So why does Nova need a gun?

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"So why does Nova need a gun?"
same reason why any ghost needs a gun.

Nova is the most powerful psychic in the SC Universe, aside from Kerrigan. She's a 10 on the Psi scale, the next strongest being Tosh (Post Spectre) at 8. She can level ten city blocks of area with about three minutes of concentrated thought.

For reference, Kerrigan is the reason the scale goes past 10. They tested her, she was literally off the charts, so they extended them (I'm not sure /what/ she's at. They listed Abberation as Class 8 Psionic, and Kerrigan as 13, but Abberation never does anything. Maybe that scale is logarithmic, while the normal Psi scale is linear).

For more reference: 6 on the scale is telepathic, 8 is telekinetic.

On topic, though, it's because no matter how psychically powerful you are, having a gun is always a plus. It just means more options. And all Ghosts are trained as soldiers, because not all ghosts are crazy like Nova, so she got the same basic training and decided to stick with it, I'd guess.

Sorry, a bit off topic here. Was Kerrigan rated 13 pre or post infection? If post, was that changed with the destruction of her inhibitor in the SC1 mission? If pre, where does she rate now? If you know that is, not too familiar with stuff outside the games. =/
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She needs a gun just incase she runs out of mind bullets
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Same reason that Jedi need lightsabers. Just @**!ing because
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If you can kill something with a knife, would you spend a couple decades building up your economy and construct a nuke ?
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Did everyone forget that Duran isn't really infested? He points that out to Zeratul in the secret mission...that he isn't under Kerrigan's control and that he's served a far greater power for hundreds of years now. Need i bring up Dr. Narud *cough* Duran *cough*?
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Energy cost to blow up a mind with your mind.
Some entities might be resistant to the mind-blowing, like completely technological units with no minds.
Buildings are immune and require being shot at to be destroyed.
Guns look cool.
Gun have infinite ammo for some reason.
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I think the actual reason is because terran ghosts have implants specifically designed to dampen their psionic power. They're dangerously unstable before treatment, and the people who control the ghost program really don't want to be torn apart by the special-ops soldiers they put through hell.
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When you play... look at what is called ENERGY.
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Wait, where did you get that information that Tosh is Psi 8? I didn't see that...
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Dude, its not like she is going to use her abilities all of the time. Every ghost uses a gun. Plain and simple. That is the point of energy.
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Ok, here is the RIGHT answer. It makes complete sense that Nova would have a gun because without it she could only use her mind, that would be like if I stepped outside and there are hordes of marines and all I can do is try and use my mind except that psionic powers use up energy. Also Nova is a human so she has a limited amount of energy so her gun could be a backup weapon, like a safety precaution. Finally mabye she has a gun is because she never misses because she uses her psionic powers to enhance the bullet speed/gun range/or where the bullet hits.
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*slight book spoiler*

As it was mentioned by McSmashy she went through the ghost program (i suggest reading the book Nova) but essentially they give you training and do a memory wipe. All you know is your training. She could kill people with her psionic powers but that drains your energy where as a gun is just a little bit of concentration.
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How can you tell a story with a villain that can instantly mind snipe every single one of your main characters...?
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06/04/2011 05:28 PMPosted by McSmashy
Nova is the most powerful psychic in the SC Universe, aside from Kerrigan.

I assume you mean only among terrans?
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On a semi related note, I saw the "Heart of the Swarm" teaser, why does Kerrigan need clothes?
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About the Psi index:

It's only meant to be a measuring stick for someone's potential, and not their abilities.

The average zealot has psi abilities well beyond those of 99% of all Terrans, yet in battle they don't do any fancy tricks.
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She can only blow one "head" at a time. lol
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07/04/2011 07:52 PMPosted by FiveTwelve
On a semi related note, I saw the "Heart of the Swarm" teaser, why does Kerrigan need clothes?

friggin standards and practices
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Yes there's someone out there who has great psychic powers, but choose not to use any weapon to compliment that....Protoss High Templars. Ok, Tassadar and at least one other could "psi assault", but it was exceptions rather than rules. Now think about it...ghosts can't merge to form archons. So they need some kind of defense. Especially since they were often sent alone, without any backup, for infiltration purposes. The first Ghosts probably used the same kind of guns as Marines, until they specialized it, switching first to the canister rifle, and then to the sniper rifle.

07/05/2011 01:46 PMPosted by Chesty
On a semi related note, I saw the "Heart of the Swarm" teaser, why does Kerrigan need clothes?

friggin standards and practices

Actually, think about it....Kerrigan is no longer the full hybrid she once was. So the suit is very useful. Even if there wasn't a question of "player sensitivity" you think the "new" Sarah Kerrigan would be able to fight on that ice planet naked? Right, and Ultralisks can fly!
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