Blizzard is now DELETING maps forever

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In my mind its the custom maps that get the causal player to play your games for so long, most of the people who play starcraft, or even warcraft only play custom maps after they play single player, I know most people don't care if there in a league or even in a type of normal match. the hard core games stick to there leagues, stuff like that which also keeps the game running so to focus on only one part of your Online gaming is kind of silly it makes you wonder why even allow custom maps if your going to turn down ideas or only show the most popular .
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I'm worried about spending months developing my map to see it destroyed in one day. I should have at least a list showing all the words I can't use.
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Should I stop working on my pleasure kerrigan map?
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Being from the deep south, I find defense maps offensive. Ass and redneck are completely okay though.
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What is with Blizzard being so PC lately? Appealing to the masses (AKA the lowest common denominator) has never worked and will only result in failure. Yes, they made more then enough money with SC II, but will they see the same sales with either expansion? I do not think so.
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its a shame to be subjected to such hypocracy when jim raynor cusses about every other word. IN THE CAMAIGN.
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Ok this is totally late but I feel I must standup for my fellow rednecks.

There are only 2 things that would anger us about calling us redneck.

1 Redneck+you can't have your guns no more

2 Redneck+you can't have your hooch no more

Discussion ended.

Now I'm gonna go polish my gun with some hooch and tell stories of when silly people thought redneck was a bad word...

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So? No news from Blizzard yet?
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I've been mapping in warcraft III for a while and have worked on some pretty big projects (my biggest has 23,000+ views on hiveworkshop) and I have to say, the prospect of losing months or even years of hard work because a map has 1 small word in it is a terrifying prospect. An official blizzard response or stance on this issue would really clarify things greatly.
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This is beyond stupid, blizzard moderators must be severely offended by the word "ass"..some sort of sensitivity i suppose? Taking somebody's publishing rights away for using a teen rated swear word without any warning or appeal system makes the blizzard moderator who did this a full fledged ass.

Also blizzard, fix your ridiculous custom map selection screen.
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Wow. This is pathetic.

I didn't know this is the way map publishing was going to be handled by blizzard (i.e. draconian).

I regret buying the collectors edition.
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blizzard plz fix this problem
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Just posting to voice my support for the map makers out there. I'm sure Blizzard's work is cut out for them to keep the maps clean and fun for everyone (I don't want another Rick Roll map I can't quit like in the beta), but there needs to be a dialog in place for the map makers to clear their names and maps asap. Blizzard needs to foster a community here, not alienate it with silence.
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Blizzard is cashing in (and, in the process, alienating all of their fans) so Kotick can dump all his Acti-Blizz stock when things turn south in a few years (see Infinity Ward).


More on topic:

Blizzard should not delete maps for content - especially in the way they are doing so at the moment. Infuriating.
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To be honest, I wanted to get starcraft two because everything about the idea of it seemed lovely. Custom games, campaign, and matchmaking. Pure awesome. And yet... I'm only getting 2 thirds of that? So now 100 dollars I spent getting the collectors eddition is cut down a third into the "money I wasted" jar? Wth blizzard... Just wth...

Edit: Not mention chat and other forms of social workings in past games. Should've seen this one coming.
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looks like they are deleting threads and locking them too
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Well, that's funny. When the game first came I out I was actually looking for this game at one point since it was actually decent and there aren't that many decent games on SCII right now, or at least on the popularity list.

It seems like Blizzard wants to make an image of themselves. First they wanted everyone's real name's to be displayed on these forums to display an image for themselves. I guess a more professional one instead of these geeky made up FloOFy. Obviously they've changed that but now maps, I guess they don't want Fox news reporting on this game showing maps with nude pictures and all that.

This is what I think, they're getting out of hand and they're not gonna stop. This is their system which they've though of and thought it was for the best and went with it. A lot of money and time was probably spent on this system and their already making tons of money off the game anyway.
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