Skillet fans

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any skillet fans out there?
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Yeah, they're pretty good. I've got a good number of their albums. I feel that some of their stuff is kind of hit or miss, while others are really, really good.
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ya they do seem to jump around a bit in thier styles but ya they are a great band
my fave songs were comatose/hero/collide/monster/earth invasion
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Yeah there musics pretty good... But like Req said..

It's either good or bad.

Never really an in between.

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I'm a huge skillet fan.

I particularly like breakfast skillets. I like it when they put some meat in with the hash browns and melt cheese on top. I'd recommend putting some mushrooms and banana peppers in as well, they go really good.
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i was waiting for someone to say something like that lemons =)
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i saw them live with creed with my freind, got their album and now i hate them.
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i dont think i have ever listened to creed

btw nice necro
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05/08/2011 12:27 PMPosted by Requizen
I feel that some of their stuff is kind of hit or miss

I feel this sums Skillet up. I like about half the songs on any given album. My taste in music keeps changing though and I keep needing my songs faster and harder. Slow songs bore me.

Edit: Crap I just necro'd a necro. Starcraft forums need more traffic.
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lol again nice necro...and yea i do agree that some of their songs are great while some are meh...mebbe things will change with the new album coming out this fall...i only really liked 4 songs off of the deluxe album of Awake....comatose tho i liked all but 1 or 2

and yea my musical tastes have significantly evolved from skillet...while skillet is a great band now im more into TFK's harder stuff and Demon Hunter/Still Remains type music
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