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lol @ all of you... Im sure that blizzard wont ruin this game. This game is PERFECT! Now,.. if they introduce a hybrid race (or whatever for that matter) it will not ruin anything because if you don't like it you can simply go back and play wings of liberty, as the new race option will probably not be available.

I say bring it on!.. we could use another race to help erradicate the terran
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Kay, so here's my idea of how to make the most obvious fourth race, the hybrids (campaign-only, but fully functional) unique.

How does supply work? Instead of one building, we have two: the hive-mind emulator, and the fusion coil. The hive-mind emulator provides essence, which allows you to build more units. The fusion coil, on the other hand, provides power, much like the pylon. Instead of all buildings requiring pylon-power, fusion coils increase build-speed by 50%. If a building is within its power range, it will receive this bonus. A second fusion coil increases this bonus by another 50%. Fusion coils can become mobile, but move slowly.

As for unit production: cloning facilities. Each cloning lab, progenitor and halo starts out with one cell, which can produce one unit. The cloning lab, responsible for light hybrid units, can have an additional three cells attached, allowing four units to be built at once. The progenitor gets an extra one, given it produces the heavy ground hybrids, and the halo gets an additional two, producing the aerial hybrids.

Hybrid base defense are more unique as well. The xel'naga turret can switch, with a cooldown, between an anti-ground and anti-air attack. The stasis orb puts one unit into stasis (same kind of stasis as the old arbiter) for a certain amount of time, but deals no damage.

As for units (I've included terran-protoss and zerg-terran hybrids; they both exist in canon, I figured exploring the idea adds more variety to unit appearances):

Cloning vat units:
  • Husk: basic melee unit. An infested, naked protoss, this fierce abomination has uncanny strength, and is able to leap across gaps and up cliffs.
  • Succubus: troop demoralizer. A bizarre mix of terran and zerg genetics, this Azmodan-looking creature has no attack. Instead, it debuffs units. If a unit dies with the debuff, 40 damage is dealt in a small radius, and the debuff is added to all affected units. Chain reactions are possible.
  • Vanguard: ranged saboteur. The vanguard can warp enemy armour and shields, negating them when damage is dealt to them. The basic ranged unit. Protoss-terran.
  • Gestalt: psionic assassin. The Gestalt is a permanently cloaked (making it an excellent assassin) terran-protoss hybrid. Armed with a wicked psi blade and a modified gauss pistol, the Gestalt can teleport and assassinate any non-massive unit in one shot, as well as use the backlash ability, which deals 15 damage for every kill a unit has made. It can also use psionic ammo, allowing it to deal ten ranged attacks that deal 15 damage plus 25 to psionic targets.
  • Shadow seer: scout and raider. The shadow seer is a zerg-protoss caster, based on captured high templar. It is capable of phase shift a building, making it invulnerable but unable to function, as well as use graviton shockwave, which launches all units into graviton prisons in a line. Its sight range increases as it sits still. It can use precognition to see everything a unit sees, and all orders issued to it, and it can merge into the twilight archon.
  • Twilight archon: psionic saboteur. The twilight archon has a potent attack that spreads in a cone from the archon. It also has the ability to spread chaos, turn ally against ally. Lastly, it can use slowing warp, which works like irradiate, though instead of damaging opponents, it slows and lowers the armour of them.
  • Progenitor units:
  • Brute: assault unit. The brute is a sturdy, powerful attacker, easily the strongest hybrid in terms of pure strength. It is a melee attacker, capable of charging into combat. All units hit by the charge are dealt significantly more damage than its base attack.
  • Juggernaut (reaver in WoL): heavy tank. The hybrid juggernaut is a potent attacker, having vast reserves of life and being able to regenerate from death at a cost.
  • Ascendant (destroyer in WoL): psionic master. The Ascendant, the highest ranking of all hybrids, is a potent spellcaster. Psionic assault deals ranged damage with splash. Gravity wells will destroy any massive unit with a 3 second charge-time beforehand. It can teleport foes around the battlefield, or knock back and stun all units around it. Psionic barrages will, after a 5 second charge-time, deal massive damage in an area (though much like psionic storms, it is avoidable).
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    Maybe an extra race but unplayable. Sort of like the tauren and murlocs. They are primitive as they are untampered by the Xel Naga. Reptilian. They only pop up on one mission in a swamp (therefore it doesnt get too cheesy) and you either kill them or infest them. The end. No playable new races it wud make things too complicated.
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    Just make some cool skins for the races. Make a zerg larvae look like a fuzzy caterpillar. Changing the looks of buildings and look of units would make you think thay are a new race and blizzard can make money off the skins by selling them.
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    This is a terrible idea. Starcraft is such a great game because unlike most other RTS games the different races are just that different. Most games have similar or very similar units that just look different but are only a slight variation of another race's counterpart. In starcraft units are extremely different from another's. This makes balancing difficult, this game would be a mess if they ever added a 4th race (maybe they could do it with SC3 since they'd take another decade for it to come out after the last expansion for SC2) but I don't want to see it in this game. Also how would it work lore wise? I hate when there's a perfectly good lore and then developers pull something out of nowhere just to appease to some people.
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    Nice job, Justin, your ideas are pretty good. Here are some of my own ideas. I don't have a scanner, so the photos are in MS paint. They are worth looking at though.

    They are all biological but made partially out of psi energy.
    The buildings are made entirely out of energy too, kinda looking like Archons.
    The way it could be implemented is as a mini Campaign.
    The missions sequence could be that you are a special Hybrid that has to break out of a Dominion lab.
    You have the ability to consume Zerg/Protoss DNA and fuse them, but you must devour Minerals for energy, and Vespene for a different energy.
    You sort of have all the units there prisoner already for gameplay sake, so you basically pay to make the buildings where you use Mineral or Vespene based energy to make Hybrid units that you fused together.

    You are the master Hybrid, and the Main bases (CC, Nexus, Hatch for the Hybrids) are nodes for you to collect Energy. Workers are basically energy tentacles.
    Of course there must be multiple Hybrid units. There only need to be a few, and only two warrior unit building places: Air and Ground. You have 4 for Ground, 3 for Air, leaving you with 7 units.
    You are trying to eliminate the other races who obviously hate you. You want to consume the Protoss and Zerg in whole, but you have to kill them all first or they will kill you.
    Terrans are less important, but you do see their potential. You are practicing fuzing Terran DNA with the other races DNA. (Blizz wrote a book about Terran/Protoss Hybrids, look it up) You still are working on it, but you're off to a good start.

    The units are like this: (will improve in time)

    Hybrid Siphoner: Hybrid worker, spawned from main base. Mines Minerals by covering them with itself, and consuming some for return home. Building is by making the base with itself, then allowing it to finish construction alone. (Protoss and Terran like)

    Hybrid Scythe: Hybrid T1, spawned from the Locus of Fusion. Melee attacker with 80 hp, 100 shields, and 18 damage.(2 cool) Reap: 4 second cooldown skill that causes them to hit all enemies around it after research.

    Hybrid Horror: Hybrid T1, spawned from the Locus of Fusion, requires Combination Center. 4 range attacker with 160 shields, 40 health, 100 energy, and 8 damage.(.9 cool) Focus Blaze: 75 energy skill that selects a unit and deals 50 damage to it after 1 sec.
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    I think that Blizzard should come out with a 4th race as a gag joke and make it playable in the month of April lol...
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    They have introduced a new race, the hybrids. You can't because they would seriously unbalance the game if they were playable, at least in multiplayer.

    I don't see how a 4th race would do anything but bring down the SC2 experience. I mean look at it now. We have 3 races that are noticeably different from each other(from weaponry to strategies). If you add a 4th, how would it differ from all the others?

    I remember with WC3, one of the things that turned me off to it was the fact that aside from the undead all the races were pretty much rehashes of the same idea. Sure the Night Elves were different enough from orcs and humans but orcs and humans were the same.
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    Nononoononono no nonoon no no no and no. No new race. This is starcraft. There will be no new race in Starcraft. It's been like that. Nubs
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    Reserved for new unit space.
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    it'd be very nice to have a fourth race, but i think it would be too much work for blizzard to make new storylines, units, balance etc. maybe in starcraft 3
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    If it were campaign only, probably. Not multiplayer. I can only think of addons for the existing races.

    Protoss Martyr - Flying Support Unit
    As a result of combining Xel'naga tech and Templar Psionics, a Ship with abilities akin to the old Shield battery has been developed. This mobile variant can automatically heal any Protoss shielding when needed. Can utilize a Protoss shield-healing spell to maintain an allied Protoss force (has the same radius as a psi storm). Can utilize a Cauterization ability to form a temporary energy wall in a small area (similar to the FF in nature but can be traversed through; albeit it causes 4 damage per second to the units that pass through). Can use Fanatical Cry which gives allied units extra strength and speed for a limited time. Has a Supreme Judgement attack which does bonus against psionic units; appears as a meteor attack.

    Zerg Cyst Gland - Defensive Unit
    As a subversive offshoot of the nydus worms and usual Zerg defenses, the combination of both along with Khaydarin crystals is a frightnening result. This large, worm with limbs is utilized in tandem with standard Zerg defenses to slow enemy forces in time for allied reinforcements to arrive. Is similar to the spine crawler and spore crawler. Can root and uproot itself at will. When enemy forces are within 5 range, it spews Pustulant Substance onto them which slows enemy movement for a limited time greatly. Is an AOE attack. Has a cooldown.

    Terran Wendigo Class Trooper - Melee Unit
    Similar to a large humanoid with claws, this mech class provides meat-shield as an alternative to the Hellbat. When flammable weapons may prove to be volatile, these mechs can be deployed to fight through areas with gas leaks and explosive devices. Uses a sweeping mech claw attack to hit multiple targets at once. Can hit up to 4 targets when sweeping. Has a magnetic shield ability that allows it to evade 10% of all enemy attacks. Ability is passive and has a maximum of 200 hp.

    They're all probably too OP D:
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    If you want to play another race I have made one already. The Infested, (Based on the Hybrid style of play) Starts off as the Infested, Slowly teching up to unleash Hybrid warriors. The Map can be found in the Arcade in WoL by doing a search for Inordinate Violence. The maps that support the new race are Condemned Ridge, Cloud Kingdom, Ohana, and Metropolis.

    The Race is undergoing some minor changes to add balance but already several players have given good feedback. I have had Bronze to Diamond players enjoy the map and it is a "Custom" so no need to dismiss it as 'broken, stupid, or otherwise silly'. I assure you the race is not broken in terms of balance and I have been putting work into it for over 3 months.

    The play style centers around easy tech switching and strong harass as well as tanky melee and strong anti ground air units.

    For more details just play as the race with some friends or Join Inordinate Violence in the Chat Channels in Starcraft.

    Concluding this thought, I have made a custom race featuring the Hybrids, the name: Inordinate Violence. The AI doesnt follow the Infested so you cannot hope for them to fight back if you choose to battle against them. Any bugs or problems you find I am trying to resolve.

    Thank you,
    Map Maker
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    it's just terran is human, zerg is alien, protoss is futur advance species
    what could be a 4th ? if you look at building wise, terran builds, zerg transform, protoss spawn or whatever, what could be different ?
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    add Panda monk lets world of warcraft this !@#$ !
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    For another game like Sins yes considering how its screaming "SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE @ IS GONNA HAVE A FOURTH RACE AND THEY GONNA BE LIKE ZERG!!!!!!!!!" but for SC2 NOOOOO. The three races story is so intricately weaved that a fourth race would tangle it all up.
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    What about more pandas blizz seems to like them.
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    ...Can you even fathom the balencing problems this would make between all the races
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