Marvel Civil War

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did ne1 else like this series. I did becasuse i could goto the store and buy like 30 comics at once that all pretained to a large storyline, plus it brought superheros to make personal dicision. Captain America was beast until he got killed....

also btw if you did which side were you on. I was against government/Sheild.
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Cap wasn't killed. He was blasted into an alternate universe and later returned to earth, though he no longer follows his old role as Cap.

I hate Tony Stark. Cap is the man, and he directly brought about the downfall of one of America's greatest heroes. Tony Stark's actions are unforgivable. He destroyed something great that day.
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I was with Stark the whole time. And man, you are LATE to the party! Skrulls nearly took over, Stark got fired, Cap came back, Captain Marvel returned (Mostly) Norman Osborn took Starks job, Asgard blew up, and cap took Norman Osborn's job. And Daredevil went nuts. And the Human Torch died.
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Captain Marvel (aka Mar-vell) returned mostly? That was a skrull who took to heart the role of Captain Marvel and helped the heroes defeat the Skrull invasion, sacrificing his life.

There's another Kree around unrelated to the original Captain Marvel or the Skrull Invasion's skrull impostor -- taking the legacy of Captain Marvel -- the one who abandoned Osborne's Dark Avengers team. He's named Captain Marvel (Noh-Varr).
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This storyline was the one that got me back into comics after a long break. I was on Cpt Americas side the whole time. I loved how the Punisher just blasted the villians who wanted to join the anti-reg side. I was laughing so hard. Due to these comics I didnt' really care for the Ironman movie cuz i thought he was a tool.
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