!*less.

Fact: At the end of "In Utter Darkness," the prophecy cuts out about ten seconds too short. The last line of dialogue should be "Woman, what'd I tell you about waking up Warfield?" followed by the Dark Voice pissing himself.
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Fact: As shown by his transforming arm-cannon, General Warfield is Megatron.

Fact: When General Warfield takes the field, Protoss Gateways invert, thus allowing zealots to warp back home in terror.

Fact: The Tal'darim actually worship General Warfield. When they warp in a Zealot, it promptly declares "My life for Warfield!"
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Fact: he now has a really gay arm and its stupid that it can turn into a gun, and blizzard should deal with this immediatley before they put him into a metroid game

Fact: Blizzard is sorta trying to copy FF7 by having a black guy with a gun arm now.
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Fact: General Warfield thought the Zerg were too presumptuous, so he devoured every Devourer. The Zerg now worship him as The Great Devourer and had to develop a new strain of Air to Air Zerg life form. General Warfield is letting it slide... this time.
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Fact: Warfield is Chuck Norris in disguise?

Fact: Chuck Norris is General Warfield in disguise?
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Fact: General Warfield is using Arcturus Mengsk as a training exercise for the galaxy.

Fact: General Warfield keeps 4 young maidens inside his marine suit at all times. They rarely live out the day.

Fact: General Warfield applied for the position of Overmind, but was rejected because he was overqualified.

Fact: Over 90% of all player accounts in Diamond league are known to belong to General Warfield.

Fact: General Warfield takes over two hundred hits of Stim Pack per day. He says it helps keep him calm and relaxed.
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