So, will there be a Collector's Edition?

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And, if there is going to be a collector's edition, what kind of goodies can we expect from it?

I know there will probably be a WoW pet, and profile pictures and callsigns (The image things you can put on your buildings, dunno what they are called) for SCII, but what else can we expect?
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probably yes blizzard is make a collector for WoL why not HOTS but what is inside i don't know

the time is tell us
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If the WoL and the various Wow Collector's are any indication expect the following.

- A HotS Art Book
- Wow exclusive HotS related pet
- HotS soundtrack
- I don't know maybe another comic
- The game obviously
- A making of DVD of HotS
- portraits and decals
- Unique Zerg unit I presume since the Thor was special if you got WoL Collector's

Well your guess is as good as mine beyond that. Since WoL came with a USB in the shape of Raynor's dog tag with both SC and BW I suppose we can roll that one out for HotS. I am not so sure if there will be another comic or not. Who knows what Blizzard could prepare that late in the game.
Like a card game or something since Wow has one I figure it is only a matter of time before Diablo and Starcraft get one. Well the Collector's have a lot of crap in them and are well worth the price. I for one will definately pre-order myself a Collector's of HotS only my favorite race and the fact I missed out for WoL.
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I want a baneling plushie; preferably one that does not blow up when I squeeze it.
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I'd prefer a baneling plushie, just because they're smaller and you can hug them. Infestors are much too large. :P
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if you watch Day9 daily (I dont know if it was there before but yesterday it was there) there is a baneling plushie on top of the shelf behind him.
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we all agree on baneling plushy?
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06/27/2011 08:12 AMPosted by Artemis
we all agree on baneling plushy?

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Baneling plushyyyyyyy I agree!
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06/27/2011 08:12 AMPosted by Artemis
we all agree on baneling plushy?

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I want baneling fruit gushers
And an infestor Plushy

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Oh, the images are "decals," just since nobody else answered it.

I have no clue on what will be in the collector's edition, but if I have enough money at the time I'll probably get a collector's edition (supposing they have one, which they probably will).
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