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I basically copied this from my blog. I wrote this because I want Blizzard to allow people to choose a colour when playing ladder games. Tell me what you think. Also tell me your favorite colour.

This have been ignored and neglected by other guides. It is not something everyone pays attention too because…it doesn’t really help you win games. I think its important nonetheless. Can you guess what it is? Colours.

You, Yourself and You

Picking a colour when playing a ladder game is not a feature in starcraft 1 (edit starcraft 2 too). I don’t understand why many people don’t choose a colour before they start playing. It helps identify who you are, just like your character name. Many people want a cool name and go out of their way to think of one. When they finally make their account, they feel proud of their in-game name. I do too. I think I have the most awesome game name anyone can have. I’m proud of that. Colours are just like game name, they help identify who you are. Colours can speak a lot about a person. Things such as play styles and character. There is never a direct connection between a person and their favourite colour, but the colour usually reflect what that person is like.

I remember professional warcraft 3 players always choosing colours before a game. Some starcraft 2 professionals do too. But why not extend this feature to ladder games? This will not make a difference in gameplay but I would love to play in my favorite colour.

Colour Psychology
Red- The colour of energy, excitement and movement. Enthusiastic, passionate, and aggressive. If you are a active person, who always wants attention, the all-in type of person, this colour is your colour. I’m sure you know your colour better than I do.

Blue- Most people say this is their favorite colour, and I don’t blame them. This is the exact opposite of red. Peaceful and tranquil. At times, depressing. If you are the lone assassin in the shadows planning your next move, this is what you should go for.

Teal- Trustworthy and reliable. Always cool, always consistent. A “lighter” version of blue, less depressing, leaning more towards the calm side. As cool as a cucumber, as they say, if you are a cucumber, you are teal.

Purple- I admire this colour the most. This colour is the colour of royalties. In addition that, it is made up of two opposing colours, blue and red. Purple is said to be the most mysterious of all the colours. Combining the fury and passion of a person (red) with the peace and meditation of blue. This colour is used by my favourite warcraft 3 player, Sky. You’ll know if you are this colour.

Yellow- Happy, optimistic, enlightening. In colour therapies, yellow is used to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. If you are a hyped up, happy, joyful person, this colour is for you.

Orange- My colour. The colour of road cones. You can’t miss this colour. Flamboyant, hyper, fun. Radiates with energy. This is one of those "love it" or "hate it" colours. If you are hyper like me, this is your colour.

Green- Natural and soothing. A balance of cool and warm (blue and yellow). Second to blue as my all time favorites. Green occupies a lot of space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. One of the more noticeable colours. My warcraft 3 colour, will it be your colour?

Light Pink- Honestly, EW. It looks really ugly to me. But thats just me. The colour of romance and love. Closely associated with the passion side of red. I’m sure some people like this but I’ll pass. I am not romantic.

The choice of colours will not make a difference in ladder games but the colour acts like a username in that it helps identify who you are.
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Light green- Me. Everything that is me.
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I like to chose purple.
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Used to be teal, but now I am gravitating to purple and sometimes dark grey.
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lol, pro's actually choose their colour it helps them blend into the background...
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I wanna do that dark gray/black color in ladder games, not because of when I'm playing but for when I watch the replays later. But what if two people select the same color?
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