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League Reassignments Locked - Updated

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Update 5/25 - The hotfix has been pushed to all regions to correct the issue with Grandmaster and all league reassignments are now unlocked and processing as normal.

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Due to an issue with the Grandmaster league we’ve temporarily locked league reassignments. This means that all ranked games are correctly awarding (and subtracting) points, all changes to player’s internal matchmaking rating continue to be made, but the ability to be promoted/demoted to a different league is temporarily on-hold. When this lock is released, the next win will process the correct standing and any league reassignments will be carried out as they would have.

We currently have a hotfix for the Grandmaster issue in testing, and expect it to be implemented very soon. Once the fix is in and verified the lock will be removed and league standings will continue as normal. We’ll make another announcement at that time.

It’s important to note, again, that your games played now continue to count toward your standing and a possible league reassignment.
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Respect Blizzard for finally letting us know. Thanks!!!
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Thank you for finally putting out official word. Can you give us an estimate on the timeline of the fix? And also, did the patch that was released on the SEA server solve this issue? Is that the same patch we are going to get on NA. Or was that just GM specific?
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WOW! coudnt of come at a worse time. i played and won 5 vs diamands in a row, i can bet ya i woulda got promoted after that.. looks like those games are wasted now. I'm done playing til this is fixed.
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05/23/2011 05:02 PMPosted by MemberFDIC
WOW! coudnt of come at a worse time. i played and won 5 vs diamands in a row, i can bet ya i woulda got promoted after that.. looks like those games are wasted now. I'm done playing til this is fixed.

Games are for fun
Leagues. Dont. Mean. Anything. Unless. You. Are. Korean.
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Thank you for officially acknowledging this, hopefully this will stop the massive amount of QQ.
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LOL they edited it after I posted. sigh. Anyways different account :)
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glad to see this finally posted, if possible can you also make a post when the hotfix is up?

if it isn't a patch, because that would make it obvious.

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thanks sooo much Blizzard for letting us know.
This lock comes at a perfect time before my math test :)
Time to ace it and get back to laddering up when this problem is resolved!
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Wow so people were actually right about the league lock

But hearing a blue say this is always better :)
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It is to be noted that a master user can go on a 15 game losing streak and not get demoted. But if someone in diamond trying to get promoted goes on a 15 game losing streak they just tanked their MMR. So it's still pointless to play ladders unless you're 100% sure you will beat people consistently in leagues above you. When will this be fixed?

Clearly this has been an issue sine the 12th/13th. You still can't get things fixed? The only reason they are addressing it now is because so many posts about it forced their hand. Otherwise they would have probably let us all sit there thinking their ladder system just sucks.
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Thanks for letting us know, i was beating so many platinums and golds but no promotion so I knew they were locked especially after reading the thread so thanks for making the official statement.
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What exactly was the issue with the Grandmaster league that required the other leagues be locked while it was fixed?
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Patch 1.3.4: Fixed a bug where Artosis was not allowed in Grand Masters League.
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