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Insider says HotS is 1.5-2 years away

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Blame Diablo 3, because blizzard wants to have that beta and game out before HotS. they also do not want to run two beta's at once for obvious reasons.
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HotS and Diablo 3 have different Developing Departments but its true they do not want two betas at the same time. Overall though the speed one game comes out does not make the other one faster or slower.
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SC1 Release: 31 March 1998
BW Release: 30 November 1999

War3 Release: 3 July 2002
War3 TFT Release: 1 July 2003

SC2 Release: 27 July 2010
HotS: ????

Dates from wikipedia, shout out any errors I made.

Ok, this is an attempt to look at the trends, so it is also speculation, but not as much a "wild guess" as some other estimates.

SC1 to BW was about 1.5 years and War3 to TFT 1 year. 1.5 years would be about this holiday season, but I doubt it-they would've given us teasers and such way, way sooner. Consider the extra detail going into the physics and such, maybe Q2 2012? I dunno. That's my hunch at the time being.

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I can't wait for it, but I'm gonna have to... Besides, the longer it takes to get here the more time I have to work towards the many, many, many 250 tally game matches for the profile points!

Hahahahaa :D
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The expansion will include additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, as well as a continuing campaign focusing on the Zerg species. It will span approximately 20 missions, will be priced as an expansion set and based on hints from Blizzard, is likely to be released around April 2012, and very unlikely to ship before the end of 2011
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06/07/2011 07:58 PMPosted by asymptote
heres the thing, in the gsl interview last week they said it was 50% done already, mind you they also said the final 10% tends to take much longer but still, 1.5 years from now seems a BIT longer then I think it will actually be, but hell maybe they might just hold out till christmas season of 2012, its not like theres a rush for the expansion or anything.

That and Blizzard is already losing market share of the MMO game field. Rift alone took a sizeable chunk of their WoW players away.
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