This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

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This is no.3. To make a new post, please read 1, and preferably 2, at least once. I will EVENTUALLY make a summary for new peeps, but...if you want to contribute, please make a token effort.
Planet:Ankh, Island Planet
Races-Drop-Pods of Zerg-will they infest Ankh?
Habitat-Lush islands, with beautiful waters. the waters may be dangerous, though.
Ankh is a series of (small) islands. VERY SMALL. As in, The bar is 1 Island, each house=1 Island... the bar barely fits. There are a few bridges, hastily made, to the bar, from a nearby island. You will have to go SLOWLY here.
Official channel is " Mage's Creed " !
" " Is the menu! Order off here.
To maim or destroy islands is to maim or destroy the plot. Don't do it, please.
Due to some offense at "Roasted Templar", Please remember that Joey only buys recently-killed Protoss, that weren't warped to safety in time.
32 minutes, just on our 4th page! good!

Monday, no credit bonus. Meh.
3 hours, most of the way done with page 12!
If we fill it up before I awake, do NOT make a new thread.

PROPHECY- ...He deciphers the code. it says," There are others like me. Find us, and the sun's champion shall tell all."
We know that the Dark Voice wants them, they corrupt people, to put them together MAY be to solve it, everyone wants every artifact piece.
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Let's see.... I think I was in my cave contemplating the strange day while watching my pet lizard, Charmander.
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Jake lands on Haven and finds a defensive position, ready to fight
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We're in an Island planet (Or at least, Vulture is, the Medivac follows whoever is chasing Vulture), Called Ankh.
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So we lost them and they had an artifact piece. What should we do now.
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Jake's probe (Hudson) starts to warp in a Nexus..
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I'm still on Ankh, but some of the others left. So idk who's still here.

EDIT: It took me most of today but I managed to read teh first 2 starting from the beginning.
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TYO and Stengah land safely in Haven. Having already telepathically guided Jake there, he starts to set up a makeship camp.
"We must get rid of the Overlord, they could track us through him."
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Jake fires his phase disruptor, killing the overlord
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i know where they are. the emanations are still reaching me, it is on the world called haven, near Protoss space. i shall contact my people on my way their for help
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Vultureling accidentally activates his Artifact, telling everyone with a piece where he is.
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(Is the island planet a new planet because it seems similar to the one we were just at.)
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(James, were in Char, Haven is a place in Char.)
"Nice work... I will go see if any zerg still live here. Maybe I can convince them to help."
TYO heads off to the east.
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*We're on a different planet? I'ma have to find a new cave then........*
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Jakes Nexus is already surrounded by photon cannons, a warpgate is also installed
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Ankh is a series of (small) islands. VERY SMALL. As in, The bar is 1 Island, each house=1 Island... the bar barely fits. There are a few bridges, hastily made, to the bar, from a nearby island. You will have to go SLOWLY here.
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(Haven is also a planet that is in the game)

frustration mounting with the artifact location tantalizing him, he decides to start shooting down uninhabited islands
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"what do suppose we do, remember I carry the population of a small town with me willing to do whatever I say"
"We could create a distraction and leave a infested colonist inside the overlord and send it out to space."
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*to medivac pilot
Where is this going? Following Vulture to Ankh? ok got it.
* gets in phoenix and flies to Ankh.
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