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Anybody else read this great author?

For those of you who don't know names, Rick Riordan is the author of both the Percy Jackson series and the ongoing Kane Chronicles series.

Just picked up Throne of Fire; had to wait as I was away for quite a while.
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I love the Percy Jackson series (I don't think I've read the last book yet though). Is his new series good? What is the premise?
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I liked Percy Jackson, havny read the new one yet. The new one is based on Egyptian mythology from what i remember at the bookstore.
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I used to like the Percy Jackson books, but that was years ago. I kind of skipped past young adult books, so I'll probably never finish the few series I started.
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./me raises hand

I mean, besides in my avatar.
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i wanna see riordan make a story involving norse mythology.
like the idea of a modern day kid realising he has superhuman abilities such as percy being able to breathe underwater and control it due to being son of poseidon. but hate how the monsters can respawn after you "killed" them, in real life i wouldnt like having to kill the same monster again and again.
if riordan is going to make a series on greek mythology and one on egyptian mythology he should make one about norse mythology next. Norse monsters are more awesome, you get cooler gear, plus cooler realm names(Asgard, Valhalla, Jotenheim(however its spelled), etc).
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Have you read the third series about Roman mythology yet though? Only 2 books are out I believe.
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Yeah Percy Jackson series was baller.
Haven't read any of his other ones yet though.
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Um, Roman mythology IS Greek mythology with different names...
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07/11/2011 03:16 PMPosted by Aldaris
Um, Roman mythology IS Greek mythology with different names...

True. But not quite, at least not the way that Riordan has portrayed it. The basis for Roman was adopted from the Greeks, with alterations made to fit the Roman mindset.

All three of his series' are good. I like that in the Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus he switches between multiple characters, which is a departure from the classic first-person way of writing. I'm hoping that in the third book in HoO that we look from Annabeth's perspective. I've always wondered how her mind works.
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I liked most of the Percy Jackson books but some like Sea of Monsters felt bland.
I haven't gotten around to Heroes of Olympus but I think I'll like it but the Kane Chronicles is so lame. The first book is such a cliche (I dunno what to use there so pardon me.)
The heroes start off knowing nothing about their amazing powers, they go on a quest and they are on a time limit to defeat someone evil, and obviously the evil guy is being manipulated by a higher force. It was so predictable.
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I've read the first two Percy Jackson books. Really enjoyed them, and I'll probably borrow the third from the library when I catch up on the StarCraft novels.
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I've read all five Percy Jackson books, looking forward to the last Kane Chronicles book, knows that he's planning to make Norse Mythology books, and also looking forward to The Mark of Athena. Yes, I am that obsessed with his books. After all, Rick is SO entertaining to read.

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Percy Jackson books and follow-up series with the Roman aspects were fantastic, even if the movie ended up a travesty. I never got around to reading Kane just because I know nothing about Egyptian mythology and by the time I heard anything about it, I pretty much had stopped reading books for the most part.
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Rick Riordan is awesome.
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Percy Jackson was good. But he started slipping at book 5. Luckily, it was the last book and the cast was established, so it wasn't that noticeably, but when The Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus came out... it just didn't work. I wanted to like Heroes of Olympus, I really did, but I found myself putting down The Mark of Athena halfway through, with no intention of ever picking it up again.
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Percy Jackson was a good series (There is not enough eye bleach in the world to cleanse mine from the first movie). Heroes of Olympus is OK, but I'd much rather would have preferred Nico over Hazel, being just cooler in general. The rest of the characters seem OK, but definitely not as good as Percy Jackson (series)
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The new series is awesome man. Go pick up the first one, The Lost Hero, from the heros of olmypus.
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