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This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

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But, how could the probe just...vanish? Dosen't it need like, a pylon or something to do that?? Jay asks
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"Sorry I wasn't of more help though this is quite a mysterious disappearance I will look into this more..."
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*jay sees something very wrong with the probe through her glazed sight....*
I...found him....i think....
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Dylan is back from a vacation in a distant planet... relizes things have goten wierd....

*walks into joerays bar* Dylan greets the joeyray politly and the other players in the stools and order creep soup for lunch.
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Could we go on the chat and continue Vultureling? We can maybe try it for a while and maybe try cortex again?
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(Alright I gotta go play some StarCraft anyone who gets on sometime tnite add me SummitCRM 968 or 908 i can't distinguish 6 from 0 in SC
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james i havent seen you around here before? Dylans askes innocently.
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I...i fear...Jay says
He is broken, wherever he is....there are pieces missing...and his eyelight....Jay continues
I think something is wrong
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(who is all here yet by the way, er at least is Vultureling here?)
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hmm, i have spare parts at home, but who would damage a poor probe like him?
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being ignored dylan flaps his wings ferociously. He orders a creepshake large and listens in on the conversations.
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"what happened? i was unconcious, i had a vision."
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There seems to be puddles of blue liquid around your probe as puddles of blood...
Perhaps your probe fought off the creature that attacked it....*Jay loses sight of the probe, her link broken by some strange thing, her senses flood back to the bar* Oh no...I've lost track of him!
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sry sir just distracted how are you i'm jemhedar
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"me too carrot, kinda" Dylans says drawing his attention to carrotjuice. i just bought i armour plated speedlin armour, wanna see?
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sure! turning a thought wave to jay i ask her to try and find it again if just a location
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New armor? Jay asks, interested in the talk of items
I should show you what i got in my duffle here,
Oh, okay, I'll keep looking...Jay says, somewhat dissapointed she couldn't talk with therest of the bar-goers but happy to help look for the lost probe
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