Anyone else think the AI... kinda sucks?

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Alright, I know this game is all about the big pvp experience. Not my cup of tea. If I want to play against people, I'll load up Starbattle (A custom settings map you need to check if you haven't, its what finally pushed me to buy this game), or an FPS, or the like.

I have to admit, when it comes to RTS and TBS I mostly enjoy picking on the AI, either alone, or cooperatively. And that's the problem. The AI is... terrible.

Ok, don't get me wrong, sure its kicked my butt in 3v3 matches before, a single concentrated wave of everything three "Players" have made against one guy is devastating... (Actually given that terrans have no ground defense tower and bunkers don't seem to do much, its very devastating, but I digress.)

But it falls for the simpliest tricks in the book. A protoss player can build a pylon and two cannons near their minerals, and boom, that player is gone. It will never stop the probe building, and after that, no minerals.

It won't stop a terran player from putting a few barracks right next to their base, over a ridge, and just making reapers, then falling to a series of hit and run attacks, never guarding its base successfully, or taking out the force that's ten feet away.

...This is the AI that powers your opponents in a next generation RTS. It has a great building algorithm, makes a good early game force... and if it can't rush you to death, fails totally and completely, often to simple tricks.

Maybe its just because mechanically the games just SC 1 with nicer graphi... OH HEY LOOK AT THE TIME POST OVER NOW >.>;
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Long post about how Blizzard should
copy this from Marvel vs Capcom 3 :

"Download special AI opponents utilizing
the fighting styles of different Capcom staff
members who worked on the game itself as well
as well-known players in the fighting game scene!

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You could play on the ladder and pretend you're playing a really good AI.
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i posted this already. literally an hour from when u posted this one, Please GTFO and stop copying other threads
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Quit ur trolling, u dont even have the solo AI achicves on ANY difficulty, all u play is Co-op, ofcourse the AI is gonna seem easy to you, ur probably getting carried by ur other teammates, learn to play and 1v1, ur probably bronze >.>

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Get green tea.
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Make your own then.
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Ya they do suck. I play very hard and beat them all the time no matter what race i am or they are. Insane difficulty they rush you with an impossibly big army for the early stages of the game and you get ROFLstommped. Watched the replay, and since they get resources faster, they were teching up and building an army bigger than mine AT THE SAME TIME. So cheap....
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05/28/2011 05:19 PMPosted by Molvanian
But it falls for the simpliest tricks in the book. A protoss player can build a pylon and two cannons near their minerals, and boom, that player is gone. It will never stop the probe building, and after that, no minerals.

Clearly you're not playing the AI on the higher settings because on very hard/insane it most certainly will attack the probe in the mineral line--unless that probe has cover (which is what a player would do as well).

The racks on the cliff thing may work on very hard as well, not sure about insane.

Of course, to amp up your difficulty you could not cheese the AI and see how it goes--oh and increase the difficulty. I have no sympathy for you complaining the AI is poor when you're only playing it on level 3 of level 5 and cheesing the AI.
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When it comes to AI, you shouldn't cheese against them. They are vulnerable to it. The reason why playing against AI is to increase your basic micro/macro against them. Once you are good in micro/macro, these AI basically lose their purpose, unless you are enjoying thrashing them over and over again.
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Holy hell the SC community can be venemous. Even the guy who agrees is trolling the OP for sharing the same sentiment.

On topic: yeah, the AI sucks. I play co-op with my bro vs 2 AI opponents and our choice always boils down to the PC banging its head against the wall and drooling until I put it out of its misery, or steam rolling us while I'm barely getting started.

And yeah, we both suck. That's why we play AI instead of PvP. PvP always = quick loss and no fun for me.
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