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This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

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Illador stands up, in the middle of a small meadow with a few trees.

"How did I get here?" He picks up Charmander and starts wandering, noticing the bar he had traveled to. He startes making his way over there, since it is the only familiar thing.

*Also, is anyone around or in the bar? I don't think so, but want to make sure*
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More probes are warped in, and begin mining operations
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The Bar is mostly the same, just more Hawaiian-y. Joey is there, as always, still unconcerned with the whole "Artifact" stuff, to put it in his own words.
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(Yes, but I decided to make up a place named Haven in Char)
TYO comes across 3 drones. He attempts, since they have no ruler, to turn their will into his. (Dice roll) 1-3 Failed attempt, 4-6 Only 2 of the Drones converted, 7-10 all of them converted.
I roll a 5.
TYO commands one of the drones to mutate into a hatchery near Jake's Nexus.
"Stengah, good idea. Too bad somebody killed the overlord..."
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Illador once again transforms, this time into a zealot. He enters the bar and orders a Roasted Templar plate and begins eating.

*Btw he doesn't have know what is considered appropriate nor has any social skills as shown by the fact hes a supposedly a Zealot eating roasted Templar*
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after destroying a few islands, he notices faint psi emanations coming of from a small rock. he decides that is is an artifact shard or a piece of a pylon, either way he is getting slight feelings from a location near Char. looking for a way to increase his psionic sensitivity he keeps the rock.
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Vulture, TYO has escaped in an overlord with jake the dragoon and Stengah I put a tracker on them but it has multifunctioned.
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TYO's base begins to mutate larger. TYO ends up recruiting many more drones, some Zerglings and a Hydralisk.
"I think we have a substantial force here, maybe we should-" TYO feels a strong psi wave sound off from the nearby planet Ankh.
"Did you feel that?"
TYO turns to the Marine. Spitting out a acid-covered Glave wurm, the marine is cut in half.
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*Vulture, you feel like implementing Hydralisk Ribs? I just suggested that in the Menu thread :D*

EDIT: Yes! I got them! Also Ultralisk Ribs and Zergling Ribs!
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"They have all moved to a new Planet. They must have sensed more artifact pieces there. We cant allow them to get them all..."
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finding a cluster of pylons he uses his psionic connection to them to try and locate TYO and the arifact. 1-2 failed, 3-4 slight feelings, 5-6 found them*rolled a 6* he feels strong vibrations from Char and suddenly his mind is overwhelmed with the sight of a zerg and protoss settlement running side by side, he runs of and reports to the others.
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"The Psi-wave is way to strong considering how far away we are"
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Vultureling takes an island about *rolling* (the no. is the no. of islands away i am) 8 islands away from the bar. I can do this because NO ONE IS TRYING TO FIND ME! I *roll* (1-10, scv, 11-20, drone)20, I find 2 drones. I commands a Hatchery morph. I set up a basic defense, making lots of Zerglings.
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*I am not because I am new and no noone except TYO Jake and Stengah*
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*checks galactic map in phoenix.
This planet is VERY close to char we should put up some detectors in case the Zerg try to attack us.
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"It must be Vultureling. He is the only person I have come across with such a strong Psi."
TYO takes the artifact from Jake, which was vibrating wildly now.
"The artifact... we can use it to find the other pieces!"
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