So who is Abathur?

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How much do we know about him?
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Not much, unfortunately. He was created by the mighty Overmind and he is unique. This tells us he is very important to the swarm. Although I do not like him being introduced this late in Starcraft storyline, I appreciate it a lot.

It seems like very interesting character. Overmind did nothing without a plan, he was very smart so Abathur have a huge potential.

Also lets not forget, in whole swarm there are only 3 unique creatures, 1 is Kerrigan and the other one is Abathur. (Izsha too I guess)
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yours and my definition of unique must vary greatly.

You gotta start reading more carefully the released information I think.

Here is a small copy paste from one of the previews.

Kerrigan: You look so different from most of the Zerg, Abathur. Did I create you?
Abathur: I was created by the Overmind from several different species. I am the only one of my kind.
Kerrigan: What did you do after the Overmind died?
Abathur: I wandered the tunnels deep inside char, without purpose. I was feral. Other creatures tried to eat me. I ate them instead. Later you found all of us and made us Zerg again.
Kerrigan: You are saying that you aren't Zerg unless you are on someone else's control?
Abathur: Without an overriding will, we are beasts my queen, less than beasts.
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I just really, really hope he's hilarious in a sarcastic/dark humor kind of way. The mood in the Leviathan is so gloomy and serious!
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If he doesn't have Swann's voice and accent I will be disappointed.
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ABATHURA one-of-a-kind zerg creature, cobbled together from different genetics, Abathur is a genius at manipulating DNA and mutagen to modify the Swarm.
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05/31/2011 02:52 PMPosted by Wiz
btw, is it me or does Abathur look like a smaller version of the brainbug from starship troopers?

Starship Troopers = Starcraft ( least as far as the zerg go...)
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Starship troopers ( tv series ) had aliens similar to protoss btw.
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My guess? Abathur is going to be HotS' Tychus Finley.
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Something important to note is that because he was created by the Overmind however unlikely it is he has the possibility of having Overmind thought in him perhaps compelling him to create a new Overmind. I don't know I don't think they would do that because he seems so key to the story line that his betrayal would be pointless but its still an avenue.
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