Warcraft 3 Games you'd like to see in SC2

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I always liked playing games like Life of a Peasant, Murder in Sleeping Town, and Vampires. What are some such games you'd like to see remade in Starcraft 2? It would be cool to see if this thread yields any results!

I personally would like to see a version of Spellcraft, (or maybe Poke the Angry Ogre.) :P
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Oh! Ice Troll Tribes too, that game was the source of many a good times
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green td
wh40k td
gem td
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Vamp Beast
Winter Maul Wars
Naruto Battle Royal
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dbz trib, warlocks and i cant think of any other right now
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Well, obviously DOTA, but I would love to see Wintermauls TD and Wintermaul Wars. Risk was also a great game, there is one on SCII but it's not that great, and I would a closeup of Europe, the map would be bigger and a lot more strategic than the world map view.
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dota is remade its storm of the imperial sanctum
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Battleships or a variant thereof would be nice. I had some ideas for an adaptation of it, but the impenetrable Data Editor has stopped me for now.

Legion TD was also fairly inventive. Would like to see that return.
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Sheep Tag!

Kodo Tag was kinda fun too.
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Cruiser Command would be awesome to have in SCII

Heroes and Empires would be nice as well.

SWAT of course
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Dark Deeds, the later Parasite game (where there are waves of aliens on the planet outside the ship), NOTD, DBZ Tribute Ultra, Final Fantasy Open RPG, Final Fantasy Epic RPG, DnD Calim River, Angel Arena, Legend of Zelda RPG, and of course every other save/load RPG map I can't think of off the top of my head.
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World Tree TD looked beautiful.

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Angel Arena. Also Bleach Vs One Piece, A Map I've contributed a few models and other things too may be coming to SC2, its a hero arena like Angel Arena without the overwhelming number of choices of heros to pick.
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Magic the Gathering.
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Ah, Sheep Tag

Blast from the past

Seriously, someone's gotta make that game
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Honestly, if you want DotA, War3 and League of Legends are that way.

That being said, we've already gotten our Run Kitty Run remake. All I want now is a remake of God's Land from SC.
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Gods land ftw lol
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Jurassic Park Survival
Angel Arena
Life of a Peasant
There was this one game where the view was up close, sort of like WoW, you could level up and save your character. I forgot what it was called, it had bosses and items too.
Evil Deeds
RPG maps where you would level up/save/get better items/etc.
Troll Tribes

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