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Blizzard is now DELETING maps forever

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The game rating is 'T' for teen, with almost every violation listed. Why would they ban a map that has "ass" in it.

I have been mapping since SC1, and if I had heard of something like this and it not being addressed with a resolution, I doubt I would have purchased the game.
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Wow, after reading this my motivations of doind an osm TD have been smashed to the ground... wtf, blizzard: pls give us a warning if we "created" any unapropiated content so we can change it!
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I sincerely doubt that Blizzard would delete your map and strip you of your publishing rights over a word that is frequently spoken by the units in the game themselves. Some douche probably reported your map for inappropriate content that wasn't there, and Blizzard didn't bother to check the validity of his claims before taking it down.

Same thing happened early in LittleBigPlanet with user-made levels, where trolls would place offensive stickers in a popular level and report it with picture of the fake evidence, and the levels were taken down. Media Molecule quickly sorted the issue out, and it isn't a problem anymore. However, they are a much smaller and more humble company than Blizz...

Eh, here's to hoping Blizzard follows their example anyway. If not, I sure as hell won't be buying the expansions, or recommending the game to any of my friends.
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That's it! I just have to report all popular maps! Then, Blizzard will delete all of them and my map will become popular!
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That's it! I just have to report all popular maps! Then, Blizzard will delete all of them and my map will become popular!

aren't you the creator of that awful map "fastest map possible?"

*crowd stairs at him angrily*

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lol... yah right. I didn't even know there was a report feature. IM sure blizzard checks the valididty of the report, otherwise your correct in thinking none of the same maps would be at the top.
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Way to beat the popularity system: Report all the popular maps. Do it en masse. And then the new comers will get popular.

Omg this is brilliant and it messes up 2!
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OMG..Lets not screw up the popularity system WORSE! lol...Lets just wait for blizzard to fix it.
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I was playing that ultimate tank defense map like yesterday or two days ago...I'm not sure WHAT is inappropriate about it, it's like, build tanks and siege them...
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If they have removed his publishing rights then there is something wrong here.

I can understand temporarily removing maps from the service.

I cannot understand removing someones right to publish a map over a couple words in the description.

What is happening at Blizzard?
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Are their any assets in the map that are from other games?

If so that could by why, if not...well then I think blizz should clarify why it was removed.

Viva la copyright lawsuits!
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Something need to be done, They can't just go around screwing with people like that, Making map isn't something you do for 10time and you are done.. It's not fair for them going around delete map all willy nilly. They need a block time and let the person fix it, I think you should be able to turn the filter off and on. It's annoying to see.
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I think this is rediculous. They should just delete and ban maps for inappropriate content, maybe give a warning if its too vulgar, but not just plain delete it.

They never did this in the past, and alot of good maps have mature content, theres alot of maps out there with cursing, sexual and drug references, for one off the top of my head -- one of the most played maps of WC3, Life of a Peasant. Imagine if blizzard made a mature filter for WC3, would this map be around?
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Someone who still remembers loap O M G.

Also considering their campaign has such things as "aw hell jimmy" I'd think "ass" was not that bad.

Interesting to see bliz response, to a lot of this stuff on the forums, But its a weekend community manager got to sleep sometime right :)
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heres a funny thing... that map got banned for having ass... not even one blue post here:

youd think the language in that thread is worse than what was in that game.
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Fairly silly. Blizzard needs to take a different approach at dealing with custom games. The system at the moment is clumsy and restrictive. I have to expand the page 4 times to find some games and then hope that they get filled by other people willing to put the same effort into finding one.

Custom games are a huge part of Blizzard's RTS game and I'd hate to see something that has enormous potential gain a bad reputation or lack of creative support because of things like this.

It takes a ton of effort to make a good custom game. Effort that ultimately benefits Blizzard and the SC2 community. Something like this is not only discouraging to the original developer but also others who are interested in producing something for SC2 UMS.

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lol omg genral Warfield... it rains on a lifeless, waterless planet so hed be more nice job finding that. But yes, blizzard needs to specify what can and cannot be in our maps so we dont put in anything 'offensive', otherwise all our hard work can be gone in a second.
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I appreciate blizzards efforts to keep the games clean and free of vulgarity, but I agree that there should be at least a 48 hour warning that you must either re upload a non-vulgar version of the map or it will be deleted.

I don't appreciate it, except in the extreme cases of "porn maps" and the like. People will swear and say vulgar things themselves, so who cares if your map has a swear word here or there. They should stop trying to morally police the custom games (if this is really what is going on) and instead slap a disclaimer (online experience may vary) on.

Don't know anything about the map, so no clue what content it contained, but keep in mind there are other considerations besides "porn maps" that Blizzard must account for. That includes IPs owned by other companies that could result in legal actions being taken (such as Final Fantasy Tower Defense - made that one up of course) and also extreme vulgarity (like f-bombs on audio clips, etc), as well as trojans and viruses (as we all know were floating around in some SC1 maps). Again, no clue what the map was deleted for, but there are a variety of reasons they may feel the need to do so.
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That's absurd. They should issue an apology and restore your publishing rights. There is a certain way to do things and this is not one of them. They should just ask as you said to re-upload it w/o the so called "offensive" language. No warning is bull. Someone needs a good chewing out.
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this is not a kids game, do we really need blizzard to decide what's inappropriate for us?

cmon blizzard, you're setting the game up for failure.

i'd be playing a lot more custom games if the interface wasn't so crap.
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