Immortality, an achievable goal?

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If so, one would have to believe that death can be curable; and or aging stopped all together. As science, medicine and society progress. I believe that we as a species will discover the "holy grail" so to speak. I also believe that everything we need to do so is hear on earth, right in front of our eyes.

What does everyone think about immortality as a goal for the human race? If you think it is a worthy goal, what type of society would have to exist to make it so?

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Since the hunter-gatherer days the human lifespan has gone from 30 to 85. Now the most common cause of natural death is from heart conditions. Soon we'll be able to grow brand new hearts and give an 80 year old man the heart of an 18 year old.

No doubt about it, in the future you'll have 500 year old people feel like they're in their early 20s.
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It is an interesting question. Anything is possible. I've thought about this idea for some time and I don't think it is possible considering how we live now. If we could live and let live, perhaps we could live a long time. We have demonstrated that as a species we can't leave well enough alone. However, if one day we could answer some of the issues that are plaguing us now perhaps we could achieve some form of immortality. But than living a long time introduces another set of problems, like population. With colonization, that could very wel deal with the population problem.. Perhaps we could set out into space and bring life to so many dead worlds... I would love to be optimistic about the idea, but I feel we have a lot to learn before we answer the question of immortality.

Great topic!
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Check out nanobots and what they're doing in medicine =D
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once we create nanobots people will love forever and we will have to install mandatory death dates, because if everyone lived forever your boss would be your boss for all eternity and no1 would ever advance in life.
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Part of life is about living and dying. Changing that and our species is doomed.
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would you really want to live forever in this cruel world? forever doomed to relive and remember your past mistakes?

do this and i see suicides going up
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Well I reject the premise that the world is 'cruel.' People certainly can be, but the world itself is of no disposition at all; rather it is what we make of it.

thats what i meant

EDIT: and on a side note there are already many ppl depressed or taking meds for depression and i also believe that we will never achieve immortality for reasons that would give cuase for a ban for me as it is my religous views

if you really want to know message me ingame
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There is a certain type of jellyfish that can live forever.

I watched a documentary on Netflix called NOVA scienceNOW | Can We Live Forever?
They compare the human body to a car and how when car parts break down, we simply replace that part and move on. It may not sound as simple as replacing human organs when they fail, but in that documentary they grew a fully functioning heart and lungs that won't be rejected by the recipient because its the recipients cell/tissue that grew the organ. In essence you could replace aging organs with new ones and theoretically live a long time.

There is also another documentary called National Geographic: Moment of Death. They talk about how to distinguish whether someone is really dead and what state a person is in where they can still be revived. One thing that seems difficult is when the brain stops receiving oxygen and toxins take over and destroy the brain. That person would ultimately be dead, because even if they would replace the brain, what about memory? You can't restore what is lost.

Longevity is nice, but humans are very fragile. To live forever, well that just increases your risk of dieing in an accident sooner or later. We would have to be made of steel or something to withstand everyday life forever.
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Hey Guys (and Gals, maybe. I dunno), I think we're forgeting a basic principle of the universe here; Entrophy.
Lets assume for a moment that we find a miricle drug that stops aging. Eventually, the world runs out of food, our sun turns dwarven, and we must take to the stars. And assuming we don't get annilated by the protoss-zerg hybrids after that (hey, this is Starcraft, I had to throw that in there), and we survive everything after that as well (Starcraft III), the universe will have expanded, all the suns in the universe will have burnt themselves out, all the light will have red-shifted itself to nothingness, and the universe would be a cold, unlivable heck. And That's assuming we havent killed each other on Earth. Humanity is sadly, ultimately, doomed. Sorry for the depressing thoughts...
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But before that happens we will have jumped via wormhole into a parallel universe and carry on from there mwahaha
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Meh, even if you could live forever, the world as we know it wont, so at some point you will die.

Also, a world without death would be a terrible, terrible thing.
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There will come a point where we as a species will be "immortal," both in a physical and digital form. At that time, though, I'd imagine that we would put limits on reproduction, ration feed appropriately, and wouldn't waste the majority of our resources like we do now. I'd assume that at some point we will discover another planet similar to that of earth (wasn't there an article where they have discovered 250+ earthlike planets, meaning planets within the liquid water range of their sun + has the same or similar average density as our planet) that people would be able to settle, beginning with sending our overflow population there.
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"Death" is an intentionally and purposeful "designed" component of living oragnasiums, but by no means is it a necessity.

There is no such thing as "old age" in the sense of simply "mechanical" decomposition of organic systems, things constantly renew themselves and organisms dont die "because they are old" but because their bodies enter intentionally by design into a phase of degenerative growth, similar to passing through puberty or any other life stage.

It would only require reworking a small number of genetic coding to permanently remove biological death by suppressing the bodies ability to enter into the "old age" stage.
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Immortality is an intersting concept. You get older, because your cells die at the same rate as they split. And, at certain point, your cells die faster than the rate they split, and at certain age, your cell no longer splits, and they just die.

They are doing some research why cell stops spliting, and they found out why, (something to do with remaining strands of DNA). Progress will be made, but I can promise you this. Whomever finds the solution to immortality, we won't benefit from it, only the top 0.1% will.
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